Monday, October 12, 2009

Too Cold

It's much too early to be this cold. I'm not looking forward to winter.

I've been walking Parker this weekend. He's getting pretty wild in the bathroom. You can hear him bouncing around in there. So, I thought he'd like some time outside. Plus, eventually he'll be outside full time so it's best if he gets some time out there.

Mom's been in the hospital. But she's getting out tomorrow.

I've been watching Castle on ABC and the Mentalist. I started watching both on DVDs but now I'm recording Castle. I'm not recording the Mentalist. I can catch that on DVD later.

I've been doing some baking. I'm using my Kitchenaid stand mixer. The cakes turn out good. I gave some of this last one to Dad. I've been eating too much of it.

Winnie and PJ got baths today.

PJ's begging for treats so I have to go.....