Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Weekend

I had no plans for any kind of chores or work this weekend. I don't remember doing very much either. I did my laundry today and I had to give Winnie and PJ a bath today because Winnie had acquired a tick and when I tried to pull it off she bit me. So, she got a bath and I got the tick that way.

I watched a lot of tennis and golf this weekend. I'm not happy that Rafael Nadal lost today. I now hope Roger Federer wins the tournament.

I followed the diet and exercise plan very well during the week, but yesterday and today, not so much. But I'll be back on the treadmill tomorrow. The diet, I can't say. I have to go to another office to work tomorrow and I might end up going out to eat.

I took Winnie and PJ out for a walk today and it took about an hour. I just couldn't get PJ to come in. Winnie wanted to come in very soon after going out. But PJ loves to be outside. Even with the honey bees buzzing around.

I read the new Diana Palmer book on Thursday. It's called Heartless. It was pretty good but it doesn't make me want to read it again. I don't know if that's a good sign. I do think it's time for a new hair color. I think the last three or four main female characters in her books have all had blond hair. Plus, the old - money-hungry model girlfriend who breaks up the hero and heroine tactic needs to be ditched. She uses it too often.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Day off

Today I mowed part of the back yard, used the touch up paint on my car, did my laundry, took the puppies for a walk, went out and got some exercise, took the plastic down from the other two windows in the family room.

The touch up paint worked ok. It matches the car's paint color, which is good.

Dad came up for a bit and got some dirt out of the pasture for his yard. He also helped me put the air conditioner in my bedroom window.

Oh, I polished my dining room furniture today too.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I may be getting a 5 toed cat. Mom and Dad seem to think that when their neighbor moves, she might leave the cats behind and one of them is a 5 toed cat with a torn left ear. I told mom and dad that I would take that one if it's left behind.

I used Resolve Deep Cleaning Powder carpet stuff today and discovered afterward that I'm allergic to it. I have to be, I've been sneezing my head off ever since. But, when I go outside with all of the pollen, I don't sneeze at all. So, I vacuumed twice and I have fans going trying to blow the Resolve dust out of my living spaces.

I took the puppies to see their grandparents today and just a bit ago I took them out for their walk.

I have some chores to do tomorrow, but hopefully they won't take too long and I can goof off some. Tonight I have to wash my car and then try out the touch-up paint I bought for it. Maybe after I wash it, I'll decide that I won't try the paint. I don't know. It's a lengthy process to use that paint.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Off the List

I have crossed some chores off my list today. I went grocery shopping and was back home by 7:45am. By 9:30am I had transplanted my cucumber plants and washed my Lumina. I took a bit of a nap after that and then I got up and ate lunch, took some plastic off the windows in the family room, vacuumed in the family room, walked down to get the mail, watched some golf, baked a cake and used my new mixer to mix it up, baked some bread that didn't turn out, put a new lightbulb in my bedroom. I'd been in the dark for a week. Watered the garden plants, took the puppies out for a walk.

As you can see, I've done quite a bit today. There are still some things to do on my list but I have two more days to do them in.

A good story about Winnie. She walked over to her puppy pads this evening and sniffed them. Then she went over to where I keep her leash, sat down and looked at me. So, I got my shoes on and put the leashes on her and PJ and took them for a walk. Winnie had to do #2. So, she is housebreaking herself. She apparently prefers to do #2 outside and is telling me so. She's so smart.

I bought a body fat analyzer scale from QVC last week and got it earlier this week. I finally put the batteries in and checked it out today. You can enter in your height, age, gender and the machine will calculate your body fat, muscle mass, body water, # of calories needed to maintain your current weight and your ideal weight and the # of calories needed to maintain that weight. My only problem is that I don't know which icon stands for male and which one stands for female. I contacted the company and asked. Hopefully they will email me back and soon.

I also put up one of those battery operated stick up lights over my new mixer so I can shine a light on it and see how pretty it is. I'm beginning to think I should have picked the Blue Willow color instead of cobalt blue, but with the light shining on it, I think I'll get used to the darker, purpley blue color.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Yay it's the Weekend

I have three days off thanks to the holiday on Monday. I plan to enjoy them too.

I got my Kitchenaid mixer. There's a couple of scratches on it that had to have been done at the factory. Not happy about that but I'm not returning it. I haven't used it yet, but I did wash all of the stuff tonight.

Winnie and PJ have been taking walks outside this week. They like it out there. Tonight, Winnie needed to be picked up for a bit. PJ walks her a lot. Then when they came back in, PJ would just plop down on the floor and stretch out on her side, all tuckered out. It was cute.

I've been keeping a watch on my Twitter page and my Facebook page. They are as bad as updating blogs.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nice Sunday

The sun came out today, even though it was still chilly. I took Winnie and PJ to see their grandparents. After we came home, I did some laundry, took a nap, and mowed part of my backyard with the reel mower dad got me from an auction. The kind of mower that doesn't have an engine. It works you to death because you have to keep going over the same spot to mow all of the grass. But I'm getting there. I had to scare off a groundhog one time today when I went out to mow. I also did my dishes. The bad part of the day - I bought a Kitchenaid mixer. I had been trying to talk myself out of it for a few months, but broke down and bought it today. Kitchenaid was running a special - a rebate that included a free attachment. So, at least I'm taking advantage of that.

I watched a lot of golf today and caught up on the tennis news. There are still some things I need to do around the house, but I have another three day weekend coming up so maybe I can do them then.

This facebook and Twitter stuff is taking a lot of my time. This is why I resisted signing up for them for so long. I hate being tied to the computer.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I did my weekly shopping today. Among the regular items, I bought some new and interesting things. I bought two cookbooks. One was by Juan Carlos Cruz and has some low cal/low fat recipes in it. I like Cruz and I liked the version of the National Body Challenge he was on. They should return to that format instead of just doing it for one week. I also bought a cookbook about tapas from Spain. Too much seafood in those recipes. I also bought some metric sockets (tools) because my dad told me to. We needed a #13 to change the oil in my car and we had to look for a long time in all of dad's tools to find one. And I bought some sun shades for my Lumina. Since it's parked most of the time, we want to block some sun to hopefully keep the rear view mirror from falling off again.

After I came home, I tried to watch some golf but got drowsy so I took a nap. Then I dyed my hair and gave Winnie and PJ their baths.

The weather has been rainy all day with some thunder and a little bit of lightning. With one big boom, Winnie blamed PJ and jumped on her. But it should be good sleeping weather for folks who have bedroom windows that lead to the outside. I, of course, sleep in the box, which is what I call my bedroom because my window leads to another room of the house instead of outside. So, I won't experience any fresh air tonight.

Digital TV sucks. It's just as bad as the satellite dish in bad weather. At least with analog, we never lost the signal.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Branching Out

I have joined Facebook and Twitter. I put the links over in the sidebar so you all can see what I'm up to on those other sites. I don't know if or when I'll update them.

I made homemade peanut butter easter eggs yesterday. Yes, I know Easter was a while ago. But I had this silicone baking mold in the shape of easter eggs that I hadn't used yet and I kept wanting to try the Easter eggs. So I made them yesterday. My recipe is very simple: milk chocolate chips, peanut butter, a little salt and some powdered sugar. I mix up the peanut butter, salt and powdered sugar. Then I melt the chocolate chips and coat the mold. I freeze the mold so the chocolate will set up. I put the peanut butter mix in the mold and then cover with more chocolate. Freeze that to set up the chocolate and presto, you have Easter eggs. I gave Mom and Dad three of them.

I had to work in a different city this past week and by the end of the week I felt like I had worked 10 days instead of 5. Plus I think I was cursed. It rained darn near every day and of course I had to walk some distance between the parking lot and the building. Plus, I hit so much broken pavement and potholes that my car rattles now. And, the biggest example of the curse, I misjudged the distance between the front of my car and a brick wall and now I have several scratches on my pretty new car. I have to go back to this office for two more weeks. I'm alternating with another worker so this week I stay local and next week I'll go back to the other city. Then I stay local the following week. And then my final week in the other office is the first week of June.

Friday when I got home from work, I walked down my steps to return to my car for something. I walked down a couple of steps and looked down and said "that's a thick piece of grass." Well, that piece of grass stood up and displayed a pink tongue. Yes, it was a green snake. My first reaction was to kill it. But I know green snakes are usually harmless. So, I went on to my car to do what I needed to do and then went back and watched the snake. If it had tried to go to my door, it would have been killed, but he slithered out away from the house and climbed up a peach tree. I told Mom that Dad was going to have to make more of an effort to keep my grass mowed so snakes won't be coming in the house.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


I've been sticking to the diet and exercise plan this past week.

Winnie and PJ got three visits from their grandpa this week. Dad came up three times to do things around the house and take my Lumina to get inspected.

Friday night I stayed up late and watched three episodes of the TNT show Leverage. It stars Timothy Hutton and it's about a band of thieves who go around helping people. I would love to get this show on dvd but apparently it isn't on dvd yet.