Monday, December 26, 2005

After Christmas Sale

I went to Walmart this morning for the After Christmas sale. There weren't too many people there at 9am when I was there. I got some Christmas stuff 50% off. I got a 4ft white tree with mulit-colored lights, a 32 in. fiber optic tree, a small tree with holly, some wrapping paper, some garland and ornaments, a wreath for my mom. I also got a dvd rack that I have to put together, a remote control caddie that was 50% off, clockworks so I could fix my pig clock, two 5 pound dumb bells, change wrappers (I have a bunch of change that needs wrapped up) and a shopping card to buy things from Unfortunately, their online shopping card program is apparently broken - I've tried twice to make a purchase. Walmart people aren't too competent.

I tried to put the dvd rack together, but I need another pair of hands. So, I emailed Mom and I think Dad's going to stop by and help me put it together.

I think I saved about $41.00 or so by getting stuff 50% off. That's pretty good.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Freezers are Wonderful

I have discovered that peanut butter fudge can be frozen for up to 6 months. So, I did freeze the fudge Mom brought to Christmas dinner. And I froze the toll house pan cookies. I need to work out and work off all the eating I've done in the last 10 days. According to my records, which haven't been posted here for a while, the last time I worked out was 12/15/05. I worked out this morning and hopefully, I'll get back on the treadmill later today. And hopefully, I will start posting my stats on here again. Or at least putting them on my spreadsheet. That's been neglected too.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Today we celebrated Christmas at my house. Last night I baked an apple pie for Mom and Dad and made the cranberry sauce. This morning, I got up at about ten til six and set out the rolls to rise. Then I made the home made noodles, fed the dogs (Fritz wouldn't eat), vacuumed the living room and dining room, and made up Fritz's and Steffi's stockings. At about 9am I put the turkey breast in the oven.

Mom and Dad came up about 10am or so. They brought coffee for them since I don't have coffee in my house, and they brought toll house pan cookies, peanut butter fudge and peanut clusters.

Before dinner, we dug into the stockings. Fritz got a couple of squeaky toys and some raw hides. Steffi got some doggy treats and some raw hides. Her raw hides will have to be soaked in water though. She can't chew them normally. Mom got an air freshener, a box of thin mints candy, and a wall hanging cloth calender for the kitchen. Dad got an extension cord, a deck of cards in case their computers crash, and a bag of candy.

I made the rest of the Christmas dinner (yams, green beans, mashed potatoes, the noodles, and gravy) and we sat down to dinner about 12:30 or so. Everything was good. After we were done with round one of dinner, I put the leftovers away into gladware for Mom to take home and for me for later. Mom did a nice thing and washed my dishes. Dad took Fritz for a couple of walks out in the woods.

We let dinner settle for a while. Mom and I tried to take a nap on the couch and Dad played some solitaire on the computer. Then Dad woke us up by asking if Mom was ready to leave. It wasn't even 2pm. So, we opened presents. I got a Fannie Farmer cookbook and a greatest hits cd of country music singer Mark Collie. Dad got a mini flash light that is tied around your head, a couple of pairs of gloves, and an amplifier for the receiver of their phone. Mom got a Randy Travis gospel music cd and a desk lamp. Mom and Dad's joint gift was a small floor rug that almost matches the color of their living room carpet. My sister and brother in law's gifts for us are in transit. In fact I did get my gifts from them just a few minutes ago. The mail carrier misdelivered them to the neighbor. My sister and brother in law and niece and nephew got me two books: Alias-Vigilance and Andromeda - The Attitude of Silence.

So, it was a very good Christmas for us. Hopefully, Mom and Dad will get their presents from my sister and her family and they will love their gifts as much as I love mine.

I'm still stuffed from dinner at noon but hopefully, I will find room for some of those cookies later tonight.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Intelligent Design

CNN is reporting that a court has shot down the Intelligent Design theory being taught in Science class. I think this is good. If they want to teach it in social studies classes where they are also providing an overview of all the major religions of the world, then fine. As long as all the major religions are represented then no one is promoting one agenda over another.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Dinner

Mom and Dad seem excited about having Christmas Dinner at my house this year. I stopped by to see them today and to take them their mail. Mom keeps asking if I want her to bring anything. Either she really wants to contribute, or she's getting senile. So, I told her today she could bring the Allen family traditional Christmas Candy (specifically chocolate covered peanuts) and she offered to bring toll house pan cookies. I wasn't planning to have any desserts I would eat so this will work out well.

I was planning to upgrade to the 180 channel package on my satellite dish after the first of the year, but I think I will do it Friday so Dad will have something to watch Saturday when they come up for dinner. And I will have four days to watch all the new channels.

It looks like the weather may cooperate on Saturday and we won't have any snow or ice. I hope that is still the case on Saturday. The evil weathergirl just said there might be snow in the forcast. Blah, blah, blah. They all call for snow around Christmas time. What is the deal with snow on Christmas Day??? Don't they know Jesus was really born in the spring and there wasn't any snow???

The last few days

Well, here's what happened. Thursday I saw a chihuahua mixbreed dog in the paper. It was at the local animal shelter. So, I adopted him before thinking it through. I have wanted a long haired chihuahua for a while. I brought him home friday evening after his surgery (he had to be neutered). Fritz and Steffi were not happy. Fritz started growling, which he never does even when Jasmine rides him like a horse. Steffi threw up all over the house Friday night. The dog wasn't much of a problem. He yelped a while when I put him in the crate and went to bed friday and Saturday night. He chewed on my fingers, wrist and hand like a puppy even though he was supposed to be a year and a half old. He thought he was a rabbit beagle and took off sniffing and running through the pasture with me on the other end of the leash. Sunday, Steffi bit me because I happened to be in between her and Scrappy (the new dog). Sunday night, Steffi did #2 all over the house. So, I decided Scrappy had to go back to the animal shelter. He's an adorable dog and will no doubt be adopted by a loving family. And I made it easier for him to be adopted by paying for his neutering. It was difficult to take him back, but I couldn't have Steffi sick and upset at her advanced age and Fritz can't adopt that aggressive behavior if my niece and nephew are going to be terrorizing him in the future. Fritz and Steffi were happy when I came back home without Scrappy. So, this is obviously what they wanted. And since they are members of my family, they do get a vote.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

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Thursday, December 15, 2005


I just noticed that I've been blogging for over two years. It really doesn't feel like that long. I am very surprised I stuck with this for that long. I remember thinking I would never keep a blog updated and it would just die away. I guess some people play games online, some do the chat room thing, and I blog.

Birthday Review

Today is my birthday. Mom got me a Martha Stewart Cutting board that's in the shape of a pig. My sister got me something, but I don't know what. It's on its way here from where ever she ordered it. April got me a golf courses wall calendar and an oven mitt that has a brownie mix in it. I will be making the brownies some evening before work so I can take them to work since I'm doing the diet thing. A couple of people gave me birthday cards at work and my former boss who has moved up to regional manager of a different region also wished me a happy birthday. I wished her one too - we share the same birthday. And I got myself something special but I'm not blogging about it yet. I haven't decided when I'm going to tell people (aka family) about it.

I did work out this morning, but as usual, I haven't posted my stats. My stats are in the bedroom with the treadmill and I never can remember to bring them in here to the computer. I don't think the workout matters that much - I ate no bake cookies and candy today at work.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Students Get Pig's-Eye View of History

Move over, Miss Piggy. Step aside, Porky. It's time to share the swine spotlight with real pigs.

The contributions of an animal that has been reviled, mocked and dined upon for centuries are being recognized in a Xavier University class highlighting American pig history.

"As I was doing research, I found pigs popping up in rather significant settings," said assistant history professor Karim Tiro, who teaches the class.

Few realize that swine sailed to the New World with Columbus, sparked wars between colonists and American Indians and helped pioneer the assembly line, he said.

He covers those and other topics in "A History of the Pig in America with Especial Reference to the City of Cincinnati Otherwise Known as Porkopolis."

The last part of the quirky title refers to a city that has had a love-hate relationship with pigs since its heyday as the center of the U.S. pork-packing industry.

Easy access to river transportation and farmland helped turn Cincinnati into the pork processing capital of the world by the 1840s — and the target of international jokes about its "Porkopolis" image.

Appalled at the sight of pigs being herded or roaming wild through Cincinnati streets in the late 1820s, British author Frances Trollope wrote that she would have liked the city better if the people "had not dealt so very largely with hogs."

"Cincinnati's connection with pigs has always been seen both as a serious economic issue and a point of humor or ridicule," said Dan Hurley, assistant vice president for history for the Cincinnati Museum Center.

The Xavier students say they have learned how pigs and the development of the pork industry reflect broader trends in history. They also have learned to overlook the grins and giggles that often erupt at the mention of their class.

"But when I tell people what we have learned, they don't laugh as much, and they usually think it sounds interesting," said Tara Cleveland, 21.

Virginia DeJohn Anderson, a history professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, taught a class looking at the history of human and animal relationships from antiquity to the present. But she's not aware of any history classes highlighting one animal.

"I don't think many historians in the past have taken animals seriously as historical subjects. That prejudice may be shifting as we are coming to understand how animals have shaped not just the landscape, but also relations among people," Anderson said.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I switched from Alias to The Pretender for treadmill workouts. I was getting tired of Alias. At least with the Pretender, I haven't seen those episodes for a while. I still haven't posted my stats lately. That's because I haven't really felt like I've accomplished anything good with working out. It has to do with the cake and the home made peanut butter cup I made. I ate half of a 9 inch pan of peanut butter cup yesterday. I gave the other half to mom and dad. Hopefully, I can do some good with the workouts and getting back to a good diet this week. Wednesday is the unit Christmas party at work and the following Wednesday is the building Christmas party. Luckily, people there like Ham for christmas so that's one thing I won't eat.

Dad came up today. Mom stayed home. She had a bout of sinus today. Dad changed the oil in their car and fixed my table. He just tightened up all the bolts and stuff. He liked my furniture. I gave him the candy and he took the soda he and mom left behind when they moved out. It was full calorie soda so I'm glad it's gone.

I wrapped their Christmas presents today. I still have to buy Mom something else to make things even, but she won't cooperate and give me hints. I got a present from Mom and Dad in the mail yesterday. It came gift wrapped from Walmart is pretty handy for things like that.

Bo Bice's cd comes out Tuesday. I plan to buy it. I hope it's good. You never know how those things turn out.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I got my dining room furniture today. I had to put the table together myself. The delivery boys aren't allowed to assemble them. They said that mine was the third or fourth table today that had to be assembled which was unusual they said because the warehouse usually has them assembled already. So, I put the table together and I think I need to tighten something. The top turns a bit and I don't think it's supposed to. Mom and Dad are coming over tomorrow for a visit, so I will have Dad check it out.

Friday, December 09, 2005

So, we didn't get any snow here at all last night. Yay! But we did have some ice. I had some ice on the driveway. So, I decided to park my car at the main road again and walk up tonight. By the time I got up to the house, I saw that the ice had melted off the driveway, even though the temperature didn't get above freezing all day.

I'm supposed to get my furniture delivered tomorrow between 3 and 6 pm. I can't wait for it to get here. I have some cleaning to do tomorrow.

I'm glad the weekend is here. I have serious day off-itis. It will last until February or March.

I have many, many pets now on the Petz game. My dog had three puppies, and my cat had four kittens not too long ago. I now have 16 pets.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Well, it looks like we might get some measurable snow here tomorrow night into Friday. I may have to shovel the driveway so I can get my furniture on Saturday.

I went to the store tonight just in case we did get a lot of snow. Hopefully we won't get much.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More on the Buffet

I took a closer look at the dimensions of my furniture I bought. I don't think the buffet is going to fit in the dining room. I could make it fit, but let's just say it's a good thing I've lost all this weight. Otherwise I might not be able to fit between the buffet and the corner of the hallway. I'm still glad I got it, even if I have to put it in another room.

I made Nestle Toll House Pan Cookies tonight. I had two eggs I needed to use before they expired. I think I'll have to take a few to work and freeze much of the rest of them.

I saw INXS on tv tonight. They were on VH1. I think JD was nervous. The cd is good. I'm hoping I'll like more of the songs the more times I play the cd. Right now, I'm watching the Randy Travis concert on the local PBS station. They are having a fund drive.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Mom and I went to P-Burg again today to shop for a dining room table/chairs and buffet/hutch for me. The day started out decent enough. I dropped my car off at the mechanic so my back right tire/brake could be fixed. They said they could get to it after 1pm today. Then Mom and I went to P-burg. I drove her car. By the time I got there, I was feeling like I was going to throw up. I don't know if it was a virus or a reaction to the Lutein I had taken this morning, but I was not feeling well at all. We stopped at McDonalds and I got something to eat, hoping that would make me feel better. It didn't. I nearly threw up in Big Sandy. But I continued on because I was not going to waste the trip. I picked out a dining set at Big Sandy but didn't want to make a final decision without checking out Value City Furniture as well. So, Mom and I went there. There was only one real possibility there and it was purposefully distressed. It looked stupid. If I'm going to spend that kind of money, I want something that looks new. So, we went back to Big Sandy and I bought a dining room table, chairs, buffet and hutch. It's cherry finish and seats 4 people. It's going to be delivered on Saturday. I told mom and dad that we can now have Christmas dinner at my house, provided it doesn't snow. I told them I didn't know if I would let them eat at the table, given the amount of money I paid for it. LOL!

The car finally got finished at 4:45pm. I had to spend the whole afternoon at my parents' house waiting for it. But I did take a nap or two so the day wasn't a total loss.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Movies and Cooking

A lot of my day was spent working here at home. I cooked a turkey for Steffi, cooked some chicken for me, froze some of the cake I baked yesterday. I did some laundry. Worked out this morning. I'll have to post those totals later. The highlight of my day, I think, was when I watched the dvd Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I thought it was a pretty good movie. Too much action and not enough character development, but it was still a good show. I didn't like the ending all that much. We don't know how exactly they got their respective employers to stop trying to kill them. Hopefully, there will be a sequel and we'll find that part out. My favorite line from the movie was something like "I told you I saw your dad on Fantasy Island."

I'm watching the local news right now. They are reporting on the controversy of calling a Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree rather than a Holiday Tree. They interviewed one customer buying a Christmas tree and she said "We're turning into a country of pacifists. We're trying to pacify everybody." Heaven forbid we have peace at Christmas. Sometimes you just can't make these things up.

Tomorrow, if we don't get any snow accumulation, Mom and I may go back to P-Burg for the dining room table and chairs. Dad has to take my car to the mechanic to get my back brakes fixed and Mom has to get her prescriptions taken care of first. I hope I can find a table and chairs I like on this trip and actually buy them. I'm taking my checkbook with me just in case.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Today was a pretty good shopping day. The one disappointment was that I didn't have my checkbook with me. It turns out the dining room table and chairs are probably going to cost me more than my credit card limit. I could get cheaper stuff, but if it's going to last me for 30 years like mom and dad's have lasted them, then I need to pay for a good set. Anyway, I got a couple of things I needed, found a new Diana Palmer book, got a Christmas present for Dad, ate lunch at Ponderosa (waiter guy watched me the whole time. Mom said he dropped the coffee cup because he was watching me instead of the cup and the table - LOL).

After shopping with Mom, I went to the grocery store and Walmart. At walmart I found another Christmas gift for Mom and Dad. They had a sale on chocolate chips at Krogers - a dollar a bag. I stocked up.

Dad was saying today that he needed to start working out. I hope he does. He needs to get healthier.

I got the electric bill today for the first cold month I've had in the house without Dad here burning the wood stove for heat. Using electric only, the bill is $110.00. That's about 35.00 more than what Dad would pay if he was burning the wood stove for heat. So, I don't think it's too bad. I know some people pay a lot more in electric.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Tomorrow Mom and I are going shopping in P-Burg. I don't know what we will buy, but I think Mom mainly just wants to get out without dad and look at stuff. Dad is a typical man who rushes through the store and doesn't stop to look at anything. It's a good thing my credit card payment has hit the card. I might buy a dining room table and chairs set if I can find one I like and have it delivered. I'm very picky though, so I doubt I'll buy one tomorrow.

I'm back down to 125 pounds after a two week feeding frenzy. I seriously went off the diet and exercise program there for a while. Hopefully I can get back on track and stay there. I think it's going to help to work out before work in the mornings.

I bought the dvd "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" the other night. I've only managed to watch the trailers and deleted scenes so far. But I think it's going to be good. I don't know when I'll watch it. I have a bad habit of not watching things I record and even though I bought the Van Helsing movie, I haven't watched it. I did see it at the theater. The ending wasn't the greatest for a person who reads romance novels.

Jennifer Garner had her baby. She had a little girl and reports say Garner has named her Violet. The kid will be one of the most beautiful people on earth with those two parents she's got. Hopefully, Violet will get plenty of WV hospitality and down-home sensibility as she grows up.

Treadmill Report

44 minutes, 20 seconds; 2.34 miles; 300 calories burned.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Treadmill Report

36 minutes, 28 seconds; 1.93 miles, 248 calories burned.

I have changed my routine and I now work out right when I get out of bed in the mornings on work days. I am working the 8:30 to 4:30 hours now and I decided to keep getting up at the same time and just do the treadmill in the mornings. I think it's going to work out well. I will have plenty of time to work out for a full episode of Alias (about 43 minutes).

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Treadmill Report

I know it seems like I've forgotten the treadmill, but I haven't.

Friday, November 25, 2005: 42 minutes, 43 seconds; 1.71 miles; 220 calories burned.

Today: 152 minutes, 14 seconds; 7.90 miles; 1016 calories burned.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey Day and Beyond

Yesterday I went to Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving. I brought them home-made cranberry sauce, home-made noodles, and a home-made berry cobbler. Dinner was good. I ate too much and my diet and exercise program is definitely on a hiatus. My sister and her kids were there. They came up from Florida. Jasmine was excited by the snow. Timmy (aka Buddha) is still a speechless baby. He eats a lot. My sister said "I heard Miranda's voice but didn't see her" alluding to my weightloss. LOL! Brought home leftovers and made a chocolate cake when I got home for my dessert. It's a low-fat cake though.

Today, I put up the Christmas tree. I was going to wait until Jasmine went back to Florida, but I didn't know when I was going to get time to do it after she left. I dyed my hair today (still not happy with the results) and tried to make a curtain out of old blue jeans. It's still a work in progress. But I didn't do so bad for not having a work surface or a sewing machine, or a measuring tape. I also washed the slip covers for the couch and chair and watched UFO Files on the History channel for much of the day and the 2004 Skin Games (golf) for the other half.

Dad called the guys who do our mechanic work to see if they could work on my car, but he didn't get any answer. I guess they are taking the day off for deer hunting. Dad thinks some kind of brake cylinder is leaking and that's what's causing my trouble.

The one thing I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving: I just found out that in England, you have to pay big money for a license to watch tv. Thank goodness Americans aren't that greedy yet. Sony/BMG is the closest by putting that stupid spyware software on your computers without your knowledge. But they are getting sued and I hope they suffer greatly for that. I guess I'll have to bring in a cd player to work so I can listen to cds since I can't be sure any of them will be safe for the computer.

I got my credit card bill in the mail today. Unfortunately, it still doesn't have all my charges on it. I have to remember to stop charging after the 17th of the month so I can finally get off the credit card merry-go-round. I called the 1-800 number today and I have an available balance of $332.00. That's the least I've ever had available on my credit card. I've spent a lot these last couple of months. My mom and I are going shopping in P-Burg next weekend. Hopefully the credit card people will have processed my payment by then. I'm hoping to look around for a dining room table and chairs.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pre -Turkey Day Post

So, this week has been one long week. But finally, work is done for the week and I can enjoy 4 days off. My car is acting up. Dad put studded tires on it this weekend, but since Monday, the right rear tire has been skidding. It's like it's locking up or something. Dad's going to look at it tomorrow. It only does this when I brake firmly. So, I just have to brake gently and allow for plenty of stopping space. But it's aggravating. I'm almost afraid to back out of my driveway. I have to back down a hill, make a turn, then continue backing up another hill just so I can point my car down the driveway and make it to the road. When I make that turn while backing out, the tire skids and my "low trac" light comes on. It's kind of scary, but I know nothing really bad is happening. I can still stop the car. But I really want it fixed.

I made cranberry sauce for the Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow. We are having dinner at Mom and Dad's new house and my sister and the kids will be there. I'm also bringing home made noodles and a 'mystery' dessert. I want that to be a surprise for my parents. Today it was snowing when I got off work and the ground was white so I parked my car at the road and walked all the way up to the house (about a quarter of a mile).

I'm watching golf right now, but the announce people are getting on my nerves. So, I might surf the channels to see what else is on.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Completely Off the Diet

Well, I went off the diet in a big way today. I made something called a Mexican Bundt Cake today. It's a chocolate devil's food cake with cinnamon and orange juice added. It's topped with a drizzle frosting also flavored with orange juice and orange zest. The cake has a half a cup of oil in it and I had more than one piece tonight. It's a very good cake. But it is absolutely not on the diet. So, I will be working out some tomorrow and hopefully I won't gain too much weight while I eat the rest of the cake this week.

Friday, November 18, 2005


I've had a pretty uneventful few days. The potluck lunch on Thursday was pretty good. I actually ate real food. It's gotten cold here, down to 18 degrees. I hate winter. I have a new electric pole. The old one was cracked and bent thanks to an ice storm a few years ago. I was worried it might snap in two this winter so Dad called the power company and had them come out to replace it. The outside cats keep wanting to come into the house. I guess because it's so cold out there. They have beds all over the place out there that they can sleep in. I've been playing with my Petz program. I had a cat there to have kittens, two boys. And now my chihuahua is going to have puppies. Not steffi and fritz, but the computer dog. I've picked out a name for one of the puppies: Vilamoura. It's in Portugal and Sergio Garcia is playing there this week.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping. I'm thinking of buying some boots to go with bootcut pants that I wear to work. And I have to buy some food to get ready for the Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house. I'm making the cranberry sauce and the noodles. I might make dessert too. I have a recipe for a chocolate-mexican type cake that I got from a magazine that I want to try.

Last night I watched Alias and the previews for the next episode are incredible for the simple fact that Rachel meets Sark! Talk about a shock. I can't wait to see it. And Sloane has really disappointed me. But truly, the sneaky side of me thinks Sloane is playing the Prophet 5 people and he will come out on top. He is a lot smarter than the way he's been acting this season. Jack is doing great and last night it was really cute to see him putting together Sydney's crib for the baby. And I love the humor in the show. They've written it to be a lot more funny this season. Probably because it looks like this will be the last season. Hopefully, Alias will continue with either tv movies or films and hopefully Balthazar Getty and Rachel Nichols will be in there.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well, I didn't work out tonight. We are having a Thanksgiving Pot Luck Lunch tomorrow at work and I had to make no-bake cookies.

Mom and I have made tentative plans to go shopping one day in December. It seems my niece has hinted for a gift that can be found in P-Burg.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The News About Eddie Guerrero

I was very saddened to hear the news of Eddie Guerrero's death. I was a fan of his and his entire family. He was a talent and a phenomenal wrestler with great moves and great personality. I've posted a news article below.

Wrestling fans pay homage to Eddie Guerrero

By Sean L. McCarthy
Tuesday, November 15, 2005 - Updated: 11:05 AM EST

Fans from around the world are mourning the death of World Wrestling Entertainment star Eduardo “Eddie” Guerrero.
WWE champ and West Newbury native John Cena told the crowd during last night’s episode of “Monday Night Raw” that “Eddie was a man of faith, but selfishly, we’ll all miss him.”
USA Network’s “Raw” and UPN’s “Friday Night SmackDown” both pay tribute to the 38-year-old Guerrero, who was found dead in his Minneapolis hotel room Sunday morning before the taping of both shows.
His cause of death remains unknown. A private funeral is planned for Thursday in Scottsdale, Ariz., where Guerrero recently moved with his wife and three daughters.
Born into a wrestling family from El Paso, Guerrero became the WWE’s first Mexican-American champ and won over fans with his winning smile even as he performed as a “heel” who worked under the motto of “lie, cheat and steal.”
Fans from Mexico, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and even New Zealand posted to online sites yesterday to honor him.
Last night’s “Raw” on USA included video clips of Guerrero and interviews with wrestlers. “Friday Night SmackDown” on UPN (Ch. 38) will include an appearance by Guerrero’s trademark low-rider car and a bout featuring his nephew, Chavo.
The younger Guerrero said his uncle was celebrating four years of sobriety this week and inspired fans with his recovery.
UPN aired a special last year on Guerrero’s tumultuous life titled, “Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story.”

Treadmill Report

48 minutes, 45 seconds; 2.61 miles; 335 calories burned.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Treadmill Report

Saturday's Report: 101 minutes, 10 seconds; 5.17 miles; 664 calories burned.

Today: 144 minutes, 49 seconds; 7.36 miles; 947 calories burned.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cooking Urge

I had an urge to cook today. I think it's the orange vanilla candle I have melting on the candle warmer in the house. But I made biscuits tonight and a cake. The cake is low fat. I substituted applesauce for most of the oil/butter and used fat free egg beaters instead of real eggs. I also used orange extract instead of vanilla, again thanks to the candle. I made a drizzle frosting for the cake, also orange flavored, out of powdered sugar and water - no fat in there. The trick will be to not eat the whole thing tonight. It was made in a loaf pan and is probably half of a recipe. I guessed at the measurements.


Well, I put the game on the pc and played with it last night. It's very frustrating because it doesn't tell you how to operate the game. It gives you a few instructions, but basically, it doesn't really help you at all. You'd think they could have a help button on there to tell you what to do for those people who don't have the patience or desire to sit there for hours trying to figure all this stuff out.

Anyway, I am up to disc 5 of Season One while working out on the treadmill. I just finished episode 14 this morning. I'll post a treadmill report later when I'm sure I'm done for the day. I think I'll probably get back on there for another episode today.

This past week's episode of Alias, Solo, was a good episode. Very funny and entertaining. I just wonder how long Sloane will put up with being someone else's puppet. I'd say in the next couple of weeks he will snap and Gordon Dean will suffer. At least I hope he suffers. I don't like him at all. And the new chick on the show, character's name is Rachel Gibson, is great. She brings a lot of humor to the show and I can't wait to see what develops between her and Tom Grace. He's cool too. I like him much better than Vaughn. Not that Vaughn didn't serve a purpose on the show, but Boyscout really was a good call sign for Vaughn. I miss Weiss though. How can a man who gets caught on every field assignment get a job heading White House security?

Friday, November 11, 2005


Today started out with a visit to mom and dad's house. I hooked up their dvd/vcr combo thing to their tv and satellite receiver. Then I installed the cats and dogs computer game onto one of their pc's. Visited for a bit and then went on to do my shopping. I shopped a bit at Dollar General, dropped off some mail at the post office, and then decided it was time for lunch. My parents would be very pleased to know that I actually ate real food today instead of sticking to my diet. I ate at Ponderosa. I had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, a hot roll with butter, a bowl of cheesy potato soup, a bowl of taco salad, and a small bowl of ice cream. After that, I went to Walmart and bought another pair of pants and a couple of sweaters. I also bought a storage bin to store a bunch of summer clothes and all my old jeans in. Someday, I plan to use the jean material for place mats or rugs, or some other creative project, but right now, they are in the box. The pants I bought are supposed to be the same size and style as my favorite pants, just not cords. Strangely though, when I put them on, they are looser than my favorite pants. I think I'm done buying tops for a while. But I would like to lose more of my evil belly so I can buy more pants later. I told mom today that I would be a size 2 if it wasn't for my belly. My waist is already there thanks to the crunches I do every day. After Walmart I went to Krogers to buy some groceries then went home.

Once at home, I let the dogs out for a bit and walked outside while they were running around. I didn't get on the treadmill today. I probably will tomorrow. Tonight I made spaghetti sauce to freeze so I can have individual spaghetti in the evenings after work once I am completely done with the weightloss plan. I ate a little bit of spaghetti tonight just because I always have to try what I've cooked if it's something I'll eat.

Hopefully, this weekend I will get around to installing the Alias game on the computer and playing with it. I need to put Flight Simulator on here too. I'm just not much of a gamer. I do bring the cats and dogs out every night on my catz/dogz game. But that's because the game says my cats and dogs will run away if I don't play with and feed them every day.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I went to Walmart tonight and bought a new pair of blue jeans. Are you ready for this? They are a size 4 and they are loose fitting. These manufacturers have got to review these dress sizes.

I don't think Walmart carries any pants smaller than this, so I might be looking at the end of the weightloss saga. I still have a belly though. I think dress pants are sized more conservatively, so I might be able to lose just a little bit more of the belly.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How Much to Eat

I found a website today that calculates how much you can eat to maintain, lose or gain weight based on your height, weight and activity level. If I wanted to maintain a weight of 125 pounds and stop working out, I would have to eat approximately 1596 calories a day. If I wanted to maintain a weight of 125 pounds and work out 3 to 4 times a week, I could eat 1900 calories a day.

Well, gotta go feed the dogs before the thunderstorms get here and knock out the electric.

Treadmill Report

44 minutes, 40 seconds; 2.37 miles; 304 calories burned.

I now weigh 125 pounds. That's a loss of 6 pounds in the last month.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Treadmill Report

Fritz is having a nervous breakdown because of the thunderstorms so I couldn't do the whole 45 minutes tonight.

27 minutes, 16 seconds; 1.42 miles; 182 calories burned.

Monday, November 07, 2005

What's Up with Me

Well, I've had a cold the since Friday, but I'm doing better now. Good enough to get back on the treadmill. I got the Alias PC game and the Petz5 game today in the mail. I'm so excited about the petz game. There's a pig in it. I love pigs. I haven't played the alias game yet. It requires more thought and concentration. And I don't have that to spare tonight. This is the first weekday I've had satellite for a couple of weeks or more.

Hello Old Friend

Back on the treadmill today after three days of a cold.

2.4 miles; 44.43 minutes; 309 calories burned.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Satellite News

I have satellite tv again! Yay!! And for some reason I have the soap opera channel when I shouldn't. Oh well.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Treadmill Report

Yesterday: 9.06 minutes; .5 miles; 64 calories burned.
(walking in place during the Nova episode on PBS: 35 minutes)

Today: 31 minutes, 51 seconds; 1.68 miles; 217 calories burned.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Anti-Spam........ Not

Norton Internet Security once again sucks. The anti-spam program that comes with it has labeled all the email I subscribe to as Spam, but all the viagra email gets through no problem. I turned this off too.

Treadmill Interruptus

Well, I was on the treadmill when my parents showed up. Dad yelled at me until I had to get off of it. He kept yelling about how I was skinny enough. Blah, Blah, Blah. You'd think "moving out" would mean something to him. This just means I'll have to work out more this weekend. I am still determined to work out and lose just a little bit more weight. They need to worry more about their own lives.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Treadmill Report

46 minutes, 08 seconds; 2.49 miles; 320 calories burned.

I also walked outside for probably an hour today.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Treadmill Report

91 minutes, 10 seconds; 4.74 miles; 609 calories burned.

What's up with me

Friday: I had to stay late at work. Someone wanted an explanation of our accounting system. She still doesn't understand it all so I'll have to meet with her again I think. I had wanted to go to the bank Friday after work, but since I got out late, I couldn't. I'll have to wait probably another week before I can go. I may run out of cash by then.

Saturday: Went shopping. Bought a sweater jacket, a shirt, some socks, a printer for my computer, and a bunch of other stuff. Came home and cleaned some around the house, moved some furniture so I could hook up the printer. A leaf came off some vine-like plant Polly gave me, so I planted the leaf in some dirt to see if it will grow. I don't really have luck doing that. I tried with a leaf from my African Violet and it died. But we'll see what happens. Last night I downloaded some updates for the Norton Internet Security program that came with my computer. Well, my computer is so secure now that the only way I can actually do anything on the internet or get my email is if I turn the Norton thing off. So, it's off. Good thing that was free. I watched the first Tomb Raider movie last night. Getting ready for the next Bond movie since the new Bond played Alex West.

Sunday: So far I have cleaned the carpet in the dining room, worked out on the treadmill, washed up a couple of dishes, taken the dogs for a walk. There are some other things I'd like to do before going back to work. But luckily I have Monday off too (I took that day off) so maybe I'll get more done tomorrow.

Observation: my right ankle has been bothering me this weekend. I can't stand on my toes without it hurting. This is the foot that suffered a broken bone a few years back. I think the height of the heels on my shoes is what's causing the problem. I'll have to switch to the flats for a while and see what happens.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So Much For Plans

I had planned to get on the treadmill tonight after work, but mom and dad were here when I got home. They were getting mom's computer and the computer desk and another storage cabinet to take to their new place. So I ended up helping dad load and unload the furniture instead of working out.

I did get Season 4 Alias on dvd today in the mail. I've already checked out the bonus features. This dvd rom thing is pretty handy.

And I got another telemarketer call tonight. I think I'll have to just let the answering machine get all the calls. I've named my answering machine Sergio after Sergio Garcia, the golfer. So, if I talk about Sergio taking messages for me, you'll know who it is.

Let's Talk About Computer Manners

It is very rude to send someone a huge attachment when they are on a dial up connection. It blocks the email program and you can't turn it off without having to deal with the huge attachment later on. People should be asked before someone sends them something that could inconvenience them this way.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dish Saga Continues

Well, I called the 1-800 number and talked to a sales person named Tim. He sounded cute and really nice and friendly and helpful. Which is why he talked me into the 18 month lease/contract thing that I absolutely didn't want. But at least it's done. It is supposed to be installed on November 5th. I hope they can find my house. I will stay by my phone in case they call looking for better instructions.

Now I can get back to the week day workouts and come home after work every day instead of traipsing around town looking for a satellite. The dogs will like me being home sooner too.

Bless the Weatherman

He finally said something I like. He said he thought this winter we would have a snowier, but warmer winter than usual and that we would find it hard to keep snow on the ground for more than a day. Bless him. I hope he's right.

Dish Scam

So, I went to a local dealer in the Dish Network business today. They explained to me that I could buy the receiver and antenna instead of doing the free equipment with an 18 month commitment. But, I have to contract with them for one year's worth of programming and if I cancel during that year, then I have to not only pay the rest of the programming charges for that year, but I also have to forfeit the satellite dish I bought. I can understand paying the rest of the year's worth of programming fees, but giving back something I bought and that I have ownership of is ridiculous and just plain punitive. And I'm betting it's illegal. That's like buying a new GM vehicle and canceling the onstar service before your year's commitment is up. The local car dealership would not seize your $30,000 car because you canceled the onstar service. I'm gonna call the 1-800 number and see what scam the Dish Network people will try to con me into if I buy from them direct.

Monday, October 24, 2005

By the Way

Scarlett and Riambra need to send me email so I can get their addresses in my new email address book :)

Back on the Web

Well, I got my new phone number today. So, I'm back on the web. Going to all the websites I went to on mom's pc is a different experience. Everything looks so different on this new pc. But at least I'm here. Yay!! Unfortunately, I still don't have a satellite dish. I'm getting very frustrated about the dish issue. You would think dad would have told me about three weeks in advance that he was going to take it on a certain day so I would have the time to either find a store in town who would sell me a dish or to order it direct from the company. But no, just like the man he is, he just up and took it.

Yesterday, I downloaded the software for my digital camera on my new pc and got some pictures of deer that were grazing in the back yard.

Back on the Treadmill

Sunday, Oct. 23rd: 72 minutes, 10 seconds; 3.73 miles; 479 calories burned.

Today: 44 minutes, 21 seconds; 2.36 miles; 303 calories burned.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More on the PC

I had some time tonight to check out more about my computer. I found Microsoft Works on there so I don't have to install it. I don't know why they gave me a cd of it if it's already on the computer. Must be a tech geek thing. My computer plays dvds, which is exciting. I set up a workout spreadsheet on the new pc since I don't have corel software on there. And I saved a bunch of pictures from cd's onto my new computer. John at work asked me what my processor was and a bunch of other stuff and I just said "I don't know John. It's number, number, number, dot, number, number something". He likes it when I get all technical. LOL! I also asked John about the phone situation and he said I could either get a different modem (not likely) or find a phone accessory that would give me the extra plug in thing for the phone.

Mom and Dad went to a couple of places today to check into Dish Network for me. One place would only do the free equipment with an 18 month contract thing and the other place would sell equipment but the owner was so busy mom said I might have to actually make an appointment to see her. HAH! I found out that Sears and another place in town also do Dish Network, so I think I might stop by them tomorrow after work and find out more. I was tempted to just order it online, but I think I'd be better off talking to a live person.

I haven't called to get set up with internet service on my pc yet. I might do that this weekend. If I do that during the day, then I might get a different tech geek who won't be so slow.

ABC sitcoms are much funnier than NBC.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Well, I bought a computer today. It's a Compaq. I think I might have a bit of a problem however. With mom's computer there is a place to plug in the phone line and a place to plug in the phone so that you can use the phone and the computer from one phone cord and one jack. But I don't think my computer has the option of plugging in the phone. I will have to investigate further or set up the computer with easy access so I can plug and unplug the phone line constantly. Mayber there's a phone accessory I can get to make this easier. A jack with two plug-thingys or something. I did get a semi-good deal on the computer. It was originally $592 and I got it for $395. The box had been wet and some of the instructions were destroyed, but I managed to get it all hooked up.

The one thing I am missing is Wordperfect software. I think we got that from my brother in law. I don't know if he left the disk with us or if he kept it. I will have to ask mom if she has a copy. The new computer came with Works so I will have something as soon as I install it.

I tried to sign up for Citynet internet service tonight but the guy on the phone (His name is Chad) was just too confused about the idea of mom, the phone number and the computer moving to a new house. Then we got disconnected. So, I figured it was God's way of saying "Miranda, wait until you get your own phone number and then call them. They are tech geeks, don't expect too much from them." And you could tell he was bored with his job. He ran through the questions at lightning speed as if everyone could understand all the words when they are run together that way. Sure, he may have said the same thing hundreds of times before, but this was the first time I heard the speech so he should have spoken a bit clearer.

Dad took the satellite dish today. So, I'm stuck watching the Biggest Loser right now. At least I have the antenna for local channels and I have dvds. But Mom and Dad are supposed to get me a dish to replace the one they took and I'll probably have to help them hook it up tomorrow. This show is interesting. I applaud the weightloss aspect, but you can tell that it's true that if you lose weight too fast, then you have skin hanging on you that won't shrink back.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Well, Mom and Dad have moved into their new house. We spent the last two days moving a bunch of stuff in there. In fact, today I was so busy I didn't get to work out on the treadmill. But I carried a bunch of stuff and was on the move most of the day so I did get exercise. Soon I will be without phone and internet and possibly even sooner, I will be without the satellite dish. So, reports may be few for the next couple of weeks.

I'm off to get some vital information. When Martha is on the local channels since I won't have the dish. Instructions for getting internet service for when I have to sign up for my own service. And Dish Network info that I might need if I have to get my own dish.

Treadmill Report (Belated)

Saturday's result:
80 minutes, 30 seconds; 4.18 miles; 537 calories burned.

Friday, October 14, 2005


I have returned to the treadmill. 37 minutes, 57 seconds; 2.06 miles; 265 calories burned.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Well, I haven't worked out since Monday. Yesterday, I got home and there was a bull dozer in the yard, but no people. No parents and no septic tank people. So, I had no idea what was going on and figured I'd better not start working out only to have to stop when someone showed up pounding on the door. But no one did show up. Today, the septic tank people were here working so I figured I'd better not get all sweaty and dirty working out if they were going to have to do something about the water. But they left at 4:30 pm. I don't know what they did or didn't do but when I looked out the window, they were digging a hole. So, tomorrow I think I'm going to go shopping since Alias is on at 8pm and I won't want to work out anyway. I have to buy a bunch of stuff for the house since my parents are getting closer to moving into their new place. And Walmart has some new clothes in I might check out.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Friday, October 07, 2005

If It Weren't For Bad Luck........

Today was planned as a shopping day. I woke up to find it was raining. Strike #1. I got ready and got in my car and started down the driveway, only to encounter a tree across the driveway. Strike #2. Dad cleared that tree away and I started off again. Made the sharp turn in the driveway only to find another tree in my way. Strike #3. I got out of the car and cleared some of it away, but couldn't get the bigger stuff. And I got dirty to boot. So, I called Dad on the cell phone and made him come down to get this tree out of the way too. An hour after I first left the house, I finally made it out of the driveway. I was convinced that God did not want me to spend money today and was placing these obstacles in my way to prevent me from shopping. But wait, it gets better. I hit town and decided to stop at the gas station to fill up. It was packed. Consider that strike #4. So, I continued on to the bank, planning to stop at another gas station on the way. It was packed. We're now up to #5. From the bank on, the rain was the biggest challenge. And the old people driving around looking for farmers' markets to crash into. I think the last big disappointment of the day was when I didn't find many clothes to buy. I only bought one shirt. And, at Walmart, one of the silicone pot holders I wanted to buy got sucked under the conveyor belt and no one could find it. That was another little communique from God.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Four Days Off. Alias Tonight. Shopping Tomorrow. Golf This Weekend. Sounds Wonderful To Me :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I just have a comment on this:

From the New York Post:

FOR someone trying to improve her image, Martha Stewart just made a bad boo-boo. The domestic diva is having a baby shower-themed show for actress Jennifer Garner today complete with an audience of expectant mothers. The problem is, her staffers invited more mommies-to-be than they could accommodate. Loads of the infanticipating women were disappointed when they got calls yesterday afternoon telling them they were being dis-invited, due to "high turnout." While they were offered tickets to a future show, one future mom told PAGE SIX, "All ticket holders are pregnant and having babies soon, so another show is not practical." The message boards were buzzing with threats to boycott Stewart's products. "I turned down tickets to go to synagogue for Jewish high holidays for this taping," said one. "I've been subscribing to her magazine for more than 10 years, so this really stings," wrote another. After calls from The Post, Stewart's staff reinvited many of the women to watch the show from the green room. A rep for Stewart said, "This was an unfortunate incident. Thanks to PAGE SIX for bringing it to our attention."

Here are my comments: The woman who gave up tickets to the religious celebration: You've disappointed God and your child. I think you should spend more time at that synagogue learning the importance of religion. And the other pregnant woman: sounds like she just wanted the freebies and wasn't a fan of Martha's show, so Martha's better off without her.

Septic Tank Search

Well, they found what was used for the septic tank today. I won't go into details but suffice it to say, if Dad and I had dug just a little deeper on Sunday, we would have found it. So, it's good to know we were on the right track, but even better that I don't have to dig any more. My arms killed me for two days after all that digging. That only proves that even if you work out everyday, you are not in shape. You're just in shape for whatever exercise you're doing. Cross training is not such a bad idea. So, it looks like we will be getting a new septic tank sometime within the next week. Yay!
Also, my uncle from Indiana will be in this weekend, and whether he knows it or not, he will be moving a lot of the heavy furniture from this house into Mom and Dad's new house. What a way to spend a vacation. So, I will be shopping on Friday for the things I will need when the parents move to their new house. It will be nice to finally buy some things off the list I keep writing. I think I've written that list 4 times now.

And I will probably buy some more clothes to wear to work, even though I'm not quite finished losing weight. My supervisor found out today that no matter how freezing cold we are, no one will change the thermostat. So, I need sweaters or jackets or something. Definitely no skirts.

For Janet :)

Janet, a new reader of my blog, has requested more information on my diet and exercise plan. So, I will post the whole shebang below. To answer some of her questions: I don't know how much weight I've lost because for years and years, I never weighed myself so I didn't have a starting point. I honestly didn't think I would lose weight this time when I started working out earlier this year. I mainly started working out because Polly and Scarlett, my friends from work, were partcipating in their office's health fair stuff, and I thought I would work out too. And then when my jeans started getting looser I just decided that this was not something to squander away so I really dedicated myself to following through with it. Chances to actually lose weight come so rarely to me that I was taking full advantage. I can say that I started out a size 14 and now I'm pretty much a size 4. I may have to go to a size 2 to be totally happy (aka to get rid of my fat belly, which I still have even though I am an unbelievable size 4). As of Monday, I weighed 131 pounds at 5ft. 2 inches. So, I've lost 5 dress sizes since early June.

Many other times I've tried to lose weight through exercise and diet and for some reason it just didn't work. I tried measuring my workouts on the treadmill by distance and time with no results. So, this time, after reading the statistic that there are 3500 calories in one pound, I decided to measure my treadmill workouts by calories burned, since my treadmill counts that. I aim for 300 calories a day on the treadmill. I also read on the internet that there is carryover calorie burn that occurs after you stop working out. That, if you burn 300 calories in your workout, then for the next hour, you'll burn 150 calories, and the hour after that 75 calories. It diminishes by half each hour after your workout ends. I really think measuring calories burned is what did it for me.

As for the diet - I'm a very picky eater. Which means, the only vegetable I eat is a potato. Unfortunately, I've banned potatoes and white bread from my diet. So, my diet is very restrictive and tailored mainly for me. But it's basically the Slimfast plan. I try to eat something every 2 or 3 hours to keep my metabolism up. And I think I added up the calories one day and it's about 1200 to 1400 calories per day. I think. I really believe that you could subsitute Healthy Choice dinners for the Slim Fast stuff and still do this diet. There's no magic in Slim Fast. It's my choice because it has chocolate and sugar in it.

I also keep a spreadsheet that logs my workout stats: distance, time, calories burned. As of today, I've walked a total of 233.66 miles, burned 30,051 calories and walked off 8.59 pounds based on just what the treadmill has calculated. I know I've lost more than 8.59 pounds thanks to the diet, the carryover calorie burn and the extra outside walking I do that isn't included in the stats. I find that when I reach 2 pounds or so with the treadmill stats, then I've lost a dress size.

I caution anyone reading this to check with your doctor before starting any diet and exercise plan. I know if I went to the doctor, he or she would have a heart attack to see this kind of diet. What, no vegetables? LOL!

So, here's the plan in a nutshell:

I mainly just do the treadmill 5 or 6 days a week. I aim to burn 300 calories a day on the treadmill. It takes me about 40 to 45 minutes. On my days off, I switch to weekend warrior mode and double the workouts. And of course there's the slimfast diet. Here's what a typical day looks like:

5:05 AM - 5:30 AM - Pilates workout and 4 pound weights. This is mainly just on work days. Days off I sleep in until about 7:30am and skip this workout.

6AM: Slimfast meal on the go bar, 8 ounces 2%milk, One lunchbox snack-size container of applesauce. Weightsmart Multi-vitamin and 1000 mg of Vitamin C (I take the vitamin C because I believe it might help prevent colds, not so much for diet purposes. Although studies have shown that it revves up the metabolism.)

10:30AM - 4 Reduced fat Triscuits, water

12:30PM - Slimfast meal on the go bar, water

3:45 PM - 5 Reduced Fat Triscuits or a Special K cereal bar, water (I eat right before leaving work because as soon as I get home, I get on the treadmill. I can't work out if I'm hungry so I eat a little something first.)

4:30PM - Treadmill, water

5:15PM - Lean Pocket or homemade dinner*, water

7:00PM - Small bowl of low fat ice cream (Krogers has FMW half gallons for $0.99 each)

8:00PM - 6 Reduced Fat triscuits w/low fat melted cheese, water

9:30PM - one lunchbox snack-size container of mandarin oranges

10:00PM - Bed.

Sometimes I change the evening snacking to low fat popcorn or an 8oz glass of chocolate milk. I try to stay away from the popcorn though because people say your body doesn't break it down well - I don't know if it's an old wives tale but it doesn't hurt to listen to it and vary my snacking options.

* right now dinner is shredded baked chicken and low fat shredded cheese melted between two corn tortillas, but it could be Barilla whole grain pasta (the kind with the omega 3 added in) with low fat italian dressing or spaghetti sauce, or healthy choice dinners. On the weekends, I sometimes switch and eat the dinner for lunch and the slimfast bar for supper. When I'm at home, I tend to munch more so if I put more calories (and more non-sugar calories) in the middle of the day, it might keep me from munching during the day.

Sprinkled throughout the day is the munching of Gobstoppers hard candy or Sweetarts. This doesn't mean a whole box full of candy in one day, however. I get by on one piece now and then.

On the weekends and days off, I try to do more than 300 calories on the treadmill.

And while I drink water with everything - I don't think I get the 8- 8oz glasses a day like they say you're supposed to have. I drink about a liter at work every day and a couple of 8 ounce glasses at home. I do drink caffeine free diet soda on the weekends, but I also try to get in some water if I'm working out.

So, that's what's helping me lose the weight. I hope Janet and anyone else who's interested also have success in their weight loss no matter what plan they decide to use :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Jennifer on Martha

Jennifer Garner was adorable on Martha's daily show. She really is a big fan of Martha Stewart and apparently has the distinction of being the very first subscriber to the Martha Stewart Living magazine. What would the odds be of that happening? You guys should really check out Martha's show. I didn't think I'd be interested in the Baby Day theme of today's show, but there were some really good ideas and interesting guests. And Martha is doing a really good job of giving away goodies to the live audience.

The Septic Tank Saga (continued.....)

Update on the septic tank: The guy couldn't find one in our yard. So, he was going to check with the health department to see if there was ever one recorded for our property. But it looks like we may be spending about $4000.00 to put one in. Good thing I'll be paying half of that. Dad has about three different things his half could be used for other than this, but it needs to be done. And he is rather philosophical about it. He said that in all 26 years we've lived here, we've never had to do anything about it until now so we really can't complain about the cost.
Change of subject: Mom and Dad once again harped on my size tonight. So, I broke down and told them how much I weigh. I weighed myself Monday morning because I know I'm nearing the end of the weightloss experience and I need to come up with a target weight to finish with. After I told Mom and Dad how much I weighed, they seemed satisfied that I was still sufficiently fat enough to work out, so hopefully I won't be getting harrassed anymore. Today at work everyone in the kitchen was commenting about my weightloss and they were asking April how I was accomplishing it. I don't take lunch in the kitchen so I missed it all. But poor April had to answer the questions and she doesn't really know what I do on my diet. But then, I always get asked where she is and how she's doing when she's off from work, so it's good that she gets to be my keeper once in a while. LOL! It's funny how the people at work think if you work well with someone that you're each other's best friends and spend all your time together or something. April and I never spend time together outside of work and during her whole broken leg experience, I never had her phone number, home email address or anything. But people would still ask me how she was doing and if I'd heard from her. Funny how offices work that way.

Treadmill Report

42 minutes, 17 seconds; 2.40 miles; 309 calories burned.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Well, yesterday Dad and I went hunting for the septic tank. We didn't find it, but boy are we suffering today - Dad with his shoulder and me with my arms from shoveling all that dirt. Dad tilled up the ground with the garden tiller and I shoveled. Anyway, last night he called some guy who does septic tank work and the guy's going to come out and locate the tank for us and probably dig it up and clean it out. Yay!!

Jennifer Garner is supposed to be on Martha Stewart's daily show tomorrow. I will definitely watch that. There will be plenty of new mommie and baby stuff on the show and it will be cute watching Jennifer learning and participating.

I plan to go shopping Friday for a bunch of stuff. Things I will need once Mom and Dad move out, regular grocery shopping and maybe clothes shopping. I also need to wash and wax my car and do my laundry and on top of that, this weekend is a big golf weekend.

Treadmill Report

43 minutes, 26 seconds; 2.36 miles; 304 calories burned.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Treadmill Report

27 minutes, 42 seconds; 1.45 miles; 187 calories burned.

Also 35 minutes outside walking and a ton of dirt shoveling. We are trying to find our septic tank and not having much luck.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Treadmill Report

35 minutes; 1.63 miles; 209 calories burned.

70 minutes outside walking.

Friday, September 30, 2005

I've Been Bad

I missed the treadmill yesterday because I did my weekly grocery shopping after work. And today, I missed the treadmill because I went to the bank after work and because I'm lazy and wanted to see who was playing on the golf coverage. I did go outside for about 10 minutes and walk. Yesterday we had our employee appreciation luncheon and I ate real food for the first time in months. I had chicken, mashed potatoes, a hot roll with butter and some pasta salad. I had lemonade and chocolate milk to drink. We got all kinds of goodies for employee appreciation and for the team meeting we had today. Yesterday we got a leather notebook thing with a calculator built in and a paperweight that said "Good Job". Today we got to choose a grab bag at our team meeting and in my grab bag was an insulated lunch box, a pen that has both red and black ink, a desk calendar and the bag itself was a tote bag.

Today at the team meeting, the regional manager emphasized that pajamas and full, head to toe camoflage is unacceptable business attire to be worn under the new dress code. She said that she expected us to be mature about the dress code and if we didn't like the new dress code then we could get a new job. That last part she phrased a little bit nicer. So, it will be interesting to see who wears what on Monday. The regional manager said I looked very nice today. It was one of my new outfits. I think she's happy that I started complying with the new dress code a week early.

I've been watching Martha Stewart's daytime show and this week has been pretty entertaining. Conan O'Brien was on and they did a comedy skit. They were riding horses and Conan was dressed as a Fabio-like romance novel cover man. Conan said at one point, "Martha, that long ride has made me hungry. And not for food." And Martha acted like she was swooning. It was hilarious. And today's episode has wild animals from Busch Gardens. Martha's hands-on with the animals and she's not even upset that the animals are eating the plants in her garden set. I think she might be more concerned that the animals might not be eating good plants. And Martha asked the one question that I've never heard any other interviewer ask. She asked where the animals and the woman from Busch Gardens stay when they are in New York. Apparently they are staying all on one floor of the Ritz Carlton. I don't think the zebra is staying there, but I could be wrong. Martha really loves animals. You can tell by watching this episode.

Last night, Alias's first episode of the season aired. We are supposed to believe Michael Vaughn died, but I think Jack and Sydney faked his death so he could heal from the hundreds of gunshot wounds he received when the bad guys tried to kill him. No one ever really dies on Alias so I expect to see Vaughn back at some point.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Treadmill Report

39 minutes; 2.14 miles; 275 calories burned.

Once again Mom and Dad are hounding me about the amount of weight I've lost. You would think after knowing me for over 30 years, they would know that I don't work out because I love it. I will stop eventually because I am inherently lazy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Monday, September 26, 2005

Kevin Sites Has a New Website

Kevin Sites, brave and daring International News Reporter/Correspondent has a new website on Yahoo called Kevin Sites In the Hot Zone. I have added it to the blogs of note section next to his old blog. Check out the new site for news like you've never seen it reported before. Well, I guess you have seen it reported this way before if you've followed Kevin Sites' reporting in the past or read his blog. But anyway, check out his website.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

New Beginning

The new dress code at work goes into effect on Oct. 1, which means next Monday, we can't wear our blue jeans. I'm starting a week early though. Thanks to my weight loss efforts, I have shrunk out of my smallest pair of blue jeans, and I don't see any reason to buy a new pair of blue jeans when I can only wear them for a week. So, I bought black pants Thursday night at Walmart. At first, I wasn't sure about them. They seemed really baggy down at the ankles. But then I tried them on tonight with a pair of dress shoes and they looked much better. I have four skirts to wear along with the black pants so I will be wearing dressy clothes this week while I decide whether or not to do additional shopping this weekend. I guess this week will be another week of whining, belly aching co-workers complaining about the new dress code. I got so sick of it Thursday that I was practically counting down the seconds and minutes to the end of the day so I could start my three day weekend.

Treadmill Report

66 minutes, 6 seconds; 3.5 miles; 451 calories burned.

15 minutes walking outside.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Treadmill Reports


49 minutes, 24 seconds; 2.70 miles; 348 calories burned. 35 minutes outside walking.


67 minutes, 48 seconds; 3.60 miles; 463 calories burned. 25 minutes extra walking while watching the President's Cup.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I went shopping tonight and bought some new clothes to get ready for the new dress code. I also bought an INXS Greatest Hits cd this morning and played it all day at work. I can't wait until their new cd comes out at the end of November. Today in the mail I got the Pretender Season 2 dvds. Hopefully I will get to watch some of them at some point. This weekend is the President's Cup golf event. So, I'll be watching that.

From Riambra

You are like Animal

A Crazy, unpredictable, rambling fool who thrives on parties, perversions, caffine and sugar. A welcome guest at any party but not marriage material.

Which sorry excuse of a Muppet are you?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

JetBlue Emergency Landing

This was a spectacular event on live tv. The front landing gear wasn't in the right position and the jet had to make an emergency landing. The plane landed perfectly and the landing gear didn't even break off. I've always been fascinated with planes and helicopters and this was something to see.
I stayed up late last night and watched INXS choose their new lead singer. I was quite pleased that they chose JD Fortune. He was my pick from the first time I watched the show. I think he will do great and I do plan to buy the new cd. I may even buy a greatest hits cd if there's one out there.

Tonight the Martha Stewart Apprentice show starts on NBC. If it isn't boring, I plan to watch it every week. I already watch her daily daytime syndicated show.

Treadmill Report

41 minutes, 09 seconds; 2.18 miles; 280 calories burned.

Last night I had to make no-bake cookies for work today so I didn't work out. Today at work, I was only slightly bad with the pot luck lunch. I had small amounts of nachos, tomatoes, carrots, and mashed potatoes and no desserts. I think I did ok.

Monday, September 19, 2005

I got another Alias Calendar from Walmart today. This one was in a cardboard envelope so it didn't get folded, spindled or mutilated. So, my opinion of Walmart has improved. Maybe I will buy stuff from them online again.
I watched some of the Emmys last night. Ellen was funny. It was nice that William Shatner is winning emmys since star trek fans love to gang up on him and criticize him. I liked Donald Trump's performance. Marcia Cross looked good with that red hair and green dress. I didn't care for all the women who wore their hair swept over to one side. Jennifer Garner I'm guessing didn't win an emmy. She should be winning emmys. What does she have to do for goodness sake? She cries, she laughs, she kicks butt and that's just in the first few minutes of an episode. The show Lost won an emmy or two (I don't know how many). I don't know why they did a tribute to Johnny Carson. Has he only been dead for less than a year? I swear these award shows drag up the same old stuff year after year. The movie The Wool Cap I could have sworn was nominated last year.

Dad just gave the dogs some pork chop meat and steffi got choked. He knows better than to give them unapproved food, but he does it anyway. You can't tell him anything. That's just like a man.

Treadmill Report

43 minutes, 59 seconds; 2.35 miles; 302 calories burned.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Treadmill Report

59 minutes, 22 seconds; 3.18 miles; 409 calories burned.

I also walked outside for an hour today.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I've been helping Mom gather up boxes to pack her stuff in. I go buy plastic storage bins and then move all the stuff I have in boxes into those bins which frees up the boxes for mom. So far I have filled four big plastic bins and given Mom 6 or 7 boxes. And before you ask, Mom wants boxes, not storage bins. Boxes are small enough for her to carry. Mom's packed some things, but she and Dad are working on bigger things with the house right now - getting the appliances and carpet that they need. The appliances should be delivered next week. The carpet is supposed to be installed next week too, but I don't know if that's going to happen or what. The saleslady was supposed to call them about something but she hasn't.

I dyed my hair today. It doesn't look all that different. I deliberately chose a color close to mine so if I screwed it up, it wouldn't look so bad. It's only temporary and will wash out within a couple of weeks. But I like it. It's a little bit red. I will have to practice more with it.

I finally got my Alias Calendar from today. The stupid mailman folded it and stuffed it in the mail box. I guess Alias is just jinxed for some reason.

Treadmill Report

61 minutes, 54 seconds; 3.32 miles; 426 calories burned.

I also spent about an hour total outside today walking.

Friday, September 16, 2005

I'll Take You Kenny!

I'm not even that much of a fan, but I'll take Kenny Chesney if Renee doesn't want him! Aside from that police officer and his horse incident, I haven't heard one bad thing about Kenny Chesney. He seems to be a nice guy and he's a very talented performer and writer. He should be treated better than what he's getting right now with all the speculation about what "fraud" could mean. Sounds like a sour grapes claim to me. If she didn't know what she was getting into before saying I Do then she deserves what she gets and she should either make the best of it or file for a no fault divorce. It's not like she was young or naive or anything. She's been around for a while now. And I'm sure there would be no dispute over the assets they each brought to the marriage after only being married for a few months. The annulment probably wasn't the smartest way to go about dissolving the marriage.
I didn't do the treadmill today, but I did walk for about 40 minutes outside today. Today at work, the boss bought us pizza for employee appreciation week. So, I went off the diet, but not by much. It had ham on it, not the other fattening meats. And I skipped dinner tonight.

I've been watching Martha Stewart's show all week this week. I think she's doing great.

I'm saying that I've lost another dress size. I'm skipping the jeans buying part this time so I can't say for certain, but my stats support another dress size lost. That's 4 dress sizes so far.

I still haven't gotten my calendar that I ordered from When I do finally get it, I plan to send a very terse email to commenting on their poor customer service. I didn't get an apology or a refund, discount or anything for them NOT mailing out my purchase for a whole two months. They've had my money for those two months, they should have to pay me interest on that.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Of Rabbits and Rascals

Fritz was a rascal today. Apparently he found a way to get to the dead rabbit that mom threw over the fence. Dad said that Fritz had gotten into the rabbit twice today. I complained that he should be watching my dog and Dad said "I can't watch him all the time." Gee, I guess it's hard to pull yourself away from the solitaire game and wake yourself up from naps. I wonder how well he'd watch my niece and nephew if they were visiting. I hope Fritz doesn't get sick again and have to be taken back to the vet. I went out and attempted to dig a hole to bury what was left of the rabbit so Fritz couldn't get to it anymore. The ground was very hard and it was tough to dig that hole. But I managed to dig a small hole and stuff the rabbit head and feet inside. I placed a big rock on top of the covered rabbit so maybe Fritz won't get to it. It was disgusting having that rabbit eye staring at me though. Yuck!

Martha's Second Show

I love how much she loves her dogs! They wore ponchos today. They were so cute. The little black dog nearly made a snack out of Elmo and Martha didn't have anyone on her staff come out to get the dog. And Martha had the daughter of the woman who made the famous poncho on the show. That was good that Martha didn't forget the woman who was so nice to her in prison. Martha and David Spade prepared foods from microwave recipes Martha used in prison and it was fascinating to see how resourceful she and the other inmates were in making due with what they had.

Treadmill Report

36 minutes, 27 seconds; 1.98 miles; 255 calories burned.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Martha Stewart's New Show

Thank you TLC for airing Martha's live daytime show on your network. I can watch it in the evenings without having to record it. I watched it today and it was a pretty good first episode. I think once Martha gets more practice with the live interviews she will really kick butt.

A Real News Story

From WV Metro News

Lincoln Holiday On It's Way Out

Republican state lawmakers aren't at all happy with a bill that eliminates the birthday of former President Abraham Lincoln as a state holiday.

The bill, introduced by the governor, has widespread support in the House of Delegates and State Senate. It would combine the Lincoln and Washington state holidays in February and make the day after Thanksgiving an official state holiday.

Senate Republicans wanted to name the day after Thanksgiving holiday after Lincoln, but were turned back by Senate Democrats. The name of that holiday will be Family Values Day.

Senate Majority Leader Vic Sprouse says the former president is being unfairly targeted by democrats because he was republican. Sprouse says what Lincoln did for the nation, and West Virginia in particular, transcends politics.

Mercer County Senator Don Caruth reminded fellow senators of the Lincoln Walks at Midnight Statue outside the state capitol. "That statue is there to depict the suffering of Abraham Lincoln over the debate about whether West Virginia should have statehood into the union."

Raleigh County Senator Russ Weeks says a vote to eliminate Lincoln's holiday is nothing more than the re-assassination of the popular former president.

The Senate approved the holiday changes on a partisan 21-13 vote.

Treadmill Report

45 minutes, 13 seconds; 2.45 miles; 316 calories burned.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Treadmill Report

58 minutes, 10 seconds; 3.16 miles; 406 calories burned.

Also spent about 50 minutes outside walking.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Couldn't Take Anymore

I suffered through a little more than an hour and a half of the benefit concert but decided I couldn't take anymore of the non-country stuff. Bon Jovi was ok as was U2, but there just wasn't enough in the concert to keep my interest. I am now watching ReDesign with Kenneth Brown on HGTV. Good thing the hurricane victims aren't depending on that concert to get me to donate money.

The Benefit Concert Tonight

So far (8:56 pm Eastern), there's been only one true Country artist to perform: Big and Rich. Kid Rock performed with Lynard Skynard earlier. Where's the country? CMT is participating but so far not too much participation from the artists. And quite frankly, I hardly know anyone else on this show. Rob Thomas sang the Cyndi Lauper song and did a good job. It's a good thing they tell you in the upper right hand corner of the tv who's performing, otherwise I wouldn't know Green Day from Coldplay. Except that the Green Day song was played during PGA golf telecasts last week. I'm guessing Trent Reznor (is that his name?) wrote the Johnny Cash song he's singing?? I think I remember something about that. Still have no clue who this guy is though.

A Charitable Change to the Blog

I have created a permanent list of Hurricane Relief charities over in the sidebar. Yes, there are more pet related charities listed than people ones, but The Red Cross is the big one that everyone on the news is advising people to donate to.

Treadmill Report

59 minutes, 23 seconds; 3.19 miles; 411 calories burned.

I also spent about an hour total outside walking up and down the driveway. Working out outside is a nice change of pace after walking 190 miles total on the treadmill since 6/12/05.
Last night after work I went shopping. Didn't get to watch any golf yesterday. I did buy a few more kitchen utensils that I will need once my parents move out. Today I've been working out and I dipped the dogs again to get rid of fleas. I finally wrote a letter to my oldest friend Jenny. I am very bad about not keeping up with her. I guess I write so much on the blogs that I just never get around to writing a letter. I'm trying my best to lose as much weight as I can before our new dress code goes into effect at work on Oct. 1. I don't think I'll be where I want to be by then but I'll be close. If I could just lose this belly I've got I would stop because everything else is fine. I may need to get some calcium supplements since all the press on calcium says it gets rid of belly fat. I'll do the treadmill report later. I don't know if I'm done with exercise today.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tennis Anyone?

I've been watching the US Open in the evenings. Tonight Maria Sharapova got robbed when the blind as a bat chair umpire didn't see a stray tennis ball bouncing across the court. What good are the lines judges if they don't see what's going on too? That was a disgrace. John McEnroe is quite knowledgeable when it comes to women's tennis. I think that's great. He seems to genuinely be interested in the girls' game. Petrova, Sharapova's opponent, seems to be a bit argumentative. She wins the point and the game and she still complains. She reminds me of Tiger Woods, except Tiger wins more. And lastly, I really like the Andy Roddick Lexus commercials. They play on some suggestion about Roddick's intelligence I think.

Treadmill Report

46 minutes, 54 seconds; 2.58 miles; 332 calories burned.

I was very good today. They had ice cream at work to celebrate the September birthdays for three employees and I didn't have any of it.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Treadmill Report

59 minutes, 51 seconds; 3.14 miles; 404 calories burned.

I also went back outside today for more walking up and down the driveway. It's a good sunny day here so I figured I should get outside and enjoy the weather.

Dad is once again telling me that I need to stop dieting. *sigh*

Check Out This Blog

Gretchen's Travels

It contains posts regarding the government's actions in the aftermath of the hurricane. And it answers the burning question that has been posed in my office at work for the last few days: Where is Dick Cheney?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Treadmill Report

90 minutes, 02 seconds; 4.74 miles; 610 calories burned.

I also spent a half an hour outside walking up and down part of our steep driveway trying to shape up my legs a little better. The treadmill isn't doing much to make them look good.

What's Up

So, what's been going on in my life lately? We got a new dress code at work. Starting October 1st, we will not be allowed to wear blue denim pants. We can wear any other color, just not blue. So, I'm wondering how much more professional red and yellow checkered pants are. I guess we will find out. If anyone can think of hideous color combinations to wear to work, let me know.

A co-worker told me on Friday that she didn't want me to tell the boss when she isn't doing her job right. Duh. What co-worker does want you to tell the boss when they are screwing up? In fact, this co-worker tried her best to antagonize me into a fight with her. But I ignored her. Which is probably going to tick her of even more. Oh well, I am an expert at giving people exactly what they ask for and letting them find out that it's 10 times worse than what they had before. So, we will see just how much she comes to regret her request. I've already got something in mind for Tuesday when I get back to work.

Walmart still hasn't sent me the Alias wall calendar I ordered back in April. It was a pre-order and I was supposed to have received it by July 31st. But the listing on the website said after I ordered it that the release date was supposed to be Aug. 31st so I waited until September 1st to see if Walmart was going to process the order and ship out my calendar. They didn't. So, I contacted them and asked them when I would be getting the calendar. Their preliminary response was "be patient, we have been disrupted by Hurricane Katrina". I love how the hurricane is being blamed for everything now. I'm betting that co-worker I talked about above will be blaming Katrina for all her screw-ups.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Save some Gas

Got some tips from this website for how to reduce fuel use with your vehicle:

Avoid High Speeds: As your speed increases, your aerodynamic drag increases in an exponential fashion. Driving 62 mph (100 km/h) vs 75 mph (120 km/h) will reduce fuel consumption by about 15%. Do Not Accelerate or Brake Hard: By anticipating the traffic and applying slow steady acceleration and braking, fuel economy may increase by as much as 20%. Keep Tires Properly Inflated: Keep tire air pressure at the level recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. A single tire under inflated by 2 PSI, increases fuel consumption by 1%. Use A/C Sparingly: When the air conditioner is on it puts extra load on the engine forcing more fuel to be used (by about 20%). The defrost position on most vehicles also uses the air conditioner. Keep Windows Closed: Windows open, especially at highway speeds, increase drag and result in decreased fuel economy of up to 10%. Service Vehicle Regularly: Proper maintenance avoids poor fuel economy related to dirty air filters, old spark plugs or low fluid levels. Use Cruise Control: Maintaining a constant speed over long distances often saves gas. Avoid Heavy Loads: Remove the sand bags from your trunk in the spring and pack lightly for long trips. Avoid Long Idles: If you anticipate being stopped for more than 1 minute, shut off the car. Restarting the car uses less fuel than letting it idle for this time. Purchase a Fuel Efficient Vehicle: When buying a new vehicle examine the vehicle's rated fuel efficiency. Usually choosing a small vehicle with a manual transmission will provide you with great fuel economy.

Katrina Blog

Check out Eye of the Storm.

Katrina News

It appears Fidel Castro has offered to help the US.

The phrase 'better late than never' has never seemed more inadequate.

Donations pick up as the news media shine a wider spotlight on the devastation.

NBC's Benefit Show

I just watched NBC's telethon and it was very moving. I'm glad I mailed off some money to the Red Cross today. The one surprising, or maybe not so surprising, part of this show was Kanye West's comments. You could see he was very heart-broken and distraught and he was doing what he could to support the people of New Orleans in his own fashion. NBC cut him off when he started commenting on the Federal Government's lack of response and his opinion on Bush's loyalties. I can understand why NBC would cut him off - the negative tone West's comments were taking could actually turn people off from donating, but still, the honest emotion inspiring West's comments was probably one of the strongest factors motivating people to donate. Hopefully, people can look past the political slant of his comments and see his compassion and his devotion to helping those suffering in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Today I donated money to Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief at Walmart. And I have the mailing address for the American Red Cross and will be mailing a money order to them tomorrow. Everyone should donate to the Red Cross or other official charitable organizations. It's very clear that the US Government is dropping the ball when it comes to providing aid to the victims of this disaster. It shames me to see people dying in the streets in New Orleans while President Bush holds press conferences in the extravagant comfort of the Oval Office while wearing a suit that costs enough to buy probably 1000 gallons of water or more for those victims. I applaud the news organizations for showing the reality of the situation American citizens are facing in the wake of this tragedy. The world needs to know that the current administration is letting down its own citizenry while pouring money and resources into Iraq, a country we shouldn't have been involved in to begin with.

Donate Now!!!

Click here for the Red Cross.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Treadmill Report

44 minutes, 24 seconds; 2.37 miles; 305 calories burned.

Well, last night's test of the new supper plan had mixed results. I think instead of eating more, I ended up just eating different stuff. But I did limit my snacking a bit.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Treadmill Report

44 minutes, 19 seconds; 2.47 miles; 318 calories burned.

I tried something new today. I ate more for supper than I usually do. I think I will try to cut out some of the snacking I do by eating a little more for supper. I'll let you know how hungry I get tonight.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


1) It's really sad to think that all those historic homes and sites in New Orleans could be damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. I hate to think of what this storm is going to do down there.

2) On Larry King Live, a reporter noted that some dolphins from an aquarium were moved to a hotel swimming pool to try to keep them safe. I hope the animals down there survive.

3) A representative from the Red Cross said that this storm will probably stretch their resources to the limit and beyond. Now would be a good time for President Bush to start focusing on our country instead of Saddam Hussein's. Whoohoo, there's a constitution over there. That will comfort all those people stranded in the football stadium down there in New Orleans. But I guess President Bush figures if the storm doesn't hit Florida, then it's not a problem.

Treadmill Report

51 minutes, 55 seconds; 2.61 miles; 335 calories.

I also spent part of the afternoon digging ditches. It looks like we might get some of the Katrina rains so I dug some ditches in the yard to control water run-off.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Results Show

Deanna was sent home. I don't think that was the best choice. I mean, of the three who had to sing INXS songs, Ty was the least INXS like. In fact, he sounded more like James Brown. But, the band made their choice. And Marty is still too scary for me. Good thing music is largely a radio medium and you don't have to look at the singers all the time.

Rock Star: INXS

I just watched the original song episode. Here are my thoughts: Marty is way too scary for INXS - I mean David Bowie scary. And it looks like he isn't used to hearing criticism. It's that typical Alpha male always successful in things syndrome. I don't think Ty's strategy to stick with showcasing soul is going to work that well. That isn't what INXS is. I would have liked to have seen Ty do the CCR version of Proud Mary instead of the Tina Turner version. And it looked like Jordis was bouncing out of her pants. She needs to tighten up her belt if she's going to be rocking out. As for the original songs - they were ok. I thought Mig's sounded like a Bon Jovi thing. And I don't think INXS would ever use the word 'freestyling' in one of their compositions - that's too surfer dude for them.

Treadmill Report

85 minutes, 29 seconds; 4.55 miles, 584 calories burned.

Friday, August 26, 2005

New Tires

I have been trying to get Dad to take my car to get new tires for a while now. For some reason he won't. So, if someday I have to take my car and get it done, I think I will choose Michelin tires. The sole reason for choosing this brand is the commercial in which the michelin man is searching for the michelin dog. That little dog is so cute!

Treadmill Report

76 minutes, 40 seconds; 4.03 miles; 518 calories burned.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I think I made mom a little mad tonight. She was cooking dinner and had grabbed my box of pasta instead of any other kind of pasta we have in the house. Ordinarily I wouldn't care if she used what I had bought, but this was the name brand, very expensive pasta. I wasn't sharing. Plus, I had a box of spaghetti in the cabinet she could use and told her about it. But I think she got all mad over the fact that I pointed out she was stealing my food. You'd think I had complained about the salad all over the kitchen today too, but I didn't. Even though a piece of it stuck to my foot, and I carried it all the way into the bathroom before it fell off. Yuck! I absolutely cannot stand anything stuck to my feet. It drives me nuts.
Since 6/12/05 I have walked a total distance of 145.53 miles and burned 18,715 calories on the treadmill.

Treadmill Report

75 minutes, 32 seconds; 4.06 miles; 522 calories burned.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Results Show for Rock Star: INXS

So, Jessica was let go. I thought she did well with her INXS song performance, but someone had to go and they chose her. I'm trying to find her last name or the name of her band so I can keep up with her. She has a good voice and I want to know if she ever gets a big record deal so I can buy the cd.

Danny Bonaducci

Danny Bonaducci ( I have no idea if I spelled his last name right) is going to have a show on VH1 soon. I don't know if it will be an ongoing show or if it's a one time thing, but I may have to watch it. He's one of my favorites. The hopeless romantic in me loves the fact that he and his wife got married on their first date, which was a blind date. I hope their marriage lasts a very long time.

Rock Star INXS

I finally got to see one of the performance shows. This is the one with Mig playing the piano. More on him in a minute. I thought the two weakest performances were Ty's and Deanna's. Not that they were bad performances, but not good in terms of the whole 'rocker' thing. And I really don't like Rod Stewart all that much so Ty was having to catch up before he even started on that one. Marty did a great job on the Brittany Spears song. He was a bit scary though and I don't remember INXS being scary. JD did ok. He claimed he wasn't going to perform the song, just sing it. But it was definitely a performance. He was very effective at seducing the audience, which is what a good rocker needs to do. I think JD's voice would be good for INXS but I think his attitude may hurt him. I think he tries to be an Alpha male but has always been in competition with other alpha males and maybe doesn't always win. And I think every time he comes in second, it affects him from that point on. I don't think he lets go of the negative as much as he needs to. Now for Mig. He did great with his song and the piano. But I think it was lame to lavish so much praise on the fact that he played the piano while singing. Maybe my expectations are just too high, but I expect a musical artist to be able to play and sing at the same time.

They are showing the results show now so I will have to wait to see who gets voted off the show.