Sunday, March 28, 2004

Unto This Farm a New Calf is Born

One of our cows had a little heifer calf today! I've added the picture to the HQ folder of the Photo Album. Check the little thing out. She's a cutie!
I've updated the Spymaster's Agenda for the coming week. My personal calendar says I'll be on my shopping trip - that is, the three day training seminar, to the Big M on Tuesday, Wednesday and most of Thursday. The hotel claims to have complimentary high speed internet access, I don't know if it's BYOC (bring your own computer), so if they provide the hardware, I may be able to post on my blog from there. If not, then you'll get the whole story Thursday night when I get back. I plan to keep a diary of pithy comments and such and hopefully I'll have some really nice pictures from my digital cameras. Other happenings going on this coming week: my parents 37th wedding anniversay is on the 31st and my dad's birthday is on April Fool's Day.
For Polly:

Jamaicans Record Bob Dylan Tribute Album

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) - Jamaican musicians have recorded a tribute album to Bob Dylan with reggae covers of some of the singer's most well-known songs, the album's distributor said Friday.

"Is It Rolling, Bob" includes 16 songs recorded by veteran performers such as Beres Hammond and new-wave roots groups like Sizzla, said Gary Himelfarb, head of Washington D.C.-based RAS Records.

"Bob Dylan has always been one of my favorite artists," Himelfarb said. "He was a voice of the oppressed in the 1960s, just like Bob Marley was the voice of the oppressed in the 1970s."

Although the album will not be released in the United States and Europe until June, three songs are playing already in Jamaica: "Subterranean Blues" by Sizzla, "Knocking On Heaven's Door" by Luciano and "Just Like a Woman" by Hammond.

Recording took place in Kingston, London and Washington D.C.

Other musicians featured on the album include guitarist Earl Smith, a former guitarist for Marley's band, The Wailers.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Contact your Congressional Representative!!! Stop this before it gets any worse!!!!!!!!

I'm so smart. I figured out how to shrink the Vivitar Digital Camera pictures. So, I've added a picture of the peach blossoms to the HQ album in my Bravenet Photo Album. Click on the button in the green box to see the new picture!

On the Rebound!!!

Some exceptionally great news. I just got this from an email:

A-Team, The - Season 1 Announced!
Posted by Gord Lacey

Universal Home Video has announced that The A-Team: Season 1 will be heading to DVD on June 8th, the same day as Quantum Leap. This 4 disc set contains the 14 episodes comprising season 1 - over 11 hours of material - for $59.95 SRP. Specs include a 1.33:1 picture with an English Dolby Digital Mono (2.0) soundtrack and English, French and Spanish captions. No bonus features have been announced, but as we know from the Quantum Leap announcement, that doesn't mean the set won't contain any.

Disc Breakdown:

Disc 1 - 3 Hours 12 Minutes

Mexican Slayride (1)
Mexican Slayride (2)
Children of Jamestown
Pros and Cons

Disc 2 - 3 Hours 14 Minutes

A Small and Deadly War
Black Day at Bad Rock
The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas
The Out-of-Towners

Disc 3 - 3 Hours 15 Minutes

Holiday in the Hills
West Coast Turnaround
One More Time
Till Death Do Us Part

Disc 4 - 1 Hour 36 Minutes

The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing
A Nice Place to Visit

Courtesy of


I tried out the Vivitar Digital Camera. It works really well. The pictures are better than the ones taken by the Argus camera. Unfortunately, the Vivitar pictures are too big to add to the photo album!! I'll have to figure out how to make them smaller or something.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Well, I installed the software for the Vivitar Digital camera on the computer, and it UNinstalled the software for the Argus Digital Camera. Not very sporting of them. Wonder if there's a way to keep both?
Ria got me this Kim Possible doll. Wasn't that thoughtful of Ria? The doll is nice. I've already had it out of the box, brushed its hair and played with the accessories. Walmart has some Kim Possible Jewelry. I'm very tempted to buy a necklace or a bracelet. I tried to take a picture of my doll with my new digital camera, but the camera needed more light to work. So, thanks to the Vivitar camera, I now know what that sound is that my other digital camera makes. It's good to have well written instructions.
I'm glad it's Friday. We've had some really nice days here and it's a shame I had to spend them inside 'working'. Topanga talked me into buying the $20.00 Vivitar Digital Camera at Walmart. I haven't tried it out yet, but the instructions say it can hold 5 more high resolution pictures than my other camera. So, maybe the Vivitar will turn out to be a good buy. There were a lot of rude people in town tonight. One of the rudest was the worker at the Krogers grocery store. She just stood there and watched me put my bags into the shopping cart. I'd like to know what they were paying her for if it wasn't to bag up my groceries. One of the state office bosses sent out an email about the training next week in the Big M. The email said nothing about what kind of training we were having. But it did say that I was to bring an umbrella. That we can have alcoholic beverages after work hours. And that the main focus of the training was to get to know each other and have fun. It's good to know that my tax dollars are being spent on one big party. Oh well. I found out today that Little Miss Commissioner is NOT going to the training. YAY!!!!!!!!! The trip's looking better already. Even if I have to get up really, really, really early to go.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Home Rant

Apparently, my parents think it's just too rude to inconvenience my sister by even thinking about being anywhere near her apartment on Tuesday at 5:30am when I'm supposed to meet the other people who have to go to this three day training seminar in the Big M. Heaven forbid we do anything to inconvenience the favorite daughter. Scarlett, let me borrow your rubber band noose. You can have it back after I've bounced the life out of my body.
I really urge everyone to check out the Creative Writing Corner blog over in the Blogs of Note section. At least go there to see the pictures of the Paris Apartment. They are incredible. Go for the pictures, go back for the content. It's a really good site.
You asked for ideas for where to go when you're in Washington DC this weekend - Check out the Spy Museum - Click on the Spy Talk link in the green box. And I sent you an email about my training trip to the Big M. Did you get the email and are just ignoring me, or did you not get the email?
Got this quiz from the Creative Writing Corner blog:

You're Babar the King!

by Jean de Brunhoff

Though your life has been filled with struggle and sadness of late,
you're personally doing quite well for yourself. All this success brings responsibility,
though, and should not be taken lightly. Life has turned from war to peace, from damage
to reconstruction, and this brings a bright new hope for everyone you know. These hopeful
people look to you for guidance, and your best advice to them is to watch out for snakes.
You're quite fond of the name "Celeste".

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

I'm only posting this because the alleged victim was a Harley guy... Reminds me of Tony...

A Wham! Musical! Wake me up before you go-go.....

You know, some people just use their middle fingers for things like the scratching of noses. This is ridiculous. And I don't even watch American Idol.

I think if bosses believed these degrees were real enough to give these workers a raise, then the workers probably weren't the problem.

PETA - Corporate Terrorists? They sure do terrorize children.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I saw another $20.00 digital camera at Walmart today and I kept wondering if it was better than the one I've got. But, I couldn't find it on the Vivitar website. And I couldn't find it on Walmart's website. And I couldn't find it on This is going to bug me now. I like to find the item on the web and read customer reviews before I buy it. Oh well.....

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm watching the new season of Changing Rooms on BBCA, which I believe is the old season of Changing Rooms for my friends in England. This is the first season with Laurence as the host. Don't get me wrong, I love Laurence. Absolutely love Laurence. But, tonight he reminded me of Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Scary.
Topanga asked for BA quotes from the A-Team:

He's on the jazz, man!
[pick an episode]

If that fools flyin', we dyin'.
["Mexican Slayride"]

I die before I fly.
["One More Time"]

The man is a little weird, ok, but he got some good ideas, so leave 'em be.
["The Bells of St. Marys"]

You been greezin' your head with battery acid again?!
[BA to Murdock about his 'Filthy Five', "Water, Water Everywhere"]

Don't cry Maria, we'll get your mother back for you real soon. You got my word on that. Now,listen to Sharrece and her friends, ok, and don't be up late. Eat all your greens, now. Remember, I love you. I'll see you soon.
[On the phone with their new client, a little girl, "Bad Time on the Border"]

Aw, Hannibal, is this one of your plans supposed to go down 1, 2, 3? You always forget 4, 5, and 6.
["There Goes The Neighborhood"]

Shut up, fool!
[pick an episode]

That night, there was a new private eye in town. His name was BA Baracus, and right now, he's lookin' down at the Maltese Fool, thinkin', maybe, he outta break his arm, and cause him serious pain.
[BA to a bewildered Murdock, "The Maltese Cow"]
Well, today at work I sent two emails to my supervisor complaining about things. I normally complain to you, not the boss, but today I had just had enough. My first complaint was about Greg doing my job. I politely asked the supervisor to make him stop. My second complaint was about Darlena and her annoying habit of asking me the same question every day on all of her cases. She actually said today that she would never give out this information again on any case without having me look at it first. So, I had to say something to the boss then because it isn't fair to baby her and not the other workers in the office. Scarlett has to do that part of the job, so Darlena should have to do it. Before Darlena said she'd never do it again, I had hoped that after some time she would regain her confidence and eventually wean herself away from me, but it apparently isn't happening. Scarlett, you can fire her if you want to. Want me to make you a certificate?

So, on a different note, my dad regaled me with a tale about our siamese cat, Satan. He calls her Lady. Dad was outside sitting in the sun when he saw Satan approach him from the pasture. In Satan's mouth was a big, fat, dead, mole. Satan came right up to Dad and dropped the mole at his feet as proud as she could be and wanted petted. She's our hunter. The others just wait around for the cat food.
Sea Monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why don't they just read trashy romance novels and use their imaginations? And shouldn't the point be to stop 16 and 17 year olds from having babies?

This description (taken from of the news story is hilarious: Israel says all militant leaders Marked for Death, no one is Above the Law. Israelis are Out For Justice, Militant Leaders are Hard to Kill. Arafat still Under Siege, Palestinians Under Siege 2. All of Middle East is On Deadly Ground

Pets can't survive in the wild! How many times do people have to be told this?

More water on Mars. This time, salty....

Life on Mars?

Monday, March 22, 2004

I've been reading some spoilers about the upcoming plot of Alias. Apparently some people are kicking around the idea that Sloane is the father of Irina's child, only Irina had two kids. One when Sydney was born, and another some time later, like around the time that Irina left Jack and went back to the Motherland. Well, the one problem I have with that is that Sloane can count to nine (as in 9 months) so he would definitely know the difference between when Sydney was born and six years later when Irina left. If he suspects Sydney is his child then you would think this mysterious sister that Syd is supposed to have would be the same age, unless Sloane and Irina's affair lasted the whole time Irina was in the States, the things a person does in pursuit of the Rambaldi Legend. I hope the writers have a good way of explaining this. And then I heard that Lena Olin is in negotiations to return to Alias for an episode later this year. There were reports that Olin had refused to return to Alias this season, but I really think it was just media hype. The season has gone so well without her presence, building up to the moment when she does return, probably to reveal the existence of Syd's sister. I think she and J.J. Abrams planned this from the beginning. And I still think Irina is the head of the Covenant. Cole worked for her is Season 1 and now he's back working for the Covenant. She would be in a position to know about Sark's father and the $800 Million, since Sark worked for her before and 'thought of her like a mother", as he'd told Syd in Season 2. The clues left in the Rome apartment and sent to Sloane were written in Irina's code. I'm still working on this list. Unfortunately, I have an equally long list of reasons why Sloane could be the head of the Covenant.
Some quotes from my favorite tv show of all time, The A-Team:

Murdock: I'm not nuts, I'm condiments. I've been promoted.
["Labor Pains"]

Murdock: Who put the stop payment on my Reality check?
["Trial by Fire"]

Hannibal: I like to see the size of the slug I'm after before I step on it.
["West Coast Turnaround"]

Face: I lie, I cheat, I steal and I just don't get any respect.
["Where's the Monster When You Need Him"]

Murdock: I did not crash this plane! I simply landed it without the customary accompaniment of forward thrust or lift.
["Moving Targets"]

Today was a mix of good and bad luck. Bad luck - I got overcharged on a bag of candy at the Rite Aid pharmacy. Good Luck - I didn't get a tv guide today. Maybe they have finally gotten the hint. I was at the grocery store in the magazine aisle and I noticed that this woman had apparently pulled up her shirt and was adjusting something. To me, in the two seconds I noticed her, it looked like she had shoved a magazine down her pants in an attempt to shoplift. A curious event to witness if that's what it was. As I said, I didn't see enough to figure out exactly what was going on. I typically don't stare at customers in the grocery store. Back to the magazine subscription curse I seem to have, I subscribed to a magazine called Fitness back at the end of January. They sent me one magazine with the bill and never sent me another one. So, today I mailed off a letter to them requesting that they either start sending me the magazine or at least respond to my letter with a return letter or email before April 22nd, or I would request a full refund. I really don't understand all this bad service I'm getting from magazine subscriptions. I've never had any trouble with my comic books or Wizard magazine. And here's a bit of a work rant - Darlena, the one who asks the same question every day, asked the same question twice in one hour today. Scarlett told me to smack her. But I figured the boss wouldn't like that too much. I'll just bring more baked goods and tempt her into eating. She'll gain weight and then I will have my revenge.
Piglet Derby! Good to see some nice news from Russia...

I guess the US has finally succeeded in corrupting China's youth....

"It interferes with what we call 'dynamic security.' We want staff to talk to prisoners, to see how they're doing." ..... Hmmm... So that would be, Please Mr. Inmate, while I'm bleeding to death because you've stabbed me, why don't you tell me how you're doing today? Read any good books lately?

Dang it!! Why didn't someone tell me yesterday that today was National Goof Off Day?????

Sunday, March 21, 2004

I found this story about 237 Lies the Bush Administration has told about the war on the blog, So May It Secretly Begin. Check it out...
I hope humans have a resistance built up for this kind of bacteria.....

I've updated the Spymaster's Agenda for the upcoming week. Some very interesting tidbits of information....

Saturday, March 20, 2004

I just finished watching Nashville Star. Unfortunately, Mal Rodgers was eliminated from the competition. That was sad, especially after he revealed that his brother had sold his house and car to pay Mal's way to Nashville (Mal's from Ireland). Just goes to prove that Music City can be a cold and heartless place. I was going to vote for him this week, but since I can't now, I'll show my support by posting a link to his website. Check him out.
If you have a discerning eye, you'll have noticed that I've changed some things in the green box. I've added some new links - links to my favorite tv shows and such. And I've repositioned some of the other stuff. Since I added those links, it pushed everything else down the page and I didn't want the Blogs of Note to go unnoticed for being so far down on the page. Hope you enjoy the new changes.
Hmmm... how about referring to them by the number they hold up when they get their picture taken at the booking?? They don't own that. And I bet the government could argue that they don't own the Social Security Number either. How about using a flaming hot branding iron to brand an id number into their foreheads.......

Friday, March 19, 2004

Scarlett, I bought you something this evening when I was at Walmart. I saw it and it made me think of you. And it cost less than a dollar, so there should be no guilt felt in accepting it. It's a really cute pewter key chain of ......... a horsey!!
Bush violates his own ban on goods made in Burma. What did John Kerry say again about crooks and liars?????

Donald's The Man! Of course, he'll probably trademark that too...

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Here's a recipe for a Horse Birthday Cake I found on

Yay!!! I love John Stewart!!!

Jane Austen must not have liked the brother much...

Support for Bush is sometimes not a good thing for him....

A UFO Flyby on Mars!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Ria says the link to this story doesn't go to the story, but to a sign up page. So, here's the story regarding the man who plays Jesus........

J Lo told to cover up

Los Angeles - Jim Caviezel asked Jennifer Lopez to put some clothes back on before filming a raunchy sex scene with her.

The actor, now starring in Mel Gibson's Passion of Christ, appeared in Angel Eyes with J Lo but didn't want to see her naked.

The newly married actor told Lopez that he didn't want to offend his wife Kerri, reports the Daily Mirror.

"I want to respect her," he said. "The only bare breasts I want next to me in my life belong to my wife."

An astonished J Lo ended up filming the scene wearing both her bra and a pair of knickers.

Jim, a devout Catholic, prays for 15 minutes every morning before working out and went to mass every day while filming the Passion of Christ.

However, the paper reports he's not at all stuffy about his beliefs. When asked how he prepared for the role of Jesus, he joked: "I walked on my pool twice a day. It's hard to do." -

Work Rant

I was showing the new girl, April, around the office today. We saw the conference room, the corner of the office where the paper is stored, you know the drill. Well, after I showed her the small conference room, as opposed to the large one, I showed her another room whose door was standing wide open. We didn't touch anything and we were only there a few seconds, but Stacy gave us a look like we had committed some kind of crime just by standing there. If she didn't want anyone to stand there, she should close the door and put up a sign. I think I will tell my supervisor first thing tomorrow so she can be ready if anyone says anything. The benefit of the doubt would be to say that Stacy just didn't realize that April was a new employee and thought I would be stupid enough to show a confidential area of the office to someone off the street. But I'm not generous enough to give her the benefit of the doubt. Oh well, there's another person added to my "Someday Fate will Get Even for the Wrongs You've Done Me" list.
And you thought Wag the Dog was just a movie....
Courtesy of the Washington Post:

Referring to Simpson's role on MTV's "Newlyweds," Bush told the audience, "Jessica Simpson is here with us, which means we've finally introduced reality TV to the Lincoln Theater."

He meant Ford's Theatre, of course, but everyone knows President Lincoln was shot there. "An easy mistake to make," Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle told us at a post-show dinner at the Organization of American States.

Simpson, whose verbal gaffes are also legendary, pulled another one Sunday visiting the White House, our sources say. The singer was introduced to Interior Secretary Gale Norton and gushed: "You've done a nice job decorating the White House."

Well he does play Jesus.

Monday, March 15, 2004

A planet? Maybe....

And people actually support and will vote for this man......

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Right now on Alias, Vaughn, the CIA guy, is impersonating Sark, the bad guy. Now this is a hoot, because Vaughn's wifey-poo is working with Sark in the Covenant. All those Vaughn fans who have abandoned the show because they don't like what's happened to Vaughn's character are missing out on something really interesting. LOLOL!!!
The satellite dish company offers about 10 to 15 music channels that play different kinds of music. One channel plays kids' songs. And one song that was playing tonight was Zip A Dee Doo Da. The singer - Ric Ocasek. Yep, the 1980's icon. What's next? David Bowie singing the Shirley Temple hit, "On the Good Ship Lollipop?"
I also added the blog "Copsister's Capers" to the Blogs of Note section. She's a great Alias Fan and has a pleasing personality.
Please check out the Blogs of Note section. I added a new blog called "Creative Writing Corner". It's a blog that provides inspiration to aspiring writers, something that interests me.
I've added a couple more pictures that I took with the $20.00 digital camera to the photo album. They are pictures of Steffi and Fritz, my dogs. The pictures are a little blurry around the edges, but the subject of the photo seems to come out well. Here's a link to the camera maker's website. Oddly enough, the camera I have (the DC1512) is not listed. But with instructions like "The storage of light will effort the quality of picture." I'm not sure I'd brag about this one either. But the camera does its job.
I've updated the Spymaster's agenda for the coming week. Check it out.
I've added a couple of picture of Neighborcat to the photo album. Check him out in the Feline album.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Nashville Star was on tonight. It was a tough decision to choose which contestant to vote for. Just about everyone was phenomenal. I went through the list of contestants and said, "Ok, who's definitely in for next week? Then I said, "Of the ones who are left, which one would I be disappointed most to see eliminated from the show." So, I ended up voting for Brad Cotter. He reminds me so much of Steve Wariner. And he sang a really good Keith Urban song. Of course, the Loser of the Night award goes to the Warren Brothers, two of the judges of the show. They said they couldn't imagine a woman singing the Alan Jackson song, Who's Cheating Who. Well, a woman, Charly McClain, sang the song first back in the early 1980's. I think the judges should actually know something about country music, if they are going to judge.
Last night I watched the USA show, Touching Evil. It was pretty good. The show is about a man who, in his job as a federal agent, was shot in the head and lived to tell about it. The first part of the episode was the part in which the man was shot, so I didn't particularly care for the special effects of seeing a man shot in the head, fall out a two story window and start bleeding all over the place. But, in today's world, the shock value is what draws an audience, I guess. What drew me to the show was Jeffrey Donovan, the actor who plays the main character of David Creegan. One of the show's producers is Bruce Willis, not that that fact sold me on the show. But it is an interesting fact. I plan to watch the show again. It might actually give me another reason to look forward to Fridays. Not that I need another reason. Just being Friday is reason enough for me.
A few days ago, I bought a cheap $20.00 digital camera at Walmart. I figured that for no more pictures than our family takes, I wouldn't be out all that much if the camera didn't work. After reading the poorly translated instructions, you'd think the company would have at least one proofreader, I still didn't know how to work the camera. So, I just clicked and clicked until finally it looked as if I had taken all the pictures the camera would hold. Today, I downloaded them onto my computer and most of them turned out pretty good. I will probably add a couple to the photo album tomorrow. Specifically, there's one of the infamous Neighborcat. I know you're all looking forward to that.
A great Calf story - Quads!!!!

LOLOL!!! Not too bright, but funny..... braver than I would be.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Scarlett, here's a website for Medical Etymology-Anatomy - now you can look up the word 'cadaver'.
The PETA fanatics did this at a school in my state and the teachers called the police to throw them off the property. NO ONE should be on school property unless they have official business there. These people should have been arrested for some crime instead of just getting thrown off the property. All these Amber alerts and abducted children stories and the PETA people can go right up to the front door of elementary schools.

Well, this must mean that al-Qaida was behind these new attacks. The American media would never mislead the public about something so tragic.

Hmmm.... maybe not murder, but some kind of a negligent homicide charge might be appropriate...

Haven't seen this on Ground Force.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Today at work I was shredding some case sensitive information when the bag in the shredder filled up. I pulled it and tied it up and then went to ask Jerra where I could find some more bags. She said, "Well, we only have two or three more bags." So, naturally, I thought, "I can't have a trash bag because we have three trash bags." *Sigh* It makes perfect sense for where I work. I should have just left the shredder without a bag and let people shred paper all day. Then when someone would open the door to it, all the paper would fall out into the floor. But then someone like nice Twyla would have to clean it up. That wouldn't be good.
George Michael to give away his music.

An interesting article on Lottery Winner, Jack Whittaker. Yes, he made the news one more time for having tons of money stolen out of his vehicle at his house.

An Anomalous SETI Signal

Would have been better if this guy had been able to name someone, rather than dismissing all the other suspects.

VDOT dig unearths ancient mine

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Scarlett, here's the lyrics to that song you were thinking of today.
Today at work we were supposed to bring the items we are going to auction off to help pay for the boss's retirement party. I brought my Chocolate Stress Relief Kit. Everyone seemed to like it. The items will be on display for a week and then the auction will take place. Someone in the office told me, " I didn't bring anything because I don't like her." I had to laugh. That's something you just don't hear your co-workers say that often.

TV Guide Stinks!

Here's what I just submitted to the TV Guide website 'Contact Us' Section:

"Second request - I submitted a comment to you last week regarding my cancellation of my subscription to TV Guide. On 1/20/04, I returned the Continuous Service Acknowledgment/Invoice with my request that you cancel my subscription. I received a notice that you had indeed cancelled my subscription. This Continuous Service letter that you sent me indicated that my subscription was paid through 2/14/04. However, I am still receiving issues of TV Guide and I am getting phone calls from your telemarketers asking me to renew my subscription. I do not intend to renew my subscription. I want it cancelled. I do not intend to pay for any issues of the TV Guide sent to me after 2/14/04. Please stop sending me TV Guide. If I am still receiving TV Guide after April 1, 2004, I will ask the Consumer Protection Division of the West Virginia State Attorney General's office to assist me in getting this resolved."

Martha Stewart's going to jail and these people are running free. There is no justice in America.
I wish McCain would just come on over to the Democratic party. I'm itching to see a McCain v Bush showdown.

The Dreaded Reply to All incident. These people deserve what they get. At work, we are plagued by people who constantly reply to all and tie up our email program.

Jack Whittaker, Powerball Winner, strikes again. I'm still waiting for the revelation of why God would give this guy $300 Million.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

A good story about a great pro wrestler, Mike Rotunda.
Sad news from the Pro Wrestling world... Former WWE star Hercules Hernandez has apparently passed away. I remember him from a long time ago.
Really sad news out of Hollywood.... Actor Robert Pastorelli was found dead in his home. He was 49 years old. I liked him on the show Murphy Brown, but I loved him on the American show, Cracker, which was originally a British show.
Soft Drink named after a baby....

He's no Leonardo.......

In defense of McDonalds, it takes two or three of those standard cheeseburgers to make a meal. So, the salads are still a better choice.

Fly-Tipping??? Here in America, we have what's called Cow-Tipping in which you sneak out into pastures at night and push over cows who are asleep while standing up. Now, maybe you see why I'm confused by this 'fly-tipping' phrase. Perhaps my UK friends could enlighten me........

I got 5 out of 8 correct - can you survive the 1860's??

I think 4's a good number. It is divisible by 2. There are four corners on a Pyramid. Many of Earth's animals are quadripeds.

Mystery of sacred site shaped by stars

Monday, March 08, 2004

Well, my satellite tv company will no longer carry certain channels owned by Viacom (CBS). We are losing BET, Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, Nick at Night, Nickelodeon, Noggin, VH1 and VH1 Classics. The only one I'm really sorry to see leave is Comedy Central. I love the Daily Show with John Stewart. But that is the only show I watch on that channel. We will be getting a $1.00 credit each month on our bill now, but I'd rather they give us some new channels. I'd love to see the Discovery Wings channel come to the package we subscribe to.
Tonight's episode of Red Cap was very interesting. Roper's wife and kids left him that morning and by that night, he had Jo stopping by his place. Good to see he's contemplated the major changes in his life and is ready to move on. Wouldn't want him to rush into something on the rebound. I'm definitely not used to this short schedule thing. These British shows don't last 22 episodes per season like the US shows. Maybe if I were more accustomed to it, Roper's fast moves wouldn't seem all that fast. And poor Burns - all his employees are pairing up. Angie and Bruce, Harriet and whatshisname, Jo and Roper. They just need a woman for the forensics guy.
Would you like a badge??

Fossils on Mars????

I don't believe it. A story about John Daly with a picture of ..... yep, John Daly. Wonder where the Tiger pic was?

Tony has bought a new Harley motorcycle. Scarlett and I were talking with him about his new purchase and one thing led to another and we ended up with a Village People mention. LOLOL!! Anyway, here's a column from Still looking for a good Biker guy picture for a Tony Prank......

Work Rant #2

Darlena asked me for a third straight day about that same case. And as for Greg, he faxed me our accounting, but not the other state's as I had requested from him twice. So, I had to have the field attorney instruct him to request the accounting from the other state. Then Greg sent me two cases that had errors. Had to email him on those. I've begun including the supervisor in those emails. He's worn out my patience. They've added another night to the big 3 day training conference we have to go to. It isn't enough that I have such a backlog, I'll be training a new worker, and testing new programming, but they think they can send me away for three days and nights to this training. Not to mention it's going to cost the government a fortune that it doesn't have to send us all there and pay hotel, meals and travel for three days. I'm still trying to get out of it. If I can't, I will gladly tell my supervisors to not ask about my backlog and how I'm getting along. They obviously don't care.
UFO and the Beagle 2 Mars Lander

Another country hates the US!

And while they're at it, they should put some clothes on that Rollback, the dancing, price cutting, smiley face.

It's a movie, folks. Next thing you know, they'll be telling us that The Passion of the Christ is a work of fiction.....

Public Affairs, or Propaganda??

All Spam Restaurant in the Phillipines

Dracula? He's not such a bad guy...

Caring for Your Introvert

Gilligan to make WV famous!!

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Spy article

Since I'm trapped in the 1980s, I thought I would spotlight an actor who was big then. Check out Adrian Zmed.
I've updated the Spymaster's Agenda. Some interesting things happened this coming week in history. Check them out.
Last night I watched Nashville Star, which is a country music version of American Idol except that the American Idol people didn't create Nashville Star. Anyway, I watched it last year and the big winner was Buddy Jewell, who has a great cd out now and was just awarded a Gold Record for sales last night on the show. This season looks to be very promising. One of the judges is a radio show host and the only thing he seems to say is "I don't know" when he's critiqing the contestants. I say we vote him off. I would expect the judge to be the one person who does know. Of the 11 contestants on the show, one is from Ireland and one is from Canada. I liked them both. The one problem I had with last night's show was that we didn't know which songs were written by the contestants and which ones weren't. I could easily pick out the songs made hits by other artists, but sometimes people will sing an obscure Merle Haggard song that was on the B side of a 45 in 1962 or something.
While I was watching Nashville Star, the USA channel aired commercials for their new series, Touching Evil. I think I'll try to watch this show. It stars a guy who played Jarod's psycho brother, Kyle, on the NBC show, The Pretender. I loved the character of Kyle and was disappointed that he only figured into two episodes. They could have done so much more with him.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Another music link. Heard the song, "Jealousy", by Claire Lynch, on another music channel.
I was flipping through the tv channels a little bit ago and landed on the Jukebox Gold music channel. The song that was playing was "I've Done Everything For You" by Rick Springfield. Talk about your 1980's flashbacks! So, I hopped onto the internet and searched for his website, because everyone has their own website these days. And I found it. He's got a new cd out. Now, that music channel is playing "Crush on You" by the Jets. I've got to stop listening to this.
I was hoping for better pictures, but it is an interesting story about Mars and its moon Deimos

I had the tv on CMT for a second this morning and caught the video for the song, "Long Black Train", by Josh Turner. You know how there are just some songs you can identify the artist for just by listening to the lyrics or the music - it would be their style of song? Well, this is a Randy Travis song if I've ever heard one. But apparently this Josh Turner wrote the song so Randy's probably never sung it. Anyway, here's a link to the Amazon page so you can listen to a sample of the song.
Acts of vandalism on Mars???

Mrs. O'Leary's cow may finally be exonerated!!! Link to the O'Leary Legend

Animal Planet is doing King of the Jungle 2 - a reality show in which contestants compete to win the opportunity to host their own wildlife show. This time, you don't have to have experience working with animals. So, anybody could apply.

Friday, March 05, 2004

At work we are having a silent auction to raise money for gifts for our supervisor who is retiring in July. We are supposed to bring stuff we don't want to keep anymore and other people will write out sealed bids for it. The highest bid on each item will win. Well, I went out yesterday and bought a silver tray, on the small size and to that I'm adding a couple of bags of Hershey's chocolate candy and four candy bars. Then I'm going to wrap it all up in a see-through plastic bag and write out a tag that says "Emergency Stress Relief Kit". I think people will be pleased with the idea. Everyone at work loves chocolate. I only have about $8.50 in it. Hopefully, someone will bid that much.
Well, Martha Stewart was found guilty today. It's a shame that in this country, President Bush's pals at Enron and Haliburton can make off with billions but Martha gets convicted. The soundbyte from the Prosecution said something about showing people that they can't get away with stuff like this. Well, I don't see Ken Lay in an orange jumpsuit behind bars fashioning guns out of bars of soap.

Time for a Work Rant

I told Greg to send a request to another state for information I needed to complete an audit. He wanted to explain the case to me. Apparently he didn't think I knew my job even though I've been doing it for 5 years, a lot longer than he's been there. I get enough attitude from the people at the state office, I don't need it from my co-workers. And then, Darlena asked me the same question on the same case two days in a row. That woman has no memory. I think the blond hair dye has finally worked its magic, if you know what I mean. I think it says a lot that I haven't lost my patience with her. I keep hoping she will get the confidence she needs to answer these questions herself. I mean, you can't get much more basic than "How much does he owe?" After a year, she should be able to figure that out.
Martian Bunny Ears!!

Cliche Kitty

Scarlett, finally there's a news article that supports what we've been saying all along!!

Spam Story from Hawaii

What's your favorite Chocolate???

DNA Report Revives Czar Mystery

Thursday, March 04, 2004

A Quote

"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go."
-Oscar Wilde
The two quizzes below were found on Alfreds Cheese Emporium. Check out the blog while you're identifying your innermost nature....
How evil are you?
I am an Intellectual

Which America Hating Minority Are You?

Take More Robert & Tim Quizzes
Watch Robert & Tim Cartoons

Now this is a good pet story! I have a feeling if I ever get that house I keep talking about, some of our pets might follow me.....

The Martian sky is blue?????

I started reading Deception Point yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm back to my romance novel mood and now I don't want to read Deception Point. It's an ok book so far. The author took several chapters to get the ball rolling though. But I'm used to the romance novel format. I think I'll read the last couple of chapters of Deception Point to see how it ends.

I woke up with a cold this morning. Oh joy. Good thing there's only one more day of work this week. But I did luck out and miss the two colds my parents had last month.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I'm actually watching The O'Reilly Factor on Fox news. They are discussing gay marriage. O'Reilly is taking the gay people's side of the argument in his interview with Bill Bennett. Bennett just said that the purpose of marriage was to civilize men, protect women and raise children. How can he say that women need protecting when women soldiers are being sent to Iraq? I certainly don't need a man to protect me. That's what the NRA and lax gun laws are for. As for civilizing men? Is he saying that Ted Bundy would have been a law abiding citizen if he'd been married? And Bill Clinton is married and look at his trouble with Monica, Paula, Jennifer. What a relief that Clinton is married, I can't imagine what his life would be like if he wasn't civilized (Read that last sentence with a lot of sarcasm). And I suppose he thinks children can't be raised in single parent households. Well, if one of the parents die, I guess the surviving spouse will have, what, a thirty day grace period and then will have to remarry so the children will be raised correctly? Bennett also said that gays getting married is the reason heterosexual marriage is weak - because it cheapens the commitment. Well, heterosexuals have been getting divorced since oh, the 1960s here in America. I don't think the gay marriage issue was a big thing back then. I got news for him - marriage is weak because of the power of the media and the wealth of the industrialized world. In places where life is simpler, no tv, no luxuries, people stay married longer because they have a real relationship. They have to deal with each other and rely on each other. They are a living example of the word Union. With the luxuries, media, money, the human race has become transient in its behavior - the channel surfing syndrome applied to their whole lives. They have been conditioned (in large part by the media) into thinking that there's a quick fix out there for all that ails them, they only need to keep searching for it.
Scarlett, check out The History of Formula One........ Still don't know why the word "formula" is used. Must be a car thing.
The Lost Roanoke Colony

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Well, Jo and Roper finally kissed on Red Cap last night. Red Cap is a show that airs on BBC America. Jo sent him packing though, which was the right thing to do after he went and remarried his ex. And I think it's really fickle of Vicerey to defend that Harriet woman when she gets all the stupid assignments, when last season, Jo got all the stupid assignments and Vicerey kept his mouth shut. Vicerey has an obvious crush on Harriet and Burns doesn't do anything, but Burns sees Jo and Roper kiss and he gives them separate assignments. Hopefully all of this will pay off with upcoming episodes.
Just for the record, I believe Aristide when he says the US forced him into exile from Haiti. Didn't the Current Administration get busted a couple of years ago for trying to overthrow the government of a South American country? I forget which one, Venezuela, Equador?? And I don't believe anything anyone in the Current Administration says.
Hmmm.... another set of books I never read.......

They did. They did find evidence of water on Mars. If you believe them.

Pete Rose to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Incredible story of a child presumed dead for 6 years turning up at a birthday party.

Stonehenge story

Tuscan 'Excalibur' Mystery to be Unearthed

Monday, March 01, 2004

Major Mars Announcement to be made by NASA

I watched some of the Oscars last night. Billy Crystal was pretty funny, although he found perverse pleasure in cracking numerous jokes about Pete Rose. I guess Billy is as big a baseball fan as the President. The ABC Preshow was ok. One of the hosts of the preshow arrived at the Oscars with the 13 year old girl who was nominated for the Whale Rider. She told him that she wanted to meet Johnny Depp most of all because he was a stud. Well, right before the show started, the host introduced her to him. It was so cute. Hmmm.... I think it's about time for another cookie.........
I'm still ticked over Little Miss Commissioner. So ticked that I felt compelled to do one of two things - eat or shop. So I thought, "Why not do both?" I went to the store and bought two packages of chocolate chip cookies and some milk and a new book. The book is called Deception Point. It's a thriller. I usually don't read books like these, but I was in the mood for something other than romance novels. And of course, it qualified as shopping.

Today was my five year anniversary of working for my employer. As a reward, I am now eligible to earn three additional vacation days a year.

The TV Guide people are still sending me TV Guides even though they confirmed over two weeks ago that I had cancelled my subscription. I will have to email them and tell them that I will not pay for any more of these things. I didn't get around to doing it last week.