Friday, November 30, 2007

Look Into My Eyes

I've read some of the hypnosis book. I don't know if it's going to work but I bet I'll at least be more relaxed.

And I've identified other things, other than diet/exercise, that I could use this self-hypnosis for. I'll have to work on this.

The book says I can make audio tapes to play so I might get a tape recorder or some other type of voice recorder.


I'm very glad it's Friday.

Last night, I went to bed and I was hungry. So, I added up all the calories I had eaten yesterday and they totaled about 1100 calories. That's 100 short of the 1200 I should be getting while I'm on a diet. But I didn't get up and eat anything. I just went to sleep. Since I didn't work out I didn't think it was too important that I ate a few too less calories yesterday. And I'm not working out tonight. Work ticked me off and if I tie myself to the treadmill I'll feel stuck there with work stuff running through my head. I might do pilates though. I can do that in front of the tv in here.

The puppies are no where near their puppy pads when they poopy while I'm at work. I think I will need to reposition the puppy pads to try to get them on track. I think maybe one of them is trying and the other one pounces on her because she wants to play.

I got the hypnosis book today in the mail. Did I tell you about that? I ordered it thinking I could hypnotize myself into thinking 1400 calories a day is soooooo filling that I just can't eat another bite. LOLOL.

I also bought this really cute penguin christmas decoration today at Rite Aid. It's acrylic and it lights up.

Well, I need to feed the dogs and get the puppies back in their pen.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Puppies Day Out

Well, today I had to go to work and I left the puppies out with Fritz and Steffi. I was worried that Fritz might eat them because he still growls and snaps at them, but when dad came over to check on them today, he said they were all sleeping. Winnie had appropriated the spare bed and had it all to herself. PJ was asleep on a pillow on the floor next to Steffi's chair. I got home and all four of them were prancing around happy to see me :)

I got the rest of the Christmas presents today in the mail, so now all I have to do is wrap them. I've hidden Mom and Dad's but my sister's I've left out. It's not likely she will see it since she's in Florida and I'm hundreds of miles away.

I've been 2 days now back on the diet and exercise program. It was hard to get on that treadmill tonight because I couldn't get work out of my head. Evil worker ticked me off today. But that was a worker from a different office. At least the workers in my office were happy to see me.

Well, I've got some work to do before bedtime. Wash the dogs' water dishes, put down new puppy pads.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh Happy Day!!!

I just read that Billie Piper will be returning to Dr. Who for at least one episode in 2008. I'm so excited. I'll have to keep an eye out for her episodes. Maybe she will finally get to hear the Doctor tell her he loves her.

Good News

I just read that NBC has ordered a full season of Chuck. Yay!!! Last night's episode was really good. It left off with a cliffhanger - does Sarah go with Bryce or does she stay with Chuck? Not sure what's going on in next week's episode. I'll have to watch it and see.

And an addendum to the Staples story from yesterday - they took a dollar extra off of my credit card. They had better put it back on there. Otherwise I will have to brand them thieves.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck

Tonight's the night. Bryce is alive and Chuck may or may not find out why Bryce sent him the Intersect. Of course, I'm talking about the NBC show, Chuck. I can't wait until it comes on. The previews looked really good.

Other happenings: Winnie and PJ spent another day outside the pen. Fritz snapped at Winnie and she yipped today. He didn't hurt her though. Well, he hurt her feelings. I took advantage of cyber monday and ordered a ink/paper kit for my new digital camera printer from Staples. There was no easy button - it took me an hour to buy the one little thing. They made me sign up for an online account and jump through all kinds of hoops. And it took forever with my dial up connection. I'm not sure free shipping was worth that.

I still have another day off! Yay!!!!!! I like taking these long vacations.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sewing Project

I made a pillow for the puppies today for their box. I used the two-toned denim fabric I ordered some time ago for it. The blue side is showing. I didn't want the red showing, it's too much of an excitable color, I don't care if dogs are supposed to be color blind. The end result of the pillow project works. Winnie's sleeping in the box now, despite listening to American Idol Rewind which is highlighting all the bad auditions.

I took the puppies to Grandma's and Grandpa's today and they spent quite a bit of time sleeping on my lap. They are supposed to be paying attention to their grandparents, not me.

And the puppies have been out in the house today too. They spent an extra hour out today because I was watching golf and didn't want to miss any of it to feed Steffi and Fritz.

I think Fritz is doing better with his hair ball issue. I've been feeding him butter and dad went out to tractor supply this morning and I had him buy anything he could find that was formulated for hairballs. He came back with Science Diet catfood. But Fritz eats it too. He coughs a bit now but I think it might just be a sore throat issue.

Billy Ray's New Show

I found Billy Ray Cyrus' new show today and watched it. I was abhorred when I saw that Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey are producers on the show. They were responsible for some of the most insulting, disgusting parts of WCW wrestling. I certainly hope Billy Ray is taking all the necessary steps to protect himself and his family in this new venture.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Not Quite the Plan I Had

I had planned to get back on the diet and treadmill today, but my foot hurts. It's from standing around in walmart yesterday. And I had to go back today for grocery shopping. Plus, I have a headache - I think it's either a cold or sinuses. I tried to nap today and I think that made it worse.

The puppies were out of the pen today. More of the same with them. Fritz has a hairball I think. He coughed up one the other day and now he's coughing again. I gave him some butter so maybe that will help.

I saw a deer in the backyard today. So, one has survived deer season so far.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Money, Money, Money

I spent a lot today shopping. I got up at 3am to get ready for the 5am sale at walmart. Dad wanted to get there by 4am to find out where everything was and to get in line. They 'sold out' of the laptops within minutes (that's in quotes because there were three just sitting there on a counter but the employee said they were sold out. Obviously the employees bought those - not fair that the employees get theirs first, rather than the customers.) Speaking of the employees, they were running through the store with box cutters this morning. The blades were extended. What did we buy? At 5am, we got the SD cards that were on sale, the Garmin Travel unit, the portable dvd player, the $4.00 appliances, and the $29.00 sheets. I went back to Walmart around 7:30am, because as you know I had to go to town again anyway to get my package at the post office. This trip to walmart resulted in me spending about $435.00. I did Christmas shopping and shopping for me. I got my niece and nephew presents, my brother in law a present, mom and dad two presents each, I got Winnie and PJ a pet carrier (and they fit in this one), I bought another Kodak digital camera and printer bundle. I have a camera and printer, but I dropped the camera a while back and figured I should just buy one to have as a back up. I also bought the digital picture frame that was on sale and the new Bo Bice cd and a George Strait cd.

I haven't listened to the music yet. I put pictures on an sd card and hooked up the digital picture frame, then took a nap.

Winnie and PJ are out with the dogs again today. Fritz is still grouchy. Sometimes he's friendly and that confuses the puppies because they then think he's happy all the time.

My package at the post office? It was the sewing basket I ordered from Joann. I wasn't allowed to pick the pattern on the basket, but the one they sent me has cats on it, so it's not so bad.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day

Well, Mom and Dad came up early and I let the puppies out. They've been out all day and Fritz is still growling and snapping. Hopefully after a few more days, he will settle down. For dinner, we had turkey, home made mashed potatoes, home made noodles, home made cranberry sauce, stove top stuffing, canned sweet potatoes, canned green beans, heinz gravy, and hot rolls. For dessert, dad made a chocolate cake and brought up some chocolate ice cream. After dinner, we all took naps. Dad had the spare bed, poor mom sat in the chair, and I got the couch with Winnie and PJ. Then Dad and I put plastic up on the windows in the family room to keep some of the cold air from blowing in, I got out my pre-lit Christmas tree for mom to use this year and sacked up their share of the leftovers and they went home.

We are planning to be at walmart by around 4am tomorrow morning to get dad's $4.00 coffee pot. LOL. There will be other things bought. But I think it's funnier to say we are going for the coffee pot. And yes, I know the sale doesn't start until 5am. Dad wants to get there early to find out where everything is going to be so we can get what we want before they sell out. I was hoping I would get to come home and stay home, but no. I have to go back out when the post office opens to pick up a package. So, while I'm out, I'll stop at the bank and then put more money on my prepaid credit card.

There were only two cooking related injuries today: I cut off a nail with my vegetable peeler and then I poked my hand with a knife while I was cutting up the potatoes. And a small matter of pride: the turkey was supposed to take 3 hours and 20 minutes to cook and the pop up timer thing popped up at exactly 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

6 Days off - Now That's Something to Give Thanks For

Well, I'm off from work until Wednesday next week. Yay!! I've started with the Thanksgiving Dinner already. I made the cranberry sauce. The only problem is that I didn't have mandarin oranges to go in it. Mom is supposed to bring some up tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to turn the puppies loose in the house while Mom and Dad are here so they can watch Fritz. Maybe after being out for most of the day, the puppies will learn to ignore Fritz and Fritz will learn to not eat the puppies. Tonight I took them all outside, but had to bring them in early. The neighbor's new dog was up here at the house. Fritz chased it down the drive way, then Steffi followed. I had to go get them.

I've got a lot of cooking to do. I have to make the homemade noodles early tomorrow and then set out the rolls. The turkey breast is between 9 and 10 pounds so it will have to cook about 3 hours and 20 minutes I think (20 minutes a pound). It might have to go longer, it's still frozen, even though I set it down in the refrigerator Tuesday morning. I told mom and dad that we only needed some ice cream for dessert. I wasn't interested in eating cake or candy or cookies or anything. But mom said dad was making a cake for dessert. And I saw mom and dad at walmart tonight after work and they were buying ice cream for me. Yay!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Back Home

Well, Monday through Thursday I was at a work conference, far, far away from home. I got home Thursday and was so very happy to be home with my dogs, my cat, my bed and my pillow. Friday I went to work and then stopped at the bank and did a bit of shopping. I had to get money to put on my prepaid credit card so I could start Christmas Shopping. That's what I've been doing this weekend. I bought some things for Mom and Dad and for my sister and brother in law. I haven't started on their kids yet. I figure I can get some of those things locally.

Dad dogsat for me this week and he took the puppies out for their walks and kept up with the puppy pads and even took Fritz out for a walk all his own.

Today, dad said he was going to the day after thanksgiving sale at walmart so he could get a $4.00 coffee pot to keep here at my house. I wasn't going to go to the sale, but I figure since Dad is going, I can go with him. I have to figure out what I'm going to buy. If I wanted to spend a lot of money, I could. I've been wanting a laptop and they have one that I would buy. But, I've heard that with Vista, you pretty much have to get a new printer and other new stuff. Not to mention that with a laptop, you have to buy things like batteries and other accessories. I don't know if I want to go down that road of having to keep buying stuff.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

As Requested

I was tagged by Kari to compile a list of courses I would take to fix my life. Here are the rules:
"Devise a list of 5-10 courses you would take to fix your life. It's more fun to be in classes with friends, so include one class from the person who tagged you that you'd also like to take. Tag five."

So my list would be:
1. Classical Mythology - This is from Kari's list and I would take this class only if real life male models were used for illustrative purposes. LOL. Not sure how this would fix my life, but I wouldn't be bored.

2. Donald Trump's Guide to Making Money - I have a nice nest egg put aside but I would like to turn it into Millions. Well, I'd settle for just one measly Million.

3. Denise Austin's How to Get Fit and Stay There - I was there once and I'd really like to go back.

4. The Lazy Owner's Guide to Training Your Canine Pets - Winnie and PJ need to learn to come when they are called. And Fritz needs to learn to get along with the puppies. Techniques would also work on the human male variety.

5. Self-Hypnosis and You - If Denise Austin's class doesn't stick with me, I can hypnotize myself into working out every day and not overeating.

6. Learn to Speak Spanish - I really need a class to be able to learn Spanish. It will come in handy for the next class.......

7. Spain on $100 a Day - I keep saying that some day I will move to Spain. So, it would be smart to take a class to get me prepared. And if I meet a really handsome and successful Spaniard, I can use hypnosis techniques learned in my Self-hypnosis class on him :)

8. Shy Away From Shyness - If I ever want to actually say something to guys like Sergio Garcia when I'm at a tournament, then I would need to get rid of my shyness and speak out. Those who read my blogs are no doubt stunned that I am not this outspoken in my other life.

Now, I have no idea who I would tag to keep this going. I'll have to think on that.......

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Winnie and PJ are getting into the Christmas Spirit. They have already given me their Christmas Wish list. It includes doggie treats and the Official 2006 Ryder Cup DVD (they have to watch their honorary daddies win).

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Golf Day

Well, today I spent much of the day watching or listening to golf on tv. I dyed my hair this morning and then worked on some sewing. I made the puppies Christmas outfits. I just need to sew on some velcro and then I'll take some pictures. I made Winnie a harness out of blue corduroy. I sewed a strip of yellow ribbon down the center. The blue and yellow theme is supposed to be for the European Ryder Cup team, but I'm sure those poeple here locally will believe Winnie is a WVU fan. Not. We don't like WVU in this house. I also took the puppies out for a walk. PJ got away from me but luckily she was chasing after Fritz so I was able to call Fritz to me and snag PJ's leash as she ran by. It was cold today. I'm glad PJ had her coat.

I've been chatting with Scarlett about dieting. I told her that I might have to give up cooking for Lent and start Lent early, like January 1. I've been watching the LPGA tour and some of those golfers look really fit. I think I need to find a Paula Creamer poster to hang up for inspiration.

I went through my box of unread romance novels and picked out 6 to take with me to the conference this week. I don't think I'll be able to read all of them, but at least I'll be prepared.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Yiippeeee It's Friday!!!!!

I had a busy day off today. I had to travel to another county to get my drivers license renewed - better picture now but I still hate having my picture taken. Then I came home and helped dad take the big air conditioner out of the window on the porch. It's closed off all the time so it didn't matter to me if he took the a/c out or not. I never used it. After that, I went to the bank, shopped at a couple of stores, ate at the Pizza Hut buffet, did the walmart thing, stopped by Krogers and then came home. After I put away the groceries, I started playing with the fabric I ordered. Dad brought it up today and I set out to make the steering wheel cover for my car. It turned out really well. I could have gotten the elastic a little tighter but it works so I'm happy.

One thing I am not happy about is my weight. I weighed myself this morning because of getting my license renewed. I weigh entirely too much. I will have to rededicate myself to working out and dieting come January. I will try to limit the damage until January but this coming week is the conference for work - there's no diet food at the resort, then the following week is Thanksgiving - no diet food there. I'll have a few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas so hopefully I can do something about my weight during those weeks.

On tap for tomorrow - dying my hair, watching golf, playing with more of my fabric and with the puppies. Sunday is the trip to mom and dad's and monday evening I head out for the conference. Sometime this weekend I need to type up the care instructions for the dogs. I wrote them for mom and dad for when they dogsit for me this coming week.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Well, they're talking snow on the news. Just flurries and some light snow in the mountains. Why can't it just be 70 mildly warm degrees all year around?

The puppies have not liked it that I've gone back to work this week. They have taken great pains to shred puppy pads these last couple of days.

I watched Chuck last night. Found out that Bryce got Chuck kicked out of Stanford to save him from a career in the CIA - Chuck was too nice of a guy and Bryce didn't want to see him get hurt. At the end of the show, Chuck said that maybe they would find out why Bryce sent the Intersect to him. I think that's pretty obvious - the Intersect in the wrong hands could hurt many, many people. But the intersect in Chuck's brain will only be used by Chuck and his humanity. Chuck has ethics whereas the government types controlling the Intersect probably don't. I hope this show comes out on dvd so I can get it.

I guess the writers' strike will be affecting tv viewing for millions. I tend to have the tv on the golf channel, tennis channel, or the history channel - something like that. I did see a joke somewhere - it said something like "the writers are picketing and holding up their signs, but shouldn't the signs be blank?" Heehee.

I let my Tracfone go dead again by forgetting to buy the stupid year long card of minutes. This time, I got a card that would bring my renewal date to 12/20/07. Surely to goodness I will remember to buy a stupid tracfone card on my birthday every year and not let the phone go dead. At least I didn't lose any of my minutes/units. And I didn't lose my phone number. I could have done with a better phone number. It's not mathematically harmonious. I probably wouldn't forget to buy these cards if I actually used my cell phone.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A quiet Sunday

Not too much is going on today. I took the puppies to see their Grandma and Grandpa this morning. Cleaned their pen and nursery this morning. Did a load of laundry. Ate a pan of brownies. Re-read parts of Winter Roses. Researched sewing machines online. Took the puppies for their walk this afternoon. Fritz threw up again this evening. He's been eating dirt and grass and leaves and stuff. I think I'm going to have to give him some vitamins or something. I got my car insurance bill from the AARP-related insurance that dad signed my car up for. Mine is $1008.00 for a year for one vehicle. Dad's is $1169.00 for two vehicles. How fair is that? And his vehicles are newer than mine. It's all because I drive more than he does. I drive 10 miles a day and he doesn't. I cleaned off the dining room table and dusted it to get ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. We are doing Thanksgiving at my house, and Christmas at Mom and Dad's.

I know it seems like I'm wishing my life away, but I only work 4 days this week and then I'll have about 4 days off. I am really looking forward to those 4 days off. Unfortunately, the fourth day will be ruined because of work. I have to go to a conference that starts Tuesday the 13th. Well, my ride is going to the conference site the night before so that means part of my day off Monday will be ruined because that evening will be spent traveling to the conference site. I bought a book light and I'm bringing a stack of romance novels to read. I can read in the car on the way to the conference.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Garden of Eden

On History International there was a show about the search for the Garden of Eden. One scholar suggested that the Garden of Eden was flooded by the melting ice from the end of the ice age. Another said that when the Bible said Adam and Eve could never return, it was really a metaphor for the evolution of the hunter-gatherer society which had learned agriculture and left their nomadic ways behind.

So, in essence, it could be surmised that the Adam and Eve story in the Bible could be a prophetic-type warning about the dangers of global warming.

Winter Roses

I just finished reading the new Diana Palmer book, Winter Roses. I'm going to have to read it again because it's so unexpected. Usually, her male leads are mean to the female leads for most of the book. But this guy was in love with her the whole time. It was so refreshing.

Ugh, Depressing

A commercial just pointed out that 1987 was 20 years ago! My sister graduated in 1986! I was a freshman in high school! This is too depressing.

I went to the store this morning. This wait another week for daylight saving time to end sucks. It was pitch dark at 7am this morning. I wonder how many kids got hit by cars while waiting for school buses because some lobbyist somewhere paid off Congress to change the dates of Daylight Savings Time.

At walmart, I bought this Singer QuickSew thing. It's a hand held sewing machine. I've broken two needles so far. I think if I want a sewing machine, I will have to get a real one. Winnie and PJ would like for their mommy to make them pretty things to wear :)

I got the new Diana Palmer book today in the mail. I'm going to read it. I just don't know when. Probably tonight and I'll end up staying up late.

I took the puppies out for a walk today. They spent a lot of time out there sniffing around and finding things to chew on. PJ had runny poo last night so I did what people on the internet suggested - withhold food for 12 hours and then feed her bland food, like boiled chicken. I had boiled turkey so she got that. I think she's better today. I did get up at 1am last night to check on her.

I still haven't gotten the credit report I requested back at the beginning of September. They said the agency had 3 weeks to process the request. Well, it's been about 8. Bunch of lazy people.