Saturday, November 29, 2003

I went shopping today and had a very strange experience. No one was there. Usually, after Thanksgiving the stores are packed with people. But Walmart was practically empty. Which was good since I could shop all I wanted to. The bad part was that the salespeople were so bored that they all asked me if they could help me. I hate that. The quickest way to chase me out of a store without selling me anything is to ask me if I need any help. So, I did all my Christmas shopping today. I forgot about a present I had already bought my niece, so she ended up with an extra gift. But that's ok. She can't count yet; she'll never know. I just know she'll love that Singing Barney doll. I even had time to stop by the pet store. I had never been in there and wanted to see what all they had. Well, they have the two pets I would like to have but can't: turtles and hedgehogs. If I got either one of them, the house cats and house dogs would soon be dining on Hedgehog A La King or something and we can't have that, particularly since the hedgehog was priced at $85.00. He was sleeping so I couldn't really see how cute he was. But the pet store also had very noisy birds, some quiet birds, a lot of fish, a few snakes, a bunch of different kinds of lizards, bearded dragons, and the usual hamsters, mice and such. It also had the ugliest, hugest Rat I've seen since high school biology, a ferret and a chinchilla (which I didn't really see, but the sign swore it was there). The mascot of the pet store was some kind of small monkey. He was bouncing off the walls of his little plastic/glass home and the sign on the cage said "Don't peck on the glass". Well, I think the monkey was more upset about the screaming birds than anyone pecking on the glass. That's no way for that little monkey to live. They should have him in a nice quiet place. And there was a sign on one of the fish tanks that said Alligators for some dollar amount. I didn't see the alligator though, I'm hoping some dutiful law enforcement officer told them of some law prohibiting the sale of potentially dangerous exotic pets. Alligators belong in the wild, not in someone's bathtub.

So, after I finished my shopping, the only chore I had left was sneaking the gifts in the house while my dad was here. But I finally got them all inside. I will probably spend tomorrow wrapping the most of them so I can get them out of my bedroom. I don't have any room in there as it is and now with all the presents in there, I know I'll be tripping over all of them.

I'm still thinking about getting a new DVD player. I have one and it works great, but it's attached to the tv in the family room and the only time I can watch anything on it is when my parents aren't watching tv in there. So, I'm thinking of getting a new one to hook up to my tv and giving my old one to my parents. You might ask me why I can't just move the DVD player I have into this other room where my tv is. Well, I could, but the family room is a more comfortable place to watch tv and the dvd player serves as the only cd player we have in that room. With Christmas coming up, we have to have a cd player in there to play my Elvis Christmas CD. Nothing says Christmas quite like "Blue Christmas".

Took a nap this afternoon. I wasn't really planning on it, but I've been staying up late at night watching my X2 dvd. That is such a good movie. And I just love Scene Selection. Some dvds I have don't give that option and that really stinks.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Well, our turkey dinner turned out pretty good. I cooked the most of it. And then we watched the Kim Possible marathon on the Disney Channel and I just finished watching the Kim Possible movie. Also very good. I didn't go shopping this morning even though there were some good sales out there. I have been waging a personal war with myself over spending the money on those sales. I might lose the battle tomorrow though if it doesn't snow very much. I stayed up late last night to watch some more of the X2 dvd. It was heavy on the Nightcrawler stuff. And I'm getting a little tired of hearing the SuperModel complain about the blue makeup. She's getting paid good money and it's not like she gets a lot of blockbuster movie offers. She should count her blessings.
I wonder how this guy compares to Tesla and his death ray.

Zoom in......

Thursday, November 27, 2003

I'm not sure if this is a flattering article about my favorite Alias character, but it was pretty entertaining...

I was watching the Today show this morning and Linda Eder performed the song "Man of La Mancha" while Katerina Witt skated a routine. I just want to say that if Linda Eder doesn't get to do the theme song for the next Bond Movie (if they're doing another one), I will have to express my displeasure in an email to everyone connected to the movie. Here's a link to for the cd that has song. Unfortunately, it isn't one that has a sample available to listen to. I'm not really a fan of Linda Eder, but I might have to get this cd. I've been humming this song all day. Ooh, I found a site that has a clip of the song.

Stepping back onto the soapbox.... First of all, I guess Bush was there to finish serving his tour of the Guard that he blew off when he was younger. No? You mean he was just there for a photo op and to plant his flag proclaiming Iraq as Bushland? Second, I think most of the troops would have appreciated orders to go home and stay home more than Bush's appearance. Third, he talked it all over with Dick Cheney. Obviously Dick Cheney wanted him to go to make sure Haliburton was still ripping off the American Government by charging too much for fuel - Cheney still gets kickbacks from the company. Fourth, the Top Secret Anti Missile system isn't so top secret anymore, thanks to USA Today. Fifth, you know now that Saddam Hussein will have to infiltrate America since Bush had to rub his nose in the fact he was in Iraq and Hussein didn't even know. And with our security problems, Hussein could not only get into the country but probably be issued a drivers license.

Well, today was not Turkey Day for us. Today was clean the house day in preparation for Turkey Day tomorrow. My sister had to spend Turkey Day with the in-laws so we're having ours tomorrow so she can be here. I did get to watch some of the X2 dvd. I got to see the deleted scenes and a lot of interviews and production stuff. When are they going to do a Wolverine Movie? I want two hours of just Hugh Jackman in those jeans on the big screen. He should do a guest role on Alias. Wolverine and Elektra have crossed paths in the comic books, it would be a cute inside joke to have Jackman and Garner working together.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Hey Scarlett, I saw this on another blog and thought of you. Well, that didn't come out right. I thought you would get a kick out of it. There, that sounded better.
I really have had it with the Current Administration!!! Now they are going to be producing Nuclear Weapons! Well, if we only ticked off half of the industrialized world when we invaded Iraq, the other half has just been accomodated with this little piece of news. Congratulations Dubya, you've just killed the rest of us.

Peace breaks out in spite of Bush's Plan for World-wide Destruction and Domination.

I'll have to check out this website.

This is for Scarlett.

You can always count on Pravda!

* Sigh * Again, I ask for everyone to write to their Congressional Representatives. Heck, write to other people's representatives and use fake addresses so they think you live in their district. But, don't let rhetoric like this destroy the very fabric of our nation. Bush is salivating at a chance for this to happen thereby creating a dictatorship for himself. Don't let him win!

Getting off the soapbox....... Whooohoooo!!! I got the X2 DVD TODAY!!!!! totally rocks. I'm so excited, I can't wait to watch it. I was shocked to see it today because I just got Amazon's "your order has shipped" email yesterday. And I have four whole days off due to Thanksgiving and the weekend. That makes life a whole lot better. Fritz bit Dad today. Dad says one more time and he has to go. But I might be able to stretch that out. Dad just has to realize that he has to start understanding Fritz and begin modifying his behavior to keep Fritz from doing these things. When Dad's dog would chase us and growl at us and try to bite us for being around Dad, he thought it was cute. But now that the shoe's on the other foot, it doesn't seem so cute anymore.

I am not liking Magneto right now in the New X-Men comics. He's trying to kill all the homo sapiens again but this time he's being even more mean about it. But Magneto's addicted to some drug that enhances mutant powers so his hatred for humanity is also larger than life. The usual teaser, "An X-Man will Die" has been tossed around for this arc. Wonder which one it will be this time? Of course the real question is: How long will they stay dead?

And when did Rhade join up with Dylan Hunt on the tv show Andromeda? I didn't think they got along and then Tyr had to go and start a new war and everything. Don't get me wrong, I think they needed to add another male character in the void that Tyr left, but gee, I miss a few episodes and they go and do something like this. I still think Molly should have joined the crew. But Dylan doesn't need that many women around him all the time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I may be having a not-so-good Ebay experience. I won three auctions from the same seller a month ago and before I bid I checked the seller's feedback. Judging by when the buyers posted their feedback, the seller seemed to be taking about a month to 6 weeks to send the items. And the seller's rating was 99%. Well, sometime in the last month, the seller has dropped to 92.7% with over 30 negative feedback entries. There is now a message next to the seller's name that says "not a registered user." Of course, one of the dissatisfied customers won 25 auctions and left negative feedback for each item so many of the 30 entries are from the same buyer. Instead of jumping on the negativity bandwagon, I sent the seller an email tonight politely requesting status of the shipment of the items I've won. I expressed my hope that he resolves whatever problems he's been having that resulted in all that negative feedback and even wished him a happy holiday weekend. Maybe my niceness will get my items shipped to me soon. I know from work that if you're given a choice between working on something for someone who was mean to you, or working on something for someone who was nice to you, you usually do the nice person's stuff first. So, maybe my items will get some attention soon.
I guessed the right designer again on the Changing Rooms contest on BBCA's website! Tonight it was Laura. Yippee!!!
My curiosity got the better of me and I went here to see what this Tag-board thing was all about. I signed up for one and installed it on my test-blog. But I'm not sure if I want it on this one. I really just wanted to see if I could add it to my blog without screwing up stuff. I added it to this one, but since I'm a person who hates change and who loves my little blog the way it is, I don't think I want to install it here. Maybe I'll create another blog and do the tag-board there.
"And they called it Puppy Love" - I'm sorry, but Donny Osmond singing for the Queen of England is just too strange.

"Europeans are living in a 'dream world' of welfare and long vacations" - OK I'm all for moving....

4 out of 10. I have got to work on this. I'm letting all my sisters down.

Me, me, me, me, me, Pick me!!!!!! I want this job! Come to think about it, Donald should read the 10 ten list I just posted. A lot of those sound like him.

Oh my goodness, it is true what they say! LOLOL!!!

"By the time I get to Phoenix...." See, Tanya wasn't all that wrong about him in her tell-all book.

Monday, November 24, 2003

I'm currently trying to finish up the book written from the X2 movie. I wanted to read it again before I got the dvd so I could be in the right mood for the dvd. I can't wait to get it. The book is fantastic, written by THE Chris Claremont. He added so much insider X-men knowledge that any other writer would probably miss. And, to save my sanity, I have abandoned the Larry King show for Designer's Challenge on the HGTV channel. No Michael Jackson on this show.
"If the love letters don't exist, you must acquit." LOLOL!!!! Nancy Grace just nailed Johnnie Cochran on Larry King's show with this line (harkening back to the OJ trial) - heeheehee. I'm really tired of this Michael Jackson story. Now they are saying he wrote love letters to the boy. Can you see my eyes rolling? If these reporters spent this much time and effort dissecting the Iraq war/occupation, or exposing the Current Administration for the destructive force it is, America would be a better place for it.
I'm not a fan of his, but even I think it's cruel to put this on the national news.

They should send the U.S. a bill for this!!

Last night's Alias was spectacular!! I still don't know when I'm supposed to start liking Lauren. Hasn't happened yet, even though she did shoot one of the bad guys last night. I loved Jack and Sloane, back in action and stealing top secret security plans for a military base. Being that it's Thanksgiving, it's nice to see the two of them working together. The best part was seeing Jack holding Syd after they sprung her from the evil Lindsay.

Today at work was pretty boring. For some reason, everyone has decided to do audit referrals the last five working days of the month, thereby creating a backlog for me to report to my bosses. Thanks! I know you all have alrts to work, you don't have to do audit referrals. I love how you tell someone something and that someone doesn't listen to any of it. I said, I can't audit this until we get a final order. What did she do? Not five minutes later, she referred the case for audit based on a Temporary order. So now I have an audit referral that is on hold and I can't do anything with it. I can be pretty easy going most of the time, but when I explicitly tell someone something and less than five minutes later, that someone proves that they didn't hear a word of it, I tend to get a little miffed. Good thing it's a holiday week and I've got two days off coming up.

Apparently there is a killer Day after Thanksgiving sale going on at WalMart this week. I've got the ad but haven't had a chance to look at anything. I wonder if it's worth getting up a 3am to stand in line outside for two hours to get in before they are sold out of everything.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

And they should know...

Jesse Ventura's America, tonight, was all about the JFK assassination and the conspiracies surrounding it. It would be nice for the family to know the truth about what happened, but I would prefer it if those in the media with the power would focus on all the stuff going on today that will have an impact on the future. We've got coverups about Haliburton and Cheney and all these other improprieties that need investigating.

Well, today people were breaking in their guns in preparation for deer hunting season that begins Monday. This meant that Fritz, my dog, would not go outside. He's afraid of sirens too. Makes you wonder what kind of home he had before we got him.

Tonight on Trading Spaces, Anna Ryder Richardson from Changing Rooms is the guest designer for British Invasion Month. I finally saw the infamous episode of Changing Rooms in which she had the team from, well, let's just say the team was a nightmare. I've heard a lot about this episode and I have to say I like Anna a lot more now after seeing that episode. I felt so bad for her. Her team didn't even like what the other team did to their room.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Global Domination??

This Gilbert’s Potoroo was thought to have become extinct.

Here's a Wil Wheaton post.

grinding halt
Several people have written in with the news of Jonathan Brandis's apparent suicide at age 27.

I guess many TV watchers put us in a category together, because we both played "The Kid" on a SF show. I've heard him called "The Wesley of SeaQuest" more than once, and not in a kind way. Jesus, I bet that sucked for him.

I didn't know him, though I did see him from time to time when we were kids, mostly at Big Bopper Teen Cheese-O-Rama parties at whatever 50s diner was currently trendy.

Anyway, I think it's terribly sad. I know how hard it is to make the transition from child to adult actor. I know how merciless Hollywood is. I know the pain, frustration, and depression that he must have felt. I know it intimately.

The thing is, if I'd turned right instead of left, if I'd taken the elevator instead of the stairs, if I'd chosen differently when faced with one of those 1 or 0 decisions . . . that could be me you're reading about today.

It seems to me that the system failed the boy long before he met Michael Jackson. Why doesn't Fox News put the inadequate California Dept. of Human Services on the news 24 hours a day like it's doing Michael Jackson?

The headline for this one was funny enough...

Yay!!!! It's the weekend and it's supposed to be good weather. And one of the parents will be working! Yay!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2003

A great guy.
Turkey Day Lunch at work was a big success. I had turkey and home made noodles, two hot rolls, a biscuit, more turkey, and a brownie, a not-so-tasty cookie and a piece of my double chocolate dessert of coma. I couldn't move the rest of the afternoon, but I wanted to get up and walk around the building about a thousand times. I played another prank on Tony today. He said the other day that when he comes back from his day in Mason county, that he discovers that someone has stolen the pen from his desk and it must really annoy him for him to remark on it. So, today I hid not only his pens, but his tape dispenser, his stapler, his paper clip holder and paperclips, his ruler, his white-out and who knows what else. He has no office supplies on his desk. Heeheehee. I wonder how long it will take him to find them.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Ooh, the X-Men movie is on tonight. It reminds me that my pre-ordered copy of the X2 dvd should be released soon and on its way to me. I can't wait for all the extras. The ending of the X2 movie still bothers me though. Really good acting from Hugh Jackman, but as someone who reads the comic, that isn't how she 'died' in the comic book. And I want Jubilee to get a bigger role in the next one.

I made my double chocolate dessert of coma tonight for the dinner tomorrow. I taste tested it and it isn't really as good as I thought it would be. Maybe it will be better after it sets for a while, but it just seemed to taste a bit too much like the sweetened condensed milk I used. Oh well, the rule was that we had to bring a covered dish. No one said there had to be food in it (Tracy's interpretation) and no one said the food, if you brought any, had to be edible.
When he isn't lamenting about his long lost acting career and such, Wil Wheaton does have a good deal of writing talent. See his posts about his conversation with Jonathan Frakes.
I have got to find their website. It would be a shame to disrupt Bush's publicity stops while he's in London. Really. No sarcasm at all in that statement.

RIP - A very sad item that has been largely overlooked by the news:

Jonathan Brandis - Actor who began appearing in films and TV at the age of 5, and as a child appeared in films like "Fatal Attraction", "Lady Bugs" and "Stephen King's 'It'", who is probably best known as star of the TV series "SeaQuest DSV", which propelled him to cover boy status in numerous teen magazines, and who recently starred in the 2002 film "The Year That Trembled", was found dead on Nov. 12 in his Los Angeles apartment of undetermined causes (no signs of violence). He was 27 years old. Here's where I got the obit.

A really neat story, even if it seems doubtful. A good sci-fi movie could come of this.

Save Wilbur the Turkey!!!!!

Well, soon we may all be able to sleep easy with this puzzle solved.

Interesting Stonehenge story.

So, what's been happening around here. It's been raining again. Flooding again. I didn't get flooded in or out of my home so it was a really neat weather event for me, since I got to enjoy seeing all the flood waters as I drove to work and back. Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving Dinner at work. I'm bringing a variation on my Triple Chocolate Dessert of Death. This one is only Double Chocolate. I've replaced white chocolate with peanut butter chips. I've never made this before, so I will probably have to taste test it before subjecting my co-workers to it. But I'm sure it will be good. I have read three of my four Alias books so far. Next up is the one about Sydney's dad. He's my favorite character on the show. The cold I had last week is still lingering. It's getting really annoying. I forget who I picked for the designer for this week's Changing Rooms contest on BBCA's website but I don't think it was Gordon and he was the designer. Oh well. I thought it was funny that one home-owner had his freezer stuffed with pizzas. Just pizzas. You gotta love that.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

For my friend, Daniel, who hasn't heard much about Bush's visit to London, here are some links to some news articles. I hope you don't have to go anywhere for the next few days. It sounds like a nightmare.

Bush's Visit to London

Unprecedented Security...

"This Unelected (Chickenhawk) Fraud"

Hail to the Chief

Al-Qaeda eagerly await Bush's London visit

Second verse, same as the first.....

Hey, other people have a problem with Bush... Too bad it won't make a difference. Only those who agree with the Current Administration have a voice here now....

Now for my soapbox about the controversy over same sex marriages. The religious folks, like our President, claim that marriage is a sacred act sanctioned by religion and same sex couples should not be married. Well, my view is that if marriage is a religious act, then the government should not regulate or license it. Marriage should be completely controlled by religion alone and there should not be licenses and all the legal stuff that goes with it, like Social Security benefits for spouses and Joint tax returns for married couples, and right to inherit when one spouse dies. Separation of Church and State should come into play here. You can't legislate religion and it's time Republicans wake up and realize it. If people want someone to benefit from their social security, if they want to file joint tax returns, if they want to select a person to inherit their stuff when they die, then the government should allow everyone to designate one person to act in that role, be it a mother, a son, a friend, or the religiously sanctioned "spouse". Now for the link to the story that inspired this little speech.

I don't know why they were so mad at this guy. He just said what many other people are thinking.

Monday, November 17, 2003

I heard on Nation Public Radio this morning that the President and First Lady will be staying at The Palace while in London???? And I heard that their security people will be making the Queen wear an ID badge. That I believe. I mean, President Bush probably couldn't identify England on a map, let alone recognize the world's most recognizable woman next to Mother Teresa. And besides, it's so obvious by her appearance that she's some kind of terrorist - NOT! How insulting can you get, making the poor woman wear an id badge in her own home.
I think this guy is just a bit mad. Pardon the pun. But the raid on the bar is a serious incident, despite how this guy writes the article. Why don't they just tax alcohol like they do tobacco? It might cut down on excessive drinking.

The stupid idea has been resurrected. Idiots. Average citizens have lost their freedoms due to the Patriot Act, but this can continue.

I can't wait to see the documentary about this one

Interesting archaeology article.

Another Monday. Another yucky day at work. Nothing much happened. George told me he's going to be a daddy again by next July. He has one child already, a daughter, Haley, who is a couple of months older than my niece. Thursday is our Thanksgiving dinner at work. It's a potluck affair. So, naturally, I'm counting down the days until then. I'm reading one of my Alias books I got last week. It's really good. I plan to finish it tonight and start the next one tomorrow.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Jesse Ventura once again expounded on the evil of a two party political system tonight on his show. One of his more amusing comments - he said he had remarked to someone that America was only one step better than Communist Russia - Russia gave you one choice in an election and America, being ever so much more advanced, gives you TWO choices. He also interviewed college basketball coach Bobby Knight, newsmaker for his temper. Jesse also spotlighted the Senate non-vote on the $87 Billion aid package for Iraq. He thought it was dispicable that 94 out of 100 Senators didn't vote on that bill. We pay them to do their job and they don't even vote. But Senator Byrd voted. He's got guts when 94 other weasels don't. Jesse's hero this week is Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, for buying the Jessica Lynch pictures and vowing not to publish them.

Tonight was Laurence's episode of Trading Spaces: British Invasion. He did a great bedroom with a red mural of trees and a pillar. And he was under budget too. He met the challenge and emerged victorious.

I saw Kid Rock on the Johnny Cash Tribute concert on CMT. He sang a song I'd never heard before, but it apparently was a Cash song. Kid should give up that rap stuff and come on over to country.

Mom screwed up my tape tonight. I was taping an episode of Kim Possible to add to my video collection and she turned the channel to the Johnny Cash Tribute. Then she got all bent out of shape when I complained, saying she would have to buy her own tv and stuff. Well, the tribute show was on the tv in the Family room. There's no reason she couldn't sit in there with dad to watch it. And I did buy the satellite dish receiver box on the tv I was using for my taping. And I did pay half on the tv. And it wasn't like she would have gotten to watch much of it in here anyway since at 9pm I was going to watch Trading Spaces. I had to give up the whole day of tv for my niece and suffer with Jo Jo's Circus and Rollie Pollie Ollie, and Recess, and the Wiggles, and Stanley, and the Proud Family. Of course, my niece didn't watch but maybe three minutes of tv every hour or so, but that didn't mean I could turn the channel. And I couldn't watch anything in here because the second I come in this room, my niece is all over the computer wanting to see the Catz program. Oh yeah, I forgot Lilo and Stitch. Can't forget that show. And Sister, Sister, and Even Stevens.

But I'm told that I will have the house all to myself for part of the day tomorrow, with both mom and dad out working. Yay!!!!!!!!!!
Another study proves chocolate is good for you. Don't know about all those marshmallows though.

Another bill proves Republicans are on the take from special interests. The last line of the article says it all. I would suggest that you write your representatives in Washington, but if they are Republican, they won't listen unless you're a lobbyist and if they're Democrats, then apparently they can't even get into the committees to actually do their jobs.

Some may laugh at this, but I wouldn't be surprised if he actually intended to do it.

Another article on the Bush Administration's efforts to mislead the American people and the International Community.

Finally, someone speaking out against the Bush Administration and the "Patriot Act" aka "Only the Bush Administration is entitle to freedom and civil liberties in this country"

Too bad the Bush Administration and the Republicans in Congress have already sold their meager souls to the Oil Industry.

How did this one slip by the Bush Administration? Someone actually has a civil liberty despite the Patriot Act.

Friday, November 14, 2003

I was asked the other day if there was a way to search for blogs. And while I don't know of a search function, there is this website that lists thousands of updated blogs.
I'd like to hear Dr. Phil's reaction to this story....

Thursday, November 13, 2003

So, I'm watching a show on the TLC channel about finding Noah's Ark. They were talking about some expedition in Iraq years and years ago and how Iraq had all those artifacts in its museum. And I was thinking, well if the U. S. can't find the weapons of mass destruction, maybe it can find Noah's Ark. Or did Saddam have it in some 'mobile lab' too? Maybe Saddam is refurbishing the Ark and planning to use it as an escape vehicle. Personally, I think after the flood receded, Noah looked around and said, "Hey, I need a house to live in," so he dismantled the ark and built houses and barns for his family and animals.
And Pete Rose can't get into the Hall of Fame!!! What a rip-off!!!

Tonight it's going to be 27 degrees. I will be sleeping on my flannel Piggy sheets. I can't wait to try them out. They are so cute!
Nice place for books sold at a discount.
Well, I guess he figures that he can't hurt California if he isn't there?? Maybe Bush set a bad example by taking all the vacations he does...

A very unflattering picture of country singer, Wynonna. And she shouldn't drink and drive either.

Very cool news from Egypt

A top ten list of scientific hoaxes

Please, oh please, let this be the final death blow to that stupid email people still are gullible enough to fall for.

Another day of work. This week is the longest week I've had in a long time. And I've only worked two days. But tomorrow is team meeting day. I like team meetings, even though no one else does. It's nice to put faces to those voices I hear coming across those cubicle walls. I wonder if there will be food at this team meeting. No one's mentioned it. Better take a little extra $$ just in case. Little Miss Commissioner, the adjustment unit chick who's on my list, actually did one of my audits without changing anything. I was stunned. I thought for sure she would want to do a modification or convert the Dollars into Dinars or something. I read an article in an issue of Atlantic Monthly that John had in his office that said that high achievement in men occurs most often in unmarried men as opposed to married ones. That married men peak in achievement in their late 20's but unmarried men or divorced ones can achieve up into their 50's. I told John that now I knew why he wasn't married - he wanted to achieve great things. And he said, 'Yeah, like this job.' LOLOL - he's so funny. To get Tony and Julie back for saying that we were a couple, John and I should make up cutesy names for each other and spring them on everyone when they least expect it. Julie would catch on to the gag, but Tony wouldn't. He's a typical jock.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I think the kids should bring crosses to school. They are a secular symbol as well - in the South, they were burned as a protest to civil rights.

I wouldn't name Tony's dog Del Monte...

A wonderfully nice man, he sent me a personal reply to my fan email I sent him.

Today was an ok day at work. I'm still sick, so I'm not treadmilling tonight. Julie and Tony said that they thought it was suspicious that John and I always take the same days off, so we must be an "item". Well, except for the fact that he was off on Halloween day and I worked, their thought processes are just astounding. As if I'd let any man that close to my house money. I got trapped in the bathroom today at work. The lock is broken on one of the stalls and I couldn't get the handle to work to unlock the door. But, being the resourceful person I am, I pulled out my car keys and pried the door open.

I got my Alias books today from Amazon. I had ordered 4 of them and the last one on the list wasn't due to be released until this month, so I had a pretty long wait. I can't wait to start reading them.

Hey Scarlett, I told you wrong on how to do the permanent links, like my link to the guestbook. I'll copy that part of my program and get it to you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Finally!! I picked the right designer for tonight's Changing Rooms contest. It was Linda Barker. I'll have to play again for next week's episode.
Check out the Kid Rock Media Player .
US Government coverup of 9/11.

Last day of my little vacation. Bummer. I'm still sick. I just got a Kid Rock fan club email, some smart aleck signed me up for the email. Kid has recorded a remake of Bad Company's song "I Feel Like Makin' Love". I liked Bad Company's version better, but Kid's version is ok. Right now, I've got the tv on to MTV waiting for the premiere of the video. I bet it will be the last thing and I'll have to suffer through all the crappy music to get to it.

Not Guilty Verdict from TEXAS!! What's happening to the world???

Well, I believe him.


Monday, November 10, 2003

I just took this quiz on the Disney Channel, Kim Possible, website. It's supposed to tell you what kind of villain you are. Well, I'm a traditional glamour villain. It says true villainy is not in my blood but I shine when I help others achieve their villainous goals. The Kim Possible character who represents the glamour villain is Shego. I had a work related comment but as it's my day off, I'm not going to add it. Days off are sacred.
The Disney channel has been showing the movie, Hocus Pocus, every day for the past few weeks. I saw the movie when it first came out and it was ok. But lately, something about it has been bugging me. For some reason, the Sanderson Sisters, the witches of the movie, remind me of the Dixie Chicks. I have no idea why, but unfortunately, I think of them everytime I see the commercial for the movie. Hmm.... Hopefully, the Disney channel will stop showing this movie soon and start showing The Santa Clause or Toy Story or something.
I think I'm getting a cold. I do have a sore throat and I've been tired all day. But I did do a mile and a half on the treadmill. Fritz got a bath today. He didn't try to escape until the end so I managed to get some of the soap rinsed off of him. I spent today watching the Travel Channel and some cooking shows. I figured I should take the opportunity to watch something different since it was an extra day off and I usually watch BBCA.
If he can't take it like a man, then Bush shouldn't go there. So much for free speech and basic civil liberties. I guess instead of the Taliban and Hussein learning a lesson in democracy from the US, our wonderful President has learned a few lessons in dictatorship from them.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Okay, I just watched Alias. The creator of the show, JJ Abrams, swears that us viewers will like Vaughn's wife. I'd like to know when that's going to kick in, because tonight she not only turned Sydney in to her smarmy, evil boss, but she relieved Dixon of duty and had the nerve to tell her hubby that because she was his wife, he was supposed to disobey direct orders from his boss and tell her everything about his missions, even though she thinks it's perfectly acceptable to keep her secrets from her hubby (she's giving female logic a bad name). I don't see much to like about this woman. In fact, I'm liking Sloane more than I am her and Sloane killed Sydney's fiance in the series' first episode. Oh, and thanks ABC, now I have to wait two weeks to see the next episode.
Doughnuts are evil. Especially the jelly filled variety. I was doing great on my diet and exercise program - a whole week. And then Mom had to bring doughnuts home. So, tomorrow, the diet begins again. It's not like Mom didn't know I'd spent a whole week on that treadmill or anything.
This sounds like Microsoft learned nothing from the anti-trust lawsuit they've been fighting.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Space news.

More unfeeling brutes. Why hasn't the Today Show covered this story yet?! This poor woman should not be victimized by whining snobs!

I like these kinds of stories....

Bush is still inferior. Let's elect Quayle. He's still smarter than the Current Administration.

Did some Christmas shopping today with my sister. We ate too much at a buffet place. The dogs were very excited to see me when I got home. They don't like it when I disappear for the whole day.

Jesse Ventura's America was once again a veritable gem. Tonight's subjects were the $87 Billion we're spending in Iraq and the controversy over a Lt. Col of the military in Iraq who is being court martialed for scaring an Iraqi prisoner into disclosing details about an impending attack on the Colonel's unit. The Colonel didn't lay a hand on the prisoner and the military wants to court martial him. He just completed 20 years of service and his pension will disappear if he's court martialed. Obivously, America's Current Administration has lost all sense. If it ever had any to begin with. America is keeping hundreds of 'enemy combatants' in Cuba without representation and due process but scaring a prisoner in Iraq is somehow wrong. I urge everyone to write their Congresspeople, the White House, the Pentagon with messages of support for this Colonel. In fact, I believe Sen. Jay Rockefeller is on the Armed Services Committee in Congress. Here's a link for more on the story.

And, here's the link for the transcripts of Jesse Ventura's show. Tonight's episode isn't up yet, but it soon will be.

I'm watching Trading Spaces right now. No Handy Andy on this episode, and that nightmare designer, Hildie, has painted a whole room black. I don't think she's ever done a room I like. The chairs and dining room table in this room are being painted bright, bright yellow. A guy just said that it's going to be a giant bumble bee. Another example of how different this show is from Changing Rooms. The designers on Trading Spaces don't listen to the people as well as those on Changing Rooms. Uh-oh, the next episode of TS shows another room being painted black. Where do these people get these ideas?

I missed the lunar eclipse tonight. I was here instead. Oh well. I think it was cloudy out tonight anyway.

Friday, November 07, 2003

So, this is what the Current Administration wanted the $87Billion for. No wonder they refuse to provide budgets to Congress.

Now if only the troops can get from their camps to the airport without being shot down.

Today was a very long day. I have the next four days off, so naturally, I didn't want to do anything today at work. That weasel Tony snuck out without telling anyone around Noon today. He was our back up supervisor and the trainer for two of our workers, you'd think he would have an idea about the kind of responsibility and obligation his position in our office requires, but no. And he has the nerve to lecture the workers about how if he's going to be their trainer then they can't ask anyone else for help because he can't train 4 different ways to do the job, he will only train his way. Well, if he's going to be their trainer, I would think the first thing he needs to concern himself with would be actually showing up. If I have to hear that speech one more time, I will probably smack him. Right after I puke. His wife called twice for him after he'd left, hope he gets into some trouble for not being at work. His wife has the 'honey do' list all planned out for his days off so he must have thought that by sneaking out, he wouldn't have the honey do list to do today and he could just lay around. But what he doesn't realize is that women always get their share of everything, maybe not today, but someday, she will get these few hours back from him. I may have to think of some prank to play on him about this leaving early.

The baby is here this evening. Apparently, it is illegal for a grandpa to tell a baby 'no'. Because rather than tell Jasmine no when she started pushing all the buttons on our very expensive lexmark printer, my dad just decided to try to pull every cable attached to the printer out of its jack. It's a wonder he didn't break it. I eventually had to unplug it from the outlet.

Tracy - if you're reading this, scroll down and take the How Sexy Are You quiz. We think it's rigged because everyone we know has scored in the 0 to 10 point range. And if anyone can score higher, it has to be you, because you rock :)

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Write your Congressperson! Write the President! Write Donald Rumsfeld! This is an egregious crime against family values!! Don't let the Current Administration destroy a family!
Okay, I found this on Daniel's and Chris's blog. It's a How sexy are you quiz. Here's how I scored:

You are:
Shy & Sexy (0-10 points)

You scored 2 points – According to this test you are shy & sexy
You are not the type the opposite sex is immediately attracted to. It takes some time for the opposite sex to realize how attractive you really are. You are quite shy by nature and hate being the centre of attention. But although you are quiet, people who get to know you a little better respect your quiet nature and lovely character. Shyness also has ‘sex appeal’; it is considered a sign of sincerity and comes across as ‘cute’ and disarming. Keep being yourself and do not rush into things, just take the time you need and everything will be fine!

A measly 2 points :( It's no wonder I'm doing this blog.

I can't wait to see one. I'm one of those people who's collecting all the State quarters.

You're only allowed four fish?

Today was pretty good at work. Except for Little Miss Commissioner. That's a new nickname for an obnoxious state office employee. She thinks she runs the whole Bureau. But I followed Julie's philosophy - I asked myself if this one thing was going to matter to me 5 years from now, and of course I said no. So, I didn't get all hostile about it. Yesterday, Tony was getting teasing emails from the Help desk people because of his little page down problem. They said something about his irresistible animal magnetism and I said, "What animal - an armadillo?" Tony shook his head and said, "Thanks for keeping me humble." So, today, after he left for the other office, I made a sign that gave him the title "Supreme Grand Poobah" of the Sublime Mystical Order of the Armadillo. At the bottom of the sign was the slogan, "Animal Magnetism to Spare". Everyone thought it was hilarious. Don't know what Tony thought. I left work before he got back to the office. I do have a copy of the sign though. It might come in handy again someday.

Monthly statistics came out today and Darlena, Julie and Tracy's caseload increased in all the good things. I sent an email to the bosses to point it out. We don't get enough recognition in our jobs for the good things that happen.

Went shopping tonight at the grocery store. This Kroger Strike is really annoying. I got into the other grocery store and saw only one shopping cart. That meant that every other shopping cart was being used by another customer. Tons of people were in that store and it really sucked. But the line did move pretty quickly.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I should buy this! It's got my favorite wrestler, Barry Windham, in it. Oh yeah, and the Nature Boy.

It may be your first amendment right, but it can also get you killed if you believe that story about it being a gang initiation tactic.

And I work with some of them...

Today was pretty good at work. A little boring, but we had fun joking with each other. It took Tony an hour to find out he had to page down to the next page to find the option he was looking for in our computer system. I teased him quite a bit over that. I think Fritz tore up some of the carpet in my parents' room a little while ago, I heard something ripping. Brenda, who works with Polly in wood co, officially asked me to return to wood co. It took me a while to find a polite way of saying, "Are you nuts? I'm not working with those insane sweatshop managers." I didn't want to offend my friends who still have to work for them. I told Tony I got an invitation to return and he said, "Do you really think we'll let you leave?". It's nice being liked. And Tracy found out her test scores from her second level training class. So, I made her a certificate and we all signed it to commemorate her achievement in the class.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Wrong again! It isn't Linda Barker, it's Graham! They've been doing the show for so many years, their styles are mixing. And Oliver is painting a wall pink! They've all gone nuts on this show this week.
Another reason NOT to vote for Bush. Worst Jobs rate since When??

Well, this explains it all. Not.

Update on Ming the Tiger.

A good pet story!

I heard about this on National Public Radio this morning.

Not much happened at work today. Julie says she's doing well on her diet. But it's only been a day and a half, so I'm reserving judgment. Tracy said she bought a young horse at the stockyards this weekend for $15.00. The horse was skin and bones and almost completely blind and it was going to be sold for slaughter or something so she thought she would do a good deed and buy him. Then she found him a home with a neighbor who is going to have a veterinarian check out the horse's eyes.

Tonight there is another new Changing Rooms episode on BBCA. Well, new for America. I entered the "Guess the Designer" contest again at the BBCA website. This time I picked Linda Barker. It's got to be her. Who else uses that lime green color in a room?

Monday, November 03, 2003

This was on the local news too. My thinking on adult book stores is this: As long as they are legal, there's no point in protesting and doing these website things. If you have a problem with them, get the law changed. I love how Americans think they can trample all over the civil rights of other Americans simply because they don't agree with them. The "I'm better than you so you have to conform to my will" approach is failing miserably in Iraq. You'd think people would buy a clue and figure this out.
Another Monday workday has come and gone. I sent Polly an email this morning with a link to a job posting open in her office, but she never opened it. Either she was off today, or her bosses gave her even more job duties and she was so buried under the mounds of work that she couldn't reach her pc. Julie has quit her second job. She was just saying last week that she was going to keep it until next year so she could pay off her credit card bills. But she had to work 9 hours Friday night after working 8 hours Friday day and she just decided that was enough. Julie has also given up Hershey bars and Pepsi. We are all a bit worried that by Thursday, she will be a terror to work with. The boss is going to be in training tomorrow for Microsoft Word and then I think she's going to be off the rest of the week. It's nice when the boss isn't there. Things are more relaxed.

Alias was good last night. I didn't read the whole episode summary like I have been and it made for a better episode. I'm becoming a Sark fan. Sark is a villain on the show. He's more human this season than he was in the others. And Sloane was great. But I do have to say that Sydney's white go-go dress made her look fat. You'd think the costumer would test these things first.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

From the "You've got to be Kidding me" files....

A vote for Bush is a vote for more deaths of U.S. soldiers. I know that's harsh, but these mindless Republicans have to wake up sometime and see that the Current Administration's 'strategy' is nothing more than the President's Napoleon Complex run amuck.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Tonight's episode of Jesse Ventura's America was really good. Jesse took on the spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. It was great. The transcript isn't posted yet on the MSNBC website, but I urge everyone to keep checking in to read the transcript when it is posted. Tonight was also the first night of the British Invasion on Trading Spaces. Handy Andy was in this episode. He's so cute. I think that Paige Davis has a crush on him too. She seemed to have a bit of a sparkle in her eye this week. And she wore a very non-dyi flowing white skirt and blue top - hard to paint and rip up carpet in it, so it's obvious she had something else in mind. Not that I blame her :)

The newest reality tv show on NBC is called Average Joe. It stars a beautiful woman who has to find her true love among a group of average guys. If it was a 'beautiful' guy and average women, the media would be all over this as insulting and degrading to the average (geeky and pudgy) women. But as long as it's geeky and pudgy men, it must be ok. Can you tell I really don't like these reality shows?