Sunday, June 28, 2009

Too Short of a Weekend

Who thought of this two day weekend business anyway? I need at least three.

I took Winnie and PJ to see their grandparents today. They were happy to see their Grandma since last Sunday Grandma was in the hospital. I had to feed and pet the two cats who live at mom and dad's. I felt like I never left home since I'm petting Lapcat and the neighborcat here. Yes, I have a neighborcat here. I think he's related to the original neighborcat that we had a few years ago. He looks like him.

I bought something today from QVC as a Christmas present for Mom and Dad. I think I might have all of their shopping done very early this year. I'll leave a present or two to buy close to the holidays so I can get something they might request.

I got some pruning shears from QVC and tried them out today. They work great. Unfortunately, I'm all sticky with pine tree sap.

Winnie and PJ got baths today. I saw a flea on PJ and that was it. She had to have a bath. And when one of them gets a bath, they both get one.

Today, I got my Kitchenaid food chopper that I ordered from QVC. It arrived at mom and dad's earlier in the week and I just waited until today to pick it up. I haven't tried to use it yet. I have to wash it. This one is blue willow and I'm thinking now that I have blue willow and cobalt blue, that I like cobalt blue better. So, maybe I didn't make the wrong choice on the stand mixer. The reviews of the chopper on QVC said that it doesn't work after a couple of uses. I'll have to see. Some people who reviewed it on QVC said that all you had to do was to make sure the bowl is set on the machine the right way.

I made some brownies today and ate too many of them. Now I'm sick. I put the rest in the freezer and I may spend the rest of the day, evening, and night drinking water.

I bought a camcorder from QVC a few weeks ago and this past week I recorded some things around the house. The puppies, the cats, the yard and my garden. I showed it all to mom this morning since she never comes up here. I had to buy a couple of sd cards for it and an extra battery so I ordered those from the internet as well. And just so you know, yes, QVC charges sales tax so I'm not avoiding taxes here in WV.

I'm still on loan to another office at work. The new program gets turned on July 1st and I think I should be done with the travel then. I hope so. I don't like having my routine interrupted. I did see a couple of funny license plates last week. One said "yeame" and the other one said "giddyhupp". Mine just has random letters and numbers.

I've been tweeting on Twitter often. But haven't been on facebook for a while.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Good Day

Today I took the lawn chair outside along with my Excuses Begone book and sat in the nice breezy morning sun and air. It was very nice to be out there.

I also switched between golf and tennis today on tv. Wimbledon began today and ESPN was showing the last round of the US Open golf tournament.

I vacuumed my car out and cleaned my floor mat.

The puppies went out for their walk today too.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nice 4 day Weekend

I had Friday off and I took Monday off so I'm having a 4 day weekend. Yay! Friday I went shopping and bought some clothes and a new purse and my regular grocery shopping.

Yesterday I mowed my yard. And this morning I took the puppies to mom and dad's. I cleaned out a little bit of my vacuum cleaner - it had caked on dirt to scrape out. I did some laundry. Still haven't done my dishes yet.

Spent some money on QVC today. I got the book Excuses Begone the other day from QVC but I haven't read it yet. I need to.

It's been pretty hot here lately. I need to feed my roses I think. They aren't looking too great.

My No Trespassing signs worked today. Some religious folks who came up to encourage me to read the bible decided to not do any encouraging. They apologized for not seeing the signs sooner and left.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy Weekend

I put together the rest of the furniture I bought from a catalog. The doorknobs are falling off and part of the one side table fell off. I glued that back on.

I bought a Bissell little green machine and cleaned the area of the carpet in the big bedroom where the puppies' puppy pads are.

I mowed half of my yard with the electric mower I got earlier in the week. Slapped myself in the head three times with the heavy extension cord. The last time really hurt.

Spent a bunch of money on QVC this weekend. I bought a camcorder. I have been thinking about getting one for a long while now because the only one my family has is huge and uses VHS tapes. I had thought I would just go to walmart to get one when the time came, but Walmart ticked me off yesterday so I decided to give QVC my money. Walmart's door greeter had to look at my receipt even though none of my purchases set off the door alarm. Her excuse was that they were looking at all boxes that day. Well, she didn't look at my box of cereal. She didn't look at my box of doggie treats. She just looked for the Bissell little green machine. I think she just wanted something to do because I was shopping before 7am. Harassment, pure and simple.

Winnie and PJ's friend came up for another visit today. I had to chase him back off to his own house. Well, at least down to the part of the fence where he crosses over to my property. His owners probably wouldn't miss him if I decided to keep him. He has about three good-sized ticks on him and his owners haven't tried to pull them off. They must not like him that much. No wonder he comes up here.

I also ordered the Dr. Wayne Dyer book "Excuses Begone!" from QVC today. I saw the book at Walmart the other day and knew it would be on QVC so I decided to wait to see what kind of deal QVC was having. They added a 7 cd set of one of his seminars to the book for a few dollars more so that was good. I was impressed with him when I saw him on PBS.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Host on QVC

There's a new host on QVC named Jonathan. I get the feeling he's going to be a talker. It will be interesting to watch him host programs. Right now he's the designated eater on the Kitchen Show that's currently on.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Winnie and PJ Made a Friend

I had Winnie and PJ out for their walk today and they made a friend. The neighbor's little Jack Russell Terrier was in my front yard. PJ was willing to be more friendly than Winnie. Winnie just tried to hide behind me. The neighbor dog didn't know what to make of Winnie and PJ but once he found out they were girls, he started to like them better. I don't think he's been fixed. So, I brought Winnie and PJ in.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


I looked out into the pasture today and found three wild turkeys. That was a bit exciting.

I got two of the pieces of furniture I ordered from a catalog today and I put one of them together. I wasn't very good at it. The inside shelf is upside down and I have split several pieces of the boards when I screwed in the screws. But it appears to be sturdy.

I also picked up the Temp-Tations salad plates I ordered from QVC and the Ryder Cup hat I ordered from the PGA Tour website.

Today I celebrated mom's birthday and father's day by giving mom her presents and dad his. Mom got those clothes hanger things that allow you to hang clothes down instead of across and I got her some fancy jello stuff from the grocery store's deli. Dad got one of the Ryder Cup hats and some garlic spread for bread. He likes the garlic spread but never spends enough time in a store to find it.

I found a new 'non-diet' book at Walmart yesterday. It's called Naturally Thin and it sounds a lot like the Paul McKenna program.

I'm very glad Roger Federer won the French Open today. Even though he now has the same number of majors as Pete Sampras, Roger is better than him now that he's won the French since Sampras never did. I don't buy that argument that other clay court tournaments prove that they are winners or great or whatever. Those other tournaments are mostly best of three sets, not best of five like the French Open. It's now being reported that Nadal has some kind of knee injury that may cut his grass court season short, or end it altogether. So, that could be part of the reason why he lost at the French. It sure took the security people long enough to catch the nutjob who ran all over the court today and actually got close enough to Federer to hurt him. What did the French security people do - surrender? That guy never should have gotten that close to a player or spent that much time on the court before getting caught. I liked John McEnroe's comment that Federer's racket may have needed to have a different purpose.

Now that I am hopefully done with the work travel and working in different offices, I'm hoping to stick to the diet and exercise program. I need to try on my vacation clothes from last year and see if I can still wear them. I would hate to have to buy new stuff.

Yesterday, one of the nose pads on my glasses broke off. It isn't the kind that slide over a metal prong. This kind has a rectangular block that is wedged into a metal rectangle. I tried to put it back in, but I think it is broken and won't fit. I'll have to try to get in to see the doctor and see if he can fix them. I think the frames are still under warranty.