Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cold and Tired

I'm tired this week. I've been getting enough sleep and eating the same thing I always eat but I'm tired. Well, I am eating biscuits now - white flour - that might make me sleepy. I went to bed around 8:30 pm last night. I get up at 5am so that was more than 8 hours of sleep.

I lost 2.4 pounds this week. I couldn't stand it any longer and I had to weigh myself this morning. Four more pounds and I'll reach the weight I put on my driver's license.

It's cold around here too. I have sweats on and I'm cold. I don't really want to wash the dogs' water dishes because I don't want my hands getting wet. I have such a hard time with dry, cracked skin in the winter.

I guess I'll be filling out my tax returns this weekend. I have all the information I need now to get them done.

I bought these little carbon packs that you put inside cat litter boxes. I'm using them for the puppies' puppy pad trashcan. I think they do help control the smell.

Only one more day to go and I'll have a weekend off. I can't wait. I went to one grocery store tonight so I won't have to go this weekend. Tomorrow night after work, I'll go to the bank and to Rite Aid to put money on my prepaid credit card. There are a couple of birthdays coming up in March I need to buy presents for.

I'm watching anything but golf this week. A friend of mine on another blog has renamed the Golf Channel to Tiger Golf Channel because of how the media devotes so much time to Tiger Woods. I have to agree with my friend on this and am very pleased that there are people out there who are seeing this imbalance in golf coverage. So, I've been watching other things to avoid Tiger Week on the Golf Channel. I've been watching Cash in the Attic on BBC America and Squash on the Tennis Channel. Squash is a hard sport for me to watch. The ball moves so fast that you can barely see where it hits.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Promises, Promises

Have you ever noticed that it's a lot easier to break a promise you make to yourself than it is to break one made to someone else? I said I was going to work out this week, and here I sit. You would think I would mean as much to me as anyone else. But, in my defense, the lying, backstabbing boss at work tried to get me into trouble again. Of course, I have the evidence to support what I do, but she just ticked me off again so I decided I couldn't get on the treadmill and be trapped there with that crap stuck in my head.

Speaking of work, today I was trying to dig out all of the shredded paper that had gotten packed into the guts of the shredder and I cut my hand. I have about 4 cuts but they are all about the size of paper cuts so I didn't fill out any incident reports. They just hurt like heck.

Ooh, one promise I did keep today - I did not weigh myself. I lost all that weight a couple of years ago and didn't weigh myself at all. I can do without the scales until I think I'm done.

Just a little bit ago, I was watching Winnie trot through the house with a toy in her mouth. She looked like she had a plan and was executing it, and it got me to thinking about something someone at work had said a while back. She said "I know pets don't have souls..." I can't imagine God would put living creatures on Earth and have Noah save them and not give them souls. Doesn't God value all life? Why would he show preference to one type of life and not others? I think people may have linked the idea of a soul to heaven, thinking that the soul ascends to Heaven when the body dies. And since these people believe dogs and other animals can't think about a heaven because they don't have preachers telling them what to think like we people do, then animals must not have souls. Here's my theory: the animals, and pets especially, are agents of God testing us humans to see if our souls are worthy of ascendence into Heaven. If we're good to pets then it's a telling sign about how good we are as people. And I have a problem with people thinking that Heaven is some reward or a bribe: do what the preacher says you need to do and you'll get in. I think God would rather we not need a bribe to be decent human beings.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Completely Off the Diet

Today I went completely off the diet. At least there was no pizza. But I'm hoping to do the treadmill every night this week, except for Friday. Friday after work I'll have to go to the bank. I did do a mile and a half on the treadmill today. That's better than what I used to do when I would eat like this. I shouldn't have weighed myself this morning. I think that sent me off the diet. The scale showed that I gained back what I lost last week - again. Another reason to get on the treadmill during the week.

The puppies went to visit their grandparents today, and they've been sleeping pretty much the whole time since. They wake up every now and then to see what's going on. Steffi had an upset tummy a little while ago. Although it sounds unbelievable, I think she had trouble because of an empty tummy. I gave her a few doggie treats and then a bit later she came into the kitchen thinking it was time for supper.

I tried using the whole wheat flour I bought for the puppies' dog treats to make biscuits today. They were nasty. I even cut it with white, self-rising flour and they weren't good. So, the birds will have something to snack on when I get them tossed outside.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winnie and PJ in Their Party Dresses

Saturday Notes

I did 2.43 miles on the treadmill today to try to simulate the exercise I get when I work. I took a pedometer to work one day and found out that I walk about a mile during the workday. And since last night I ate a sub sandwich and went over my calories, I thought I needed to get a little more exercise today. I also ate some soup today that I added cheese too so I had to work off some of those calories. I had intended to avoid naps today but I ended up laying down for about 45 minutes.

I've been watching tennis this week. The big controversy was over Ana Ivanovic's shoes. They squeaked. Heaven forbid. One excuse-seeking loser blamed the squeak rather than her poor play for her result. Shoes squeak. My boots squeak at work even when they haven't been through water puddles. According to some articles I've read online, the blame for the squeak lies with the new court surface they have there. So, really, the blame falls with the Australian Open people who chose that surface for their courts. I don't see the excuse-seeking loser attacking tournament directors or sponsors. Of course not. She needs to get into tournaments to make money. And I heard plenty of squeaking from a bunch of the players so it seems to me to be the surface and not just one player's shoes. On the men's side, Novak Djokovic will be meeting Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the final. I'm supporting Djokovic in this match.

Some things I've done recently: cleaned the microwave, made pretty sun dresses for Winnie and PJ (I'll have to post pictures later), made some doggie treat dough using this whole wheat flour I bought yesterday, washed some doggie blankets and towels.

I don't know what I'll be watching on tv tonight. Figure Skating is on but I haven't checked out what else is on. This week I read a really good book. It's an old Harlequin romance by Violet Winspear called "Love in a Stranger's Arms". I read it at work and it was torture because I had to get to the end of the book to find out about the beginning for the hero and heroine. The book began with the heroine having amnesia and not remembering her husband. He was a domineering, forceful Spaniard, but you could tell that he loved her. He did everything for her, just in a take charge manner. She fought him because she thought she had been in love with someone else before her amnesia and that he was keeping her away from the love of her life. And she opposed the hero's former career as a matador. Well, at the very end of the book, she gets her memory back and we find out that the man she loved was in fact the hero. They had fallen in love and she left him when his last bullfight resulted in him getting gored and losing an eye. He pursued her and found her in trouble with the law. He married her and brought her back to Spain to save her from torture and death at the hands of the harsh government who had her in custody. During the trip to Spain she suffered her amnesia. This book was torture for me because I could only read it during my two 15 minute breaks and my half hour lunch break. I could hardly put it down to get back to work. That's why I like to read books I've read before at work. I can put them down more easily because I know how they end.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not Happy

Well, I didn't lose any weight during the three days I had off. In fact, the scales showed that I gained the .8 pounds I lost last week back! And I didn't eat any extra on my diet. I think it's because I took naps Saturday and Sunday. I laid down Monday on the couch with the dogs but I don't think I slept much. So, no more naps for me. I'll be checking to see what happens with my weight but I'm almost convinced to go back to the good old days of not weighing myself. I also think the pilates might have led to a weight gain due to building muscle.

I'm torn tonight over what to watch on tv. American Idol is on at 8pm but the Australian Open Tennis tournament is also on tv.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Busy Bee

Well, I did some work today. I bathed the puppies, extracted a hairball from the bathtub drain, vacuumed the living room, cooked a turkey for steffi, made cookies for the dogs, washed all the dishes up and worked out off and on throughout the day.

It was 10 degrees this morning at 5am so it didn't get down to the 0 to 5 they had predicted. But I'm sure there was a wind chill to factor in.

Well, tennis coverage today has essentially been all reruns. I've seen the same thing over and over again. I would complain more but I can't spell the names of the players I want to complain about.

I weighed myself this morning and there was no change from yesterday morning. I wonder if it was because of the nap I took yesterday. I took one today but I've worked out more today to compensate. I don't know if it will do any good.

I've got one more day off, thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Hopefully, I can get some extra exercise in tomorrow too. I've been sticking to the diet so I know I can't really gain weight.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Change of Routine

Today I took the puppies to see their grandma and grandpa. Usually, that's a Sunday trip, but as tonight is supposed to be a chilly 0 to 5 degrees, I thought it would just be too cold to go out tomorrow. I took the useless mouse traps with us and dad managed to fix them for me.

I came home and did some laundry, took a nap, finally fixed the puppies' bed cover that I started making a while back. I made sure all my dishes were washed up in case my water freezes overnight. And I read one of the Violet Winspear books I recently got in the mail. It helped me to pass the time and not be tempted to snack. I've stuck to the diet today and most of the workout. I didn't work out the arms.

I've been watching the Australian Open Tennis tournament. In the last two days they've shown Roger Federer's 5 set match at least three times on two networks. Enough already. There's other tennis they could be showing. I know it was a good match. They could show it again after the tournament's over.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


The D-Con mouse killing people are selling defective products. I've bought I don't know how many see no mouse touch no mouse mouse traps that didn't work and now the regular covered mouse traps aren't working either. I have three that won't set., the people that have the Prevention magazine, has a hijacker named Alli, the weightloss drug. Everytime I try to calculate the number of calories I need to eat for a certain weight, the website redirects me to the Alli page. Curse those people. Obviously must be getting paid a ton of money to essentially turn their website over to the drug maker.

I might go to bed early tonight. I am pretty tired after sitting up late watching American Idol the last couple of nights.

I'm hoping to avoid going out this weekend, except for the trip to mom and dad's, so I did my walmart shopping this morning and will go to Krogers after work.

I'm stil dieting. Working out a little bit. Watching the tennis channel right now. It's sunny and hot in Australia. Cold and snowy here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Diet Update

I've lost 2.8 pounds since last Wednesday. Yay for me!!

I watched American Idol last night and will watch it tonight. I don't like staying up late. I usually get to bed around 9pm or so.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Notes

Since switching to a different kind of mouse trap, I have caught two mice in two days. Yay for me. Or maybe not. I don't know that I like what it might say about my house that I have two mice to catch. Hahaha.

I've kept to the diet and sort of exercise program. I did do a little more in exercise today. I moved around to Michael Buble music in my living room.

I went to mom and dad's today. The puppies, of course, went with me. While they all watched the news, I got on mom's computer and watched some video with her high speed internet. I saw an interview with Sergio Garcia and Jose Maria Olazabal and then watched some Michael Buble music videos - that was why I was playing his music later at home.

We are expecting some bad weather sometime this week. The weather forecast keeps changing - gee there's a surprise. I hope I can get to the store sometime during the week and then get up to the house. I need to get some dog food for Winnie and PJ in case I get snowed in this weekend.

I tried to make the cover for the dogs' bed yesterday. It's supposed to have elastic in it and go over the plastic storage bin that I'm using for their bed. Well, I broke two needles trying to sew it and then I lost my threading device inside it when I was trying to thread the elastic through it. I will have to try again.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Whooohoooo!!!! It's Friday!!

I am so happy it's friday.

I got my order from the never order from them again people of Miles Kimball. One of the things I ordered was one of those pedal exercisers. I have to put it together and then I'll see how it works.

The funny video show has some really cute dog videos on tonight.

I weighed myself this morning and I'm down another 0.4 pounds. One day the scale will go up and then I'll be completely devastated.

I went shopping this morning. I bought a Michael Buble cd, some remnant fabric, and a Womans World magazine.

Well, I think the dogs are going to get into the package stuffing so I'd better go. It's just brown paper. Not anything poisonous.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good for Me

I sat beside a no-bake cookie all day today and didn't eat it. A woman at work brought some in today and I just had to take one. She always compliments me on the ones I make and she seemed so excited about making a batch of her own. I had to take one to show her that I support her efforts. But I didn't eat it. I wrapped it up and brought it home. I'm going to give it to mom and dad this weekend.

It was raining tonight when I came home from work, so the neighbor's dogs weren't out to chase me.

I finally got my phone bill. It's about time.

There's something wrong with my scales. I weighed myself yesterday and then today and it said I had lost 1.4 pounds in just one day. I don't think that was right, but it sounds good and it's encouraging.

Well, time to watch the National Body Challenge. And get some ice cream.

I love putting those two sentences together. LOLOL

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fed Up

Tonight, the neighbor's dogs were chasing my car again as I drove up to my house. So, I stopped in the middle of the driveway and got out of my car. The three-legged dog took off. The black Lab waited until I picked up some sticks and threw at him before he took off. They have been chasing my car every day I work for I know weeks. It's absurd that their owners don't care enough to keep an eye on them. I guess that's how that one lost its leg.

Hillary Clinton won a primary yesterday. That's good. John McCain won too. I haven't been impressed with him since he started siding with Bush.

The phone company is late in sending me my phone bill. I may have to call them if I don't get it soon and tell them to send me a bill.

Worked out this morning and stuck to my diet again. If I lose 2 pounds a week, I can be at my goal weight by the end of April. That seems like a long time, but if I just go week by week, maybe it will go by fast. Not that I want to wish my life away or anything....

I got the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes packet today in the mail. Why don't they sell magazines anymore? Aren't they a clearinghouse for publishers???? I don't want the crap they are trying to sell, I'd be more likely to take out a subscription to a magazine. Oh well, for 4 easy payments of $2.99 I can buy some scratch-off lottery tickets and have some fun.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I was driving up to the house tonight, and tonight, like every other night, the neighbor's dogs came running out to bark at and chase my car up to my house. One is a black lab and the other is a 3 legged german shepherd. Well, I was driving along, saw the lab to the side of me charging at me and then I heard a thud. The lab had run into the side of my car. I looked in my side view mirror and saw him standing there looking at me. He appeared fine and hopefully he will stop chasing that big thing on wheels that hurt him. The 3 legged dog chased me on up the driveway. If I was on flat land I could outrun that dog. LOL.

As for the diet, at the end of the night, I will have been on it for a whole week. Yay!! I didn't weigh myself last Wednesday when I started the diet because I didn't know if I was actually going to stick to it, but I have.

Today, I missed my mid-afternoon snack, so when I got home I couldn't take the puppies out for a walk. I stayed in and fixed my supper. Yesterday, it was warm enough to take Winnie and PJ outside. Winnie didn't quite know what to do out there. I think she might have even been a little scared. But she saw Fritz and realized that it was okay to be outside. PJ just ran around and sniffed everything. One time, we got into some soggy ground and Winnie stopped and held up her paw as if to say, "I'm not going to step into that. I'll get dirty." LOL.

Last night I watched the National Body Challenge show on Discovery Health. I liked that show better when they had a group of people of varying sizes all losing weight and competing in challenges for prizes. They would all come together for weigh-ins and you would follow their progress over a 15 or 16 week period. Now, the show follows one, in this case twins, person for 15 weeks and they condense it all into a one hour show. I think there are three more shows with three more sets of twins to follow this week.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Dieter's Tool

I use the calorie counter at Prevention's website to see how many calories I should be eating for the weight I want to be. For instance, if I want to be 120 pounds and be sedentary, then the calorie counter tells me I should eat something like 1440 calories a day. This is the basis for my theory that if I eat the number of calories for the weight I want to be, with no exercise, then, over time, I should lose down to that weight since I'm not eating the number of calories needed to maintain the weight I'm currently at. Now of course, I do plan to work in a little exercise here and there. Just walking in place in front of the tv, or using my handweights, or doing some pilates in front of the tv. And my current calorie goal per day is about 1150 or so, so I'm actually eating a lot less than what would maintain the weight I want to be. But this is just because I want to try to lose weight a bit faster. I actually got on the scales just a bit ago to see where I was so I could use the calorie calculator to see how many calories I would need to maitain this weight.

Despite how depressing it is to see my current weight, knowledge is power and I now know my starting point. Plus, I thought I actually weighed more that I did, so that was good news. I figured I was about 6 pounds heavier than what the scale showed tonight.

Anyway, for all of you out there who might be curious about how many calories you need to maintain a certain weight, you can click here for the calorie counter at

Diet Tricks

Just a couple of diet tricks that I've been using for a couple of weeks:

1. Plastic ice cream cups. You know those ice cream cups you used to get in elementary school - the little cups of ice cream with the cardboard covers? Well, I got a pack at walmart and one little cup is only 100 calories. So, I thought I could use the cups to control portion sizes of other varieties of ice cream. First I bought some fat free orange sherbet. Very strong orange flavor and very sweet, it makes you think you've had dessert. And by using the ice cream cups, I only get about 100 to 120 calories worth. One little cup holds about 3 ounces if you fill it to the same line that the original ice cream came up to. Yesterday I got fat free brownie ice cream. A 4 ounce serving of that is only 90 calories. I haven't opened that yet.

2. Baby spoons. I've been using baby spoons to eat my ice cream. I take longer to eat it and it makes me think there's more of it in a serving.


How has my Sunday been? Here's a rundown:

Took the puppies to see their grandparents. Mom loved the sd card I got her that had some of my pictures of my niece, nephew and the puppies on it. I played for a bit on her high speed internet - it was better than watching the Today Show. I didn't want to see the bad news of the day. So, I watched video of Sergio Garcia and Jose Maria Olazabal instead.

We came home and I tried a different variety of Progresso Soup - Steak and noodles. I added some diced tomatoes because I had some in the fridge that I need to use. The soup is pretty good. Until now, I've stuck to the chicken varieties. This was a good change to keep me from getting tired of chicken soup.

Then I did some laundry and took Steffi and Fritz out for a walk. I walked for about 20 minutes outside. I was warm then. The sun came out for a little bit to brighten things up but it has since been blocked out by clouds. This has been a rainy weekend but as long as its warm I don't care. I also got a cutting off of the grape vines. I forget what I'm supposed to do with it, so I just put it in a glass of water. Maybe it will sprout and grow roots. I should look up what I'm supposed to do with it. Dad wants a vine to set out at his house.

I took a nap and didn't sleep long enough. The furnace woke me up. I can tell I didn't sleep enough because I woke up all jittery. Oh well, I'll sleep tonight. This is where I started getting cold.

I've got the tv on the food network, which is not a good idea when you're on a diet, but they are supposed to be having healthy recipes. I think they ran out of healthy recipes. Road Tasted had kringles and cheese and this next show has french cookies and cheese.

As for my diet, I've been sticking to it today. And thanks to my 20 minute walk, I think I'm going to come in under my 1150 calorie goal for the day. It depends on how hungry I get later I guess.

Steffi is also back on her diet. I cooked the turkey for her yesterday and she's back to eating it. I hope the turkey helps to reduce her cough some. It seems her cough gets worse when she eats bologna.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

So Far, So Good, sort of......

So far, I've completed most of the things on my to do list. The only thing I have left to do is set the mouse trap. The sort of part comes from the diet aspect. As of now, I've eaten about 1040 calories. I don't think I'm going to stick to the amount I would like to ingest today - about 1150 or so. Maybe I'll walk in place for a bit later on to use up some calories.

Dad came up today and helped me cut Steffi's nails. She didn't like it at the time, but I'm sure she feels much better now. Her cough she's been having sounds a lot like Fritz's hair ball cough, so I gave her some hairball treats. Fritz threw up twice today. He must have been out in the pasture eating bad stuff again. Winnie and PJ just loved seeing their grandpa. Dad also helped me change a lightbulb in the bathroom. No, this isn't a how many west virginians does it take joke. The glass bowl covering the bulb had little screws to hold it in place and I didn't have enough hands to hold the bowl, the screws and the lightbulb. Plus Dad's taller than me and could reach the light better.

I had made a silent resolution to try to spend less money this year. After balancing my checkbook today, I see that I really need to try to follow that resolution (although I did manage to show an increase in savings this year despite all my spending). But, unfortunately, my shopping trip this morning resulted in a bill of $120.00 at Walmart. $30.00 of that was for shoes for work so that's an acceptable expense - the shoes I have been wearing have holes in them and my socks kept getting wet. And I bought a 512 MB sd card so mom can put pictures of the granddogs and grandkids on it to play in her digital photo frame she bought. I put some of my pictures of the puppies and the kids on it so Mom will have mine too. The only frivolous purchase I think was the large quantity of remnant fabric. I couldn't help it - there were some really nice colors and prints. But I think altogether that was probably only $8.00 or so.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Yay, it's Friday!!!!!!!

Whoohooo!!!! Another weekend. Gee, you'd think I worked all week with this attitude, huh? LOL. It's been the longest three days in my most recent memory. I'm glad it's the weekend. I think the snowy weather had something to do with it. And the headache I had for a day and a half. I actually went back to bed this morning before I left for work to try to get rid of my headache.

I got four books today in the mail. I love it when I get good mail. It's amazing how different people interpret the words 'acceptable' and 'good' in the Amazon marketplace. I got one book that was listed as acceptable and it's darn near perfect, and I got another one listed as good and I would call it acceptable. In my book, good means you don't want to throw it across the room because you don't want to hurt it. Acceptable means it's been abused but all the pages are still there and you can still read it.

Things to Do List for the weekend:
Go to the store
Cook a turkey
Trim Steffi's nails
Mouse Hunt

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Snow - Yuck

Well, we got more snow last night and this morning but the sun came out and melted much of it. The bottom of the driveway as icy but I managed to drive up to the house tonight. I hope I can get down without any trouble tomorrow morning.

Steffi I guess is doing ok. I hesitate to comment on her condition because I never know if it's going to change. She does seem to be coughing more - part of her fluid issue that she's had for a few years.

Today, I got three of the books I've ordered from amazon marketplace sellers. I will have to start reading them. One is a Diana Palmer book. I'm sure I'll go through that one fast. Right now I've got Winnie on my lap, which means it's very hard to type, and I'm watching the golf channel. I'm about to head over to my golf blog to make some comments.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

An Ugh Day

We got some snow last night. You'd think since it had been forecast that the road crews would have been out treating the roads and they would have been in decent condition this morning. Well, since I'm writing this post, you can correctly assume that the roads really sucked this morning. I didn't see where the road crews had done anything. Even on the interstate I drove 45 and 50 mph. I got off the interstate at the exit where my office is and slid (that's with studded snow tires). I didn't slide much, I was only going about 5 mph on the exit ramp. Tonight I came home to find a salt truck parked in the road right next to my driveway. I couldn't go to my driveway and turn around so I could then come back to the beginning of my road to park my car. I had to turn around in a neighbor's driveway. Why do I have to park at the road instead of driving up to the house? Well, for one thing, my driveway is very steep and it's dangerous to drive it when there's a lot of snow on. For another thing, the only neighbor who shares my driveway (the old woman who shovels her own driveway in the winter because she's been cursed by a lazy family who would rather play with dirt bikes than help her) has relatives who drive on the driveway and pack the snow down into solid ice. Her relatives live about 50 feet away from her. And they have to drive to her house. Talk about lazy. I only hope that when Karma, or God if you prefer, makes things right that it appears in the paper so I'll know that it's happened.

So far so good with Steffi. Although her tummy was making noises tonight. It could just be the nasty salami I fed her for supper. Dad gave me a whole pack that he'd never opened. I don't know why anyone would eat that. It looks disgusting. Anyway, I hope Steffi's going to be okay. Winnie found a cardboard paper towel roll and she's chewing on it. I think PJ stole a piece. And just to keep from leaving him out, Fritz got brushed tonight.

Back on the diet yet again. Maybe if I keep going back on the diet, then I'll be too busy going on the diet to go off of it. LOL. And with the walking I'm doing to get to and from my car, I'm even getting some exercise.

Well, it's supposed to be really cold tonight, with wind chills down to about zero. The cat even wanted to come in tonight, but she's got plenty of hidey-holes out around the house and the pasture that she can crawl into and stay warm. I'm going to have a really, really cold walk down to the car in the morning. But the weather forecast claims we'll be back up into the 50s by the end of the weekend.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I just spent about an hour on a shopping website trying to place an order. Every button I clicked came up with an error message. I'm never ordering from them again. It's Miles Kimball in case anyone wants to know what company has a sucky website.

Steffi is doing ok today I think. I hesitate to make a report because she's up then she's down, then she's up again. She ate and went out a couple of times and hasn't acted sick.

Right now on NBC is a figure skating show featuring the music of Seal. I only know the Kiss From a Rose song and I think Brian Boitano's performance to that song. So, I think I'm going to have to sit through 2 hours of Seal music that I've never heard of before and probably won't like just to get to see this one performance. And so far, there have been three songs and they all sound the same.