Thursday, September 30, 2004

I Spoke Too Soon.....

I only had limited success with getting rid of Begin2Search. It came back today on our IE browser. So, I downloaded the Mozilla Firefox browser because someone said that this thing has spyware protection and pop-up blockers built in and that it might block the Begin2Search toolbar. Hopefully this will be the last we see of Begin2Search. My brother-in-law and sister will be coming in for a visit in about a week to a week and a half. Maybe they can innoculate our computer from whatever else is hiding on here. I was able to import our favorites into the Firefox browser so we are good to go there. Hopefully, I didn't import Begin2Search along with them.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


After further research on the internet regarding the Begin2Search toolbar, I learned that the begin2search website had an uninstall button. So, I used that to remove the toolbar from my browser. It appears at this stage that it's all been removed. But I will have to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. And I also learned that some victim of this horrible thing has reported this to the FBI. Good for them!!!!!!!
Today was Scarlett's farewell party at work. She is transferring to P-Burg. I was in charge of the party, which is an unusual experience for me. I usually don't plan the parties. But today's was a nice one. We had pizza, no-bake cookies, and this chocolate mousse, whipped cream, cookie crumb dessert thing that April bought at Walmart. Tony's mom must think people eat a lot. She works at the pizza place so Tony called her to get a discount and she told him that for 9 people, we would need three pizzas (36 slices). Well, we had one whole pizza left over at the end of the day. I gave Scarlett half and I took half home. But I left the no-bake cookies. Everyone loves them more than pizza. Charlotte got a cookie when she came in and said, "Now, you don't bake these, right?" They aren't called no-bake cookies for nothing, you know. April and Julie got a kick out of her blond moment. Scarlett confided in me that she now shares a similar opinion of Melanie to the one I have. I don't know why other people feel the opposite of what we do for her. It's a mystery. But apparently Charlotte may feel something akin to what we do. April and I heard her on the phone to someone in P-Burg (presumably Luinna) and we heard Charlotte say, "Well don't tell Melanie."

I heard today on the news that apparently Martha Stewart is going to spend her five month sentence here in WV. The news people interviewed residents of the town and they were all excited that Martha could do a lot to help the community. Inmates at this facility are allowed out to do community service - anything from trash detail to singing in choirs. The residents on the news hoped she would have some good ideas about the flower beds in the town. It's a shame that her mother may have a more difficult time visiting her here instead of the two other facilities that she would have liked to have been assigned to. But hopefully, the time will go fast and Martha will be home before she knows it. And to satisfy the cynics out there, the news reporter stated that a nickname for this facility was "camp cupcake". So, she won't be working on any chain gangs.

I'm still suffering the effects of the Begin2search toolbar bug. It has hijaced my Internet Explorer browser. I don't know where we picked this thing up, but we can't get rid of it yet. I found some directions about deleting lines out of some kind of registry. But when the directions start out by saying, "Make a back up of the registry.", that sounds just a little bit serious, like I'm not sure I'm the one who wants to be touching the registry. I'll have to do some more research to see if there' s another way to get rid of this. If you have XP, I think there's a patch you can download, but I have 98.

The new season of Andromeda has begun. Check out my "The earth hath skin" blog for my comments thus far.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Congratulations, you're the paranoid boss.
All these people around you .. they're necessary, sure, but they need to be watched. They could rise through the ranks like a crushing army of office ninjas; highly skilled human resources, trained in the art of doing things well, ready to usurp you.
Be ready. Claim credit for their work. Squish them down at every possible opportunity. Screw them over. Don't give them enough money. Ensure your reign will last for a thousand years, but never, ever let them think they can compete.

Which Office Moron are You?
Mummy Lake's mystery is unraveled

Donny Osmond makes chart return - He's big in the UK.

Today at work April had emailed the ram to get clarification on some policy. Greg had completely overruled decisions made by the previous supervisor which in turn meant that April had to reaudit 4 cases. The ram called April and said that yes, Greg's actions were supported by policy and then she emailed April the policy that pertained to what Greg had done. The only problem was that the policy said the complete opposite of what Greg did. So, I followed up with an email back to the ram asking for the correct policy. Well, then the ram calls me and she says that what he did wasn't in policy but that it was the way she wanted it done. I have no problem doing things the way she wants them done, she just has to be honest enough to say that's what she wants. But by first saying that there was policy to support Greg's actions and then reversing herself in her conversation with me, it sends the message that she doesn't really want us to do our jobs correctly, she just doesn't want us to question Greg's actions. (Or Lydia's for that matter). The ram kept telling me "I don't know what you're asking for." It wasn't that she didn't know, it's that she didn't care. I mean it's hard to not understand the words, "you said there was policy. where is it?" So, the next time April has a situation like this, I'll tell her to go to our attorney, who can overrule anyone in our office. He will end up making Greg do 10 times more work. Serves them right.

Julie got back from her Florida vacation. She said she would have laid out on the beach, but there was no beach thanks to the last few hurricanes. It's good to have Julie back. April and I need another smarty-pants to joke around with.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Work was pretty quiet today. This morning, I used an orange napkin and scrunched paper to make a spider to hang in John's doorway of his office. Here's the long story that leads up to the spider: Scarlett sent an email to us telling us that because a spider bit her on the face, she was going to need a plastic surgeon and a cat scan because the spot that got bitten had become swollen. John responded to the email that he thought a spider had bit him on his stomach because it looked swollen (meaning he's gained some weight). So, I made the spider today and hung it in the doorway to tease him. Then April mentioned something about the Charlotte's Web book and how the spider had weaved messages into her webs. It was funny since our RAM is named Charlotte.

Also today, we received gift bags for employee appreciation week. The gifts were post-it notes. But the tissue paper that was stuffed in the gift bag was the real prize. I got mine and Tony's and wallpapered a shelf in my cube. It has a swirl and stars pattern so it goes great with my magic wand. Then later, April and I got John's tissue paper and April taped it to the file cabinet in my cube as sort of a table cloth. My cube's so pretty now. LOL! Oh, and April and I had some left over ice cream from yesterday's ice cream sundae even to celebrate employee appreciation week. Tomorrow is "hot dog it's Friday" for employee appreciation week. I'm not a big hot dog fan, too many Jay Leno jokes about what they are made of, but they are free so I will have to participate.

And Scarlett, my dad says he knows a guy who had a big swollen spot sprout on his cheek bone and it turned out to be a sinus problem. So, the spider bite might not be the culprit.

Ride 'em Cowboy!

Check out this website: Blackjack's Bar-B-Que. It is the official website of the famous wrestler, Blackjack Mulligan. He is the father of Barry and Kendall Windham (my favorite wrestlers of all time) and the father-in-law of Mike Rotundo, another accomplished wrestler. I might add this site to the links in the green box.

Home Sweet Home

Maybe not yet. I got to see the A-Frame house tonight. A very bad choice. We drove for miles out a paved country road. Then we turned off onto a gravel road and traveled even farther. Seeing a "Dead End" sign was not encouraging, but things looked even worse when we passed the sign and kept going. Finally we reached the house and encountered the driveway. It was straight up hill and the bottom half was gravel and dirt, then it turned left and had some paving. There is no way anyone could live there all year round. As for the house, it was ok if you didn't mind hitting your head. The basement had to have 8 foot high ceilings. The second floor had the slanted roof thing going. It felt very claustrophobic. The bathroom wasn't all that great either. Someone had built a closet in the middle of the bathroom. It wasn't the ideal spot for it. So, I wasn't all that happy with the A-Frame. Not all that disappointed because I figured it would be out in the middle of nowhere. I also got to see the house with the 5 acres and the horse barn. Scarlett should have been with me, there was a horse in residence. It was black and I thought it looked young. But I've never been around horses, so that was just a guess. Anyway, the horse was skittish and didn't come up to us to be petted. That house was ok. Small rooms, different carpet in every room. Propane furnace and gas range. Full basement, but the lights didn't work in the basement. The bathroom was ok, but smaller than the one I've got now. And the toilet didn't flush. I don't know what the problem was with it. The house is about 50 years old and it has a tin roof. The driveway is gravel, but not all that steep. The real estate woman and I walked out to the barn and she had to open the little 'gate' part of the electric fence. She said, "I don't even think this is on." Then, she touched it. Guess what. The electric fence was on. LOL! She didn't get hurt, just a little zapped. Heehee. The barn looked pretty good. Of course, Dad, being the wet blanket he is, had nothing good to say about the house with the barn. Even though he didn't see it for himself. I think I'm going to call up another real estate agency and ask to see some of their listings. They have less acreage, but the houses are newer and more spacious. I think I want to see several different places before I decide on one. This decision will probably have to do me for 30 years, it needs to be an educated one.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Check out: The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog.

Round 2

Well, I have a new real estate agent. The other chick had too much to do so she passed me on to some other woman. I'm supposed to check out a couple of places tomorrow evening. These two places are at the top of the list, so I hope I like one of them at least. And I hope the location passes the Dad test.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Found this website on the soon to be re-named Tin Foil Hat blog (check them out over in the green box). I think this Rowboat Veterans for Truth is something similar to the comedy sketch the Daily Show folks from comedy central did on the Emmy broadcast. It was funny.
I got the new Keith Urban cd today. So far it's pretty good. I'm only on song 5 of 13. I think April is getting a little weirded out - we do a lot of things alike, think alike and sometimes we even end up at the same store at the same time. Last week we both went to Walmart after work and parked in the same row in the lot, just a few spaces between us. Today, same thing. But she didn't go shopping. She saw me park and left. Hope I didn't run her off, but I wasn't not going to go to the store - I've had to wait months for this cd and I was going to get it.

I got a couple of magazines at walmart. One is a house decorating magazine. Too bad I don't have a house yet. That real estate woman never did call me back. The other magazine is a People magazine with Siegfried and Roy on the cover. And apparently, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are dating. They should both find people outside the business. Dating people in show business doesn't seem to be working for them. Hopefully, it will work out though. I bought the magazine for an update on Roy. I don't really have much interest in who's dating whom in Hollywood.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Well, I got the Alias Season 3 dvd today. And another Alias book. I plan to read the book tomorrow, but I've already checked out some bonus features of the dvd and watched episode 1 from season 3. Have I told you how much I love Jack? And how much I hated Robert Lindsey? LOL! Alias is such a good show.
Even better than the Miss America Pageant.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

For those in the know - the A-Frame house came down $5000.00 in price this weekend, according to the website. And I haven't even looked at it yet.

Find Your A.Q.

I saw this website on a tv commercial so I thought I would check it out. Who knew it was for LandRover. Anyway, Find Your A. Q. (Adventure Quotient). Here's mine:


While your adventures take you to amazing heights, your mind always remains grounded. Our initial calculations reveal that you are an Inward Inspirational Seeker.

Your idea of adventure is not instant gratification or quick-fix thrills. You stay focused on your greater goals and never allow your thoughts to stray far from the purpose of self-improvement and fulfillment. Your adventures are genuine-you're not one for pretense or trying to impress others.

I would have gone on to the in-depth quiz, but with a dial up connection, it was taking forever for these questions to load. Notice, it doesn't say anything about patience up there in the IIS discription :)

Friday, September 17, 2004

Ivan Ho

It's raining cats and dogs here thanks to Hurricane Ivan. Too bad it isn't raining Tomcat or Barry. They are still MIA. I tried to give Neighborcat to Tony today. Even offered him $20.00 toward getting Neighborcat fixed. But Tony still said no. I think John needs a pet. I'll try next week to give Neighborcat to him.

I didn't get to see any properties today. The road on which one of the properties is located was flooded. Hopefully I will get to reschedule sometime next week.

I wonder how Polly's Wooten Manor is weathering the storm. She has had trouble with the rain in the past. If only she would POST on her blog once in a while, some people might know what's going on in her life.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Well, Neighborcat has pretty much run off the other cats. This will have to stop. I miss Barry, Curly, Tomcat and Satan. Lapcat was around today, but you couldn't really pet her. She was looking around for Neighborcat the whole time. Oddly enough, Shade is not concerned with Neighborcat. I told Dad that I think she and Neighborcat identify with each other because of their short tails. Both have had their tails removed. He chuckled at that.

I was supposed to view some properties tonight with a real estate agent, but she had to cancel. Her kid was sick. We're supposed to do it Friday, but with Hurricane Ivan bringing rain to our neck of the woods by the weekend, I don't know if we'll get to do it then.

I'm watching the Discovery Health Body Challenge: Hollywood. The contestants are actors and two of them were on the Brady Bunch - Peter and Cindy. It's interesting watching how they interact with each other as adults. Peter Brady is looking pretty good.

Monday, September 13, 2004

I just voted for Leland for the new Keith Partridge. It took forever to get to vote. I had to create an account at VH1 and then go to my yahoo email to activate the account. It was ridiculous. George W. Bush didn't need to jump through that many hoops to start the Iraq War.

Today at work, Angie came into John's office and said, "I have great news." And I said, "You've just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico." LOLOL!!! I love that commercial. John and Angie laughed. Her great news was that she won a $200.00 grill from Walmart. John's birthday is Wednesday. We might have to do a little something for him. He claims he might call in sick that day, but we will just celebrate without him.

I'm watching the Canadian Country Music Awards. Don't know half of these people. But I did see George Canyon, Nashville Star competitor, win the Rising Star Award. Good for him! Paul Brandt has apparently redone the song, "Convoy". It's a 1970's truck driving song that has been used recently in a car commercial.

Dad says my car insurance may skyrocket. He knows a man who has the same insurance and his went up $600.00 on two vehicles. That will teach my dad for changing our insurance. He needs to just accept that all insurance companies are crooked and are just out to steal money from hardworking people.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

I like Leland

I'm watching In Search of the Partridge Family again. They are having all the potential Keiths perform. So far I like Leland - he sang Addicted to Love. But the first guy sang the George Michael song, Faith and he was pretty good. Leland's story is interesting though. He just met his biological mom recently and she had auditioned for the part of Shirley Partridge. And one contestant, Lucais, could win a Keanu Reeves look-alike contest. Maybe there will be a Bill and Ted sequel he could be in.
I thought since I was going to start house hunting that it would be nice to be able to take some pictures of the houses I would be looking at. So, I dug out my digital camera to try to fix the problem I was having with this computer back when we were having all the trouble a few months ago. I got out my digital camera software, reinstalled it and then took some pictures. When I went to download the pictures I got the same "camera connection error" message I got months ago. So, I unhooked the usb cable, restarted the computer, then hooked the usb cable back up and plugged in my camera. Again, I got the "camera connection error". So, I guess there just won't be digital pictures or cameras in our house from now on. It really stinks to have spent a total of $40.00 on these digital cameras to not be able to use them now, when they worked just fine a few months ago before all the computer trouble happened.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Quck! Run Outside!!

Check to see if the sky is falling! I actually posted on theMaltese Cow blog!!! Yes, after more than a month I returned to the A-Team blog. Check it out. And I also posted on the "Earth Hath Skin" blog too.
Guess what. I discovered that will accept money orders! Yay!!! I can buy stuff from them now without having my sister order it. But if I want stuff from marketplace sellers, I will still need my personal shopper :) And Mom discovered that you can shop at if you buy those shopping cards that they sell in the stores. That's great too since often has sales that the stores don't have and it often has items that are only available online.

Tomcat, our cat, not the neighborcat, showed up at the house today with a swollen front paw that he wouldn't put any weight on. I guess he broke something. I hope it heals up. I also hope he can get back to the porch to get something to eat once in a while. That neighborcat won't let any cats around the food these days. Except for Shade, my sister's cat. I think Shade and Neighborcat are sweet on each other. Neighborcat might have to be fixed so he won't be so aggressive anymore.

We are having a farewell party for Scarlett at work at the end of the month. She is transferring to Polly's office. I have been thinking of ideas for the party and gifts and such. I think she will be pleased. Usually, I'm not the one throwing the parties. I try to get out of all that kind of work because it usually leads to kitchen work. Yuck. But, I think because I'm the oldest of me, April and Scarlett, that I was silently nominated for the leadership role. Or else, someone thought my Goddess Tiara meant that I was some kind of leader. Hmmm.... Monday, April and I will be going down to the State Office for some training. I don't need the training but I'm going anyway since April has done her best to make everyone she has training with hate me. LOL. They hate me because I already know about the new programming and April has an easier time with her work because of me. It will be fun to be in the same room with all the other people. Barb and Angie from P-Burg will be going with us. It should be fun. I think we are all looking past the training to the lunch after. There's a much better selection of restaurants around the state office than we have around our offices.

I just saw a commercial for the Tony Danza Show, a new talk show on TV. Tony Danza is looking very old. He needs some botox or airbrushing or something. Digital tv will not be kind to him.

Friday, September 10, 2004

So, is this good or bad???

"Johnny Knoxville will play Luke Duke opposite Seann William Scott's Bo
Duke in "The Dukes of Hazzard," a big-screen version of the 1980s television
series that Warner Bros. Pictures is mounting in association with Village

Taken from this website, the article also says that Jessica Simpson has screen tested for Daisy Duke. So, my question is, is this casting for Bo and Luke appropriate? Luke is supposed to be the smart one, but quite frankly, I haven't seen Johnny Knoxville in a smart role. And I don't know if I know Seann William Scott at all. If anyone out there has an opinion on the casting, please post.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

I really think this flea killer is bad for me. Tonight, after I sprayed it on the dogs (and accidentally on myself) and around the cat's litter box, I started sneezing and haven't stopped. It would be really nice if the parents would help out. But no, they would rather just complain about the fleas. I got pre-qualified for a mortgage from a different bank than I normally use. My regular bank is being monitored by the Feds for their loan practices, so it's not really a good idea to go to them for a loan. I guess now I will start house hunting for real. It will be difficult to arrange appointments with real estate people though. There's no privacy at all at work to make a call from my desk to the real estate people. Everyone can hear everything you say on the phone. I should know, I eavesdrop on Tony constantly.

Tonight I went to Walmart and charged a little bit on my credit card. The credit card people sent me a letter asking why I hadn't used the card in a while. So, I figured I'd better charge something on it. The last time I got a letter like that, the evil credit card people took their card back. I guess they would prefer that I file for bankruptcy and charge the max on the card. Idiots. At least I waited until the bank ran the credit check for the pre-qualification. Anyway, at Walmart I bought this really cute 2005 calendar with pictures of chihuahuas. Not a one of them look like Steffi, but one of them looks like our first chihuahua, Tippy. And one of them looks like Peanut, a dog my uncle in Indiana used to have. I also bought a couple of magazines that I wouldn't normally buy. I had to make the amount spent respectable. I would have looked stupid charging $10.00 on a credit card.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I think Neighborcat would like to become Housecat. He tried to follow me into the house tonight. However it is raining cats and dogs outside so I think that's a big part of it. But I can't let Neighborcat come in. The dogs would not be nice and Neighborcat is not a skilled fighter. He's a skilled loser. So, it wouldn't be good. On a related note, I think Shade, the former house cat, likes Neighborcat. She doesn't fight him and I've seen them nose-to-nose. I think they are smitten with each other :)

I also think I'm slowly being poisoned by flea killer. The good news is that Kitten, the only housecat we actually have in the house, is now using a real litter box in her old porch area after a couple of months of avoiding it like the plague thanks to it being infested with fleas. I have given in and started putting flea powder in the litter. I don't think the flea powder is supposed to touch living skin, but I haven't noticed the cat acting any crazier than usual. I also spray flea killer on the carpet surrounding the litter box. This all means that when I clean the litter box, the flea powder dust billows out of the box and I have to hold my breath to keep from coating my lungs with it. And the flea spray, well, you can imagine how its smell permeates the air.

As for the flea battle with the dogs, that's not going as well. I have flea spray for them, but they hate the spray bottle. So, I have to wrestle them down and spray them as much as I can while I have the chance. If I try to rub the spray into their coats, then I lose my grip on the spray bottle and I end up accidentally spraying myself in the face and such. Yuck. But I'm convinced now that I could enter and win a greased pig contest at the next county fair. That Steffi is a squirmy, fat, little chihuahua.

Here's a website for the socially conscious shopper:

Monday, September 06, 2004

How about checking out John Hannah dot net, a website devoted to a really great actor. I would love to watch him more often on BBC America, but his shows are usually on after I go to bed on Monday nights. Curse that work thing that makes me go to bed early. I did get to see him on a Season One episode of Alias though :)

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Finally, someone has used their web design talent to create a website devoted to one of my favorite wrestlers - Kendall Windham. Check it out!

Hello world, here's a song that we're singing.....

I bet some of you can guess what I just finished watching on VH1. Yes, I watched "In Search of the Partridge Family". Some of the contestants could sing, some definitely couldn't. I would be a better judge of the contestants if I had actually watched the show when it was on before ( I think I was just a bit too young for the show). But the closest I ever got to the Partridge Family was Shaun Cassidy's (Shaun is David/Keith's brother) role as Joe Hardy on the Hardy Boys tv show. I actually have old records of Shaun Cassidy somewhere around the house. Unless my sister took them when she moved out.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Here's another blog. Makes me long for what the Travel Channel used to be. Check out Rachel On The Road.
Well, I'm tired. Yesterday I did all my shopping and gave both dogs their baths. Today, I ran the vacuum cleaner, washed and waxed my car, cooked the turkey for the dogs, helped Dad haul his hay. Hopefully, I have cleared the way to spend the next two days I have off doing nothing.

A New Link Has Been Established....

Check out Aazari's World over in the Links Section. This is the website of the girlfriend of a guy Polly and I used to work with in P-Burg. She is a real artist. I would be an artist, but I can't draw noses :( She is also a vigilant warrior in the fight against art theft and copyright infringement. You can check out The Art Protection League for more info on that.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Happy Anniversary to Me!!

I noticed tonight that September 20th will be this blog's one year anniversary. Hard to believe I've been blogging for a whole year. It really doesn't seem like that long. I think I will have to find some way to celebrate this milestone.
Today, the Ram's boss was in our office for most of the day. At lunch time, I let April run around the office wearing my tiara and waving my magic wand and the Ram's boss stopped us and just had to ask why April was wearing the tiara and waving the wand. She and Melanie explained that I am an accounting goddess and those are my sacred charms. LOL! Now ram's boss thinks we are weird. But that's ok. It might keep him away for a while. Then, today was Tony's birthday, so Julie told the folks at the other office that Tony work's in and I emailed the people he works with at the state office so they could tease him appropriately. In our office, I used some extra wrapping paper I had and made a pretty fake present to hang on the wall, and I wrote him a poem. Tracy made a Birthday card and we all signed it. Melanie's comments on the card were the best. She said, "I've changed my mind. I'm staying." LOL! Melanie is the person who became our supervisor instead of Tony. And she's on her way back to the P-Burg office so Tony can have another chance to become our supervisor. We also got our evaluations today. Mine was really good, I exceeded expectations, although I am an accounting goddess, so you have to wonder how high those expectations actually were. Melanie told Julie to apply for Specialist 3. Julie doesn't plan to thanks to that reclassification where the ram and former supervisor deliberately held her back from the Spec. 3 position. The only reason they want Julie to apply for Specialist 3 is because Tony will probably become supervisor and there will be no other spec. 3's in the office to take over the training and extra work.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Melanie and the Ram said today that they were in the process of re-writing the job specifications for all the positions in our region to make them more uniform. I guess that will mean that April and I will be mailing out completed audits to people. That is the Ram's and Melanie's favorite thing to do to the audit people. And it makes a lot of sense for government work - you only have two people in the whole office who can do audits, but instead of having them do audits, you are having them lick envelopes - a chore anyone with a tongue can do. Yep, a good use of resources - not. Oh well, Greg's already got court cases backed up 7 months waiting on the accounting to get done, I guess he will just have to wait longer. So much for the enforcement statistics increasing.

Team Meeting

Today was our team meeting at work. I was bragged about quite profusely for having an error rate of ZERO last quarter. I was awarded the BEST Mug (a local office version of the BEST award) and I was called the Accounting Goddess and was presented with a tiara that has pink fluffy stuff on it and rhinestones with flashing lights, a magic wand that makes a magical sound and has flashing lights (because the work I do involves some kind of mystical voodoo that no one understands) and I was also given a huge pink plastic ring that also lights up. And I also got some kind of "you're a great person" ribbon. I don't think they realize what they've done by giving me a tiara and a magic wand. LOL! April came back from training today and said that she told everyone how wonderful I was and that I already knew everything about the new programming. Well, some chick in her training class actually had the nerve to email me today and ask me a question. I was nice enough to answer, but then I sent the email to the ram and Melanie and asked if I could get some brownie points for helping people in another region. The Ram said yes (because I am the accounting goddess) Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!