Tuesday, May 31, 2005

So, I periodically check the Kevin Sites blog to see if there's been anything new added and have been disappointed each time since it looks like nothing new has been added since January. While I had some time this evening, I did a google search on him and found that he has been in California recently for an interview on NPR and he's recently won an award for ethics in journalism. So, he's apparently alive and well, which is all I really wanted to know since he was in the middle of Iraq getting shot at and such a while back. It's good to know he's still out there.
I am not yet toothless. I went to the dentist today to get the tooth pulled, but he kept harping on the fact that the tooth could break apart and have to be pulled out in pieces and I got the impression that he just didn't want to pull the tooth. So, they are supposed to be making me an appointment with an oral surgeon. And the dentist didn't think the numbing stuff worked well enough to pull it. He dug around on the tooth testing it out and there was a bit of discomfort but not excruciating pain. I'm sure it will hurt once the numbing stuff wears off today though. Good thing I still have some pain medicine left.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


One of my favorite tv shows of all time, right up there with the A-Team, is Airwolf, starring Jan-Michael Vincent, Ernest Borgnine, and Alex Cord. To this day there is a part of me that would desperately love to learn how to fly helicopters thanks to these two tv shows. I think Airwolf only ran for three seasons with Jan-Michael Vincent and then it moved to a different network with Barry Van Dyke (I think) taking over as the lead character (not Stringfellow, but the previously MIA brother of Stringfellow Hawke). A good place to start if you are interested in learning more about the show is Airwolf.org.

Treadmill Report

53 minutes, 46 seconds; 3.11 miles; 400 calories burned.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Airwolf Season 1 DVD - So far it's great. More to come on this later......

Back on the treadmill

53 minutes 8 seconds. 3.17 miles. 407 calories burned.

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Alias finale was incredible!!! I taped it because it came on at 10pm and I had gone to bed. So, I just watched it. Who is Michael Vaughn??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm happy that Sloane was a good guy for a while. I'm betting it won't last. Hopefully Jack will be in control of APO next season. Or else Kendall comes back. Jack and Irina together was great. Nadia was scary. And I'm glad Elena's dead. I guess Irina will team up with Sark again since they are both on the loose now. That will be good.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I got the Airwolf dvds today!!!! Yay! I can't wait to watch them. I had to tape Alias's season finale last night since it was on at 10pm and I went to bed. I did watch American Idol last night. Tooth's not hurting that badly right now. I guess the infection is going away. Charlotte, one of the bosses at work, mentioned today that I was losing weight!! Yay!!! I need to get back on the treadmill this weekend before I get that tooth pulled on Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Food, Glorious Food

I got to eat some food today! Yay!! I hope I don't throw it up later. Chef Boyardee Lasagna in a can - yum!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Went to the dentist today. We had to call about 4 or 5 until we found one who would see me today. It's a shame those poor, overworked dentists can only manage to work about 3 days a week. What a stressful job they must have. Anyway, I have to take antibiotics for a week before he will pull the tooth. He gave me pain medication but it doesn't seem to be that great. I still feel pain. Hmm... maybe that will decrease as the infection goes away. I am also throwing up. Which is not good because I plan to go back to work tomorrow. Hopefully the nausea will go away with the infection. I really wouldn't want to throw up at work.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I think I'm going to the dentist tomorrow to try to get this tooth pulled. I've been in pain virtually all weekend. It really isn't good when I have to sneeze.

I bought the book, "A Loving Scoundrel" a couple weeks ago and just read it today. It's a good book, a continuation of the Malory series. Sometime when I'm feeling better, I'm going to have to cross it off the wishlist.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Another Tiger Free golf weekend. yay! I wish I could enjoy it more, but this toothache is really annoying. Hopefully, I can get this taken care of sometime this week. Tylenol typically doesn't work for me on any pain other than headaches, and then I have to take three tylenol at once to do the trick. So, I thought I would try Ibuprofen tonight to see if that helped the toothache. Ibuprofen usually doesn't work on my headaches so it will be interesting to see if it helps me.
I skipped the treadmill last night. I have a really bad toothache that I'm dealing with. But, I just finished today's treadmill workout. Here are the stats: 53 minutes 36 seconds; 3.06 miles, 394 calories burned.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Back on the treadmill today: 40 minutes 23 seconds, 2.41 miles, 311 calories burned. Would have gone longer, but we were in the middle of a thunderstorm and I thought it best to get off the electric equipment.

Alias was great last night. I am sick of Hayden Chase and she needs either an attitude adjustment, or reassignment. Maybe she can get a job on "24". Bring back Kendall! One interesting thing about something Irina and Jack said last night - Jack told Irina that Nadia was really an exceptional girl. And Irina responded, "I wonder where she gets that from" with a strange look to Jack. I wonder if Sloane ever did a dna test on Nadia. Could Nadia, in fact, be Jack's daughter??? I don't remember if a dna test was done. I may have to watch some of the old episodes. On the evil message board, some idiot actually said they should kill off Sydney, Jack and Vaughn - well the show is about Sydney so people either need to suck it up and like the fact that it's all about her, or they need to watch something else. That's like saying "Let's have Baywatch, without the beach. Or Airwolf without the helicopter. Or Andromeda without the ship." Some of these people are just stupid. And someone else on the evil message board asked "Doesn't anyone ever stay dead on this show?" This was in response to Irina coming back after Jack had 'killed' her. Well, Danny is still dead. Dixon's wife is still dead. Francie is still dead. Emily is still dead. I will say that Lauren is still dead, but I'm not certain that she will stay dead. Irina would have stayed dead if it wasn't for the fact that a miracle happened and Lena Olin agreed to come back for another episode or two. As for Sloane, is he a bad guy or isn't he? I think he is a bad guy without the evil intentions. I think he really does want to use the Muller device to cleanse the world, but to make the world a better place. Elena just wants death and destruction. Remembering back to season 1, Sloane said that when he left the CIA for the Alliance it was because he had become disillusioned with the CIA and what the world had become. I think he felt that the CIA was just an exercise in futility, that evil was still there no matter how many missions they had and how many people they put away.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Today we had a safe driver training class at work. It wasn't mandatory, but April and I went to it anyway. During the class, the teachers talked about the wrecks they had been in. We got to wondering if these were the people we should be learning safe driving techniques from. Anyway, I acquired a headache during the training that lasted the rest of the day and got progressively worse. So much so that by the time I had gotten home I had decided to switch my rest day to today - so no treadmill. Plus, I stayed up late watching the ACM music awards last night. And today was potluck day and I actually ate extra carbs. I try to limit carbs just because I am a carb fiend and it isn't good to eat more carbs than any other type of food out there. But as I had started on the carb wagon, tonight when I got home, I decided to do it up right by eating the french fries I had in the freezer. I baked them so they aren't as bad as they could be. For lunch today, the only extra thing I ate was about a half of a cup of pasta salad. So, I didn't go overboard despite the fact that there were very scrumptious looking desserts just begging me to taste them. I didn't. As for the headache, I took sinus medicine and three tylenol and it seems to be easing up. Thank goodness.

The ACM awards last night - Keith Urban won a couple, Brad Paisley won a couple, Gretchen Wilson won a couple, Rascal Flatts and Brooks and Dunn won, Chris Ledoux was posthumously awarded the Pioneer award, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw performed separately - I hope Tim has to stay home with the kids while Faith promotes her new CD - it's only fair. Kenny Chesney won the Entertainer of the Year award and didn't mention the new wife at all. She didn't attend the show either. And I think Tim McGraw won something too.

Tonight is a two hour Alias event. So, I have another night of staying up late. Yay! (Sarcasm in there).

I think I just heard Dad complaining that I don't wash my dishes. Well, he doesn't clean his cat's litter box. So there. I don't force Dad to wash my dishes. If I could force him to do anything, it would be to clean the litter box.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

43 minutes, 48 seconds; 2.53 miles; 325 calories burned.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Sunday, May 15, 2005

On Golf

1) What does the song "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" have to do with the PGA tour?

2) There are more alcohol commercials tied in with golf and golfers than there were a few years ago.

Byron Nelson Specific:

1) Tournament was great with Purdy and O'Hair. I think O'Hair is my new favorite.

2) Tiger Free tournament. Yay!!!!

3) One of the commentators asked "What's with the world rankings that Vijay Singh is not the #1 player in the world?" I'm thinking that Tiger Woods' fame and image still sell tickets and whatever he pitches in commercials. So naturally, any tournament would want someone with that kind of money making potential to be called #1. I know that CBS couldn't last one hour without mentioning Tiger missing the cut this weekend He wasn't there and wasn't a factor in the last two weekends and they really had no business talking about him, but they still did.
Today's treadmill activity: 48 minutes 35 seconds, 2.81 miles, 361 calories burned.
Finally, someone is going to try to shut up that guy who made the Supersize Me movie. Yay!!!! He was an idiot. No one in their right mind will eat McDonalds food three times a day. The guy set out to make money, gain fame and jump on the popular "blame the food industry for a person's lack of restraint and personal responsibility" bandwagon. I'm glad this guy on this website is setting out to debunk Supersize Me.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Friday, May 13, 2005

I Got this Quiz from the Mad Perseid

So, check out his blog - the link is in the green box.

Your Deadly Sins

Sloth: 60%

Greed: 20%

Wrath: 20%

Envy: 0%

Gluttony: 0%

Lust: 0%

Pride: 0%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 14%

You will get bugs, because you're too lazy to shoo them off. And then you'll die.

I'm home from work today. Yay! It's nice and sunny outside. I plan to go out in a little bit with the dogs. I just finished up with the treadmill a few minutes ago. Today's results: 48 minutes 39 seconds; 2.75 miles and 354 calories. There isn't much on tv during the week. I would like to see Samantha Brown's Europe show on the Travel Channel, but Mom seems to be watching tv every time it's on. I did watch this show about the International Spy Museum on the Travel Channel this morning. Check out the link in the green box for more info on the museum. Tonight is the last episode ever of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. I can't wait to see how the show ends. But it will be sad knowing there won't be any new episodes. Hopefully the cast will all get new jobs in prominent shows so I can see them again. I still think any of them would be great additions to Alias.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

While surfing for news on American Idol's Constantine, I came across this website: Partridge Family Temple
Today was a horrendous day. Too much to explain and I've already explained it a couple times today to various people, so I'm skipping it here. Luckily, it was nothing too bad and not so much directly related to me, but still it was a tiresome day. I'm glad I took tomorrow off.

No treadmill today. I need to rest my feet. And besides, all the fitness magazines say you're supposed to rest a couple times a week. It's also free food day, a day in which I'm supposed to allow myself to eat whatever I want. Well, I've modified that slightly - I allow myself to eat low fat pizza (like lean cuisine or healthy choice).

Last night's Alias episode was very good. It really made you feel an emotional attachment to Sloane and made him a sympathetic character. Which means by the end of the season, he will be evil again. And Sydney and Jack had some good moments. I wish she wouldn't get mad at him so much and try to understand his spying nature a little more.

Jeans report - those jeans that I finally managed to fit into - they are now loose on me. Well, my idea of loose is probably how they are supposed to normally fit, but they felt awkward all day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

No new Alias spoilers since May 5th have been posted on the spoilerfix website! How do these people expect me to live? I have to have spoilers!
45 minutes and 14 seconds. 2.40 miles. 308 calories burned on the treadmill today.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Finally something decent and good clean fun on Larry King Live. The stars of Everybody Loves Raymond. I think I've only seen one episode of the show, but the clip they just showed of Ray smashing the wife's face with the freezer door was hilarious!
I told my mom they manufactured this guy just so they could continue the lie that there was a war on terror and the U. S. was in fact winning it. I mean, really, if mr. libby was important, you'd think we would have heard of him by now. We all knew the names of Saddam Hussein's sons.

Treadmill Report

46 minutes, 28 seconds
2.54 miles
327 calories burned.

I did 2 miles in under 35 minutes today.

Monday, May 09, 2005

I just sent off money for a subscription to this magazine. It's a good one for those who like reading about weightloss success stories and health and fitness. Check out Looking Good Now.
Finally! Sometime last week, I bit the inside of my lip accidentally. I have been suffering in pain since then because it just wouldn't heal. I'm thinking it had something to do with all the little sugar candies I've been eating at work. You know how they say that diabetics have problems with wounds healing? Well, I was thinking that maybe all that sugar around that sore spot just wasn't letting it heal up. So, this weekend, I went off the sugar and sloshed around warm salt water in my mouth every few hours. Finally, I think it's healing up. I can finally eat solid food again!! Yay! This weekend's diet was not a good one. Scrambled eggs, cake (yes there was sugar in the icing, but I sloshed the saltwater afterwards) and not so crispy french fries. Soon, I am hoping to eat the tomato I bought Friday night at the grocery store. My regular diet is sorely lacking in vegetables. Like, no vegetables at all.
Wow! It really is wrong to shack up with someone!!!

Treadmill Report

I think this has been my best day so far:
2.48 miles
46 minutes, 5 seconds
319 calories burned.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Check out this recipe for low calorie chocolate cake. I found it by watching the show called Weighing In on the Food network.
Check out Darth Vader's Blog. I hear there may be some spoilers for the upcoming movie there.

3500 calories = one pound

I read in a magazine that in order to lose one pound, a person has to eliminate 3500 calories, either by exercise or by diet, or a combination of both. So, I have decided to keep track of another statistic along with time and distance. Here's today's result from the treadmill:
46 minutes, 6 seconds; 2.39 miles, and 307 calories.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Polly has updated her blog! Check out the Wooton Manor blog over in the green box!

Back on the Treadmill Again

With my new shoes, I returned to the treadmill to try them out. They seem to work very well. No sore feet, no hint of blisters yet. I will use them a couple more days and then decide if I want to buy a second pair. I have learned my shoe lesson very well - if you like a certain type of shoe, get more than one pair at a time because the store will sell out of them and then never stock them again. I walked 1.67 miles in 33 minutes and 31 seconds today. Just enough to try out the shoes. I have been off my diet the last couple of days so I will get down to business tomorrow.
Yesterday, Jo and Julie T ran out of gas on their way to training. They called work a little before 8 am and got me. I was the only one there at that time. They asked if I would come and get them so they could get some gas and take it back to the van. But they also said, "Don't tell anyone!" They were afraid they would get teased. Which, of course they would. Charlotte came in around that time so I found her and said,"I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but I'm telling you, Jo and Julie ran out of gas and they need me to come get them." I wasn't about to leave work without telling someone where I was going. So, I made three trips on the interstate before 8:30am yesterday.

After work, I went shopping. I bought two pairs of shoes, one for the treadmill and one for everyday wear. I also got a new water dish for Steffi. Then at Krogers, I bought a cake for Mothers Day for mom.

Last night I watched the Lee Ann Womack concert on CMT. I am almost convinced to by a Greatest Hits CD of hers if there is one. I am really tired of the "I Hope You Dance" song, but some of her others are pretty good. Her new cd is apparently mostly tear jerker songs. They made her cry when she was singing them last night. Then before I went to bed, Dad was flipping through the channels and landed on MTV and the music of the band Garbage. I am almost convinced to get one of their cds. I'm betting it would be a good treadmill cd.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Didn't walk again today. I knew if I missed a day I'd be in trouble. Oh well, hopefully Saturday I will return to the treadmill.

Last night's Alias was too exceptional for words! Jack and Sydney's scenes together were outstanding, stupendous, monumental. You name it. As if I didn't need another reason to love Jack. Although there are a couple things that keep bothering me about the super-secret APO headquarters and such. One, why don't they screen for electronic devices when someone enters the headquarters? Nadia has been walking around transmitting everything people say to evil Elena and no one's the wiser. Security is very lax at this facility. Two, Nadia can bring home a laptop that has direct access to the most top secret information in the entire world???? Again - tighten security people!!! JJ Abrams really should think about this.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

No walking tonight. I'm giving my feet a rest and I bought pizza for supper to celebrate mom's retirement. She and dad are also getting cheesecake. Not me, I don't eat cheesecake.

I watched American Idol last night. I don't usually watch the show, but nothing else was on. I liked Bo and Carrie's performances. That girl who sang "Treat Me Nice" didn't do that good of a job. Randy Jackson said he barely knew the song, which I find absurd. It is classic Elvis. My new word for the day: Insipid. Simon used it last night to describe someone's performance. It sounded so harsh when he said, I just had to incorporate it into my vocabulary. Of course, Simon's accent helps a lot with how his words are taken by the recipients.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tonight I only walked 2.11 miles in 40 minutes and 41 seconds. Stupid blisters. They aren't real blisters yet, but if I keep this up, I will have them.

Monday, May 02, 2005

43 minutes and 35 seconds today with 2.33 miles walked. I did 2 miles in 36:25. I am going to have to do something about the shoe situation. I fear I may not be able to do this much longer if I do get blisters.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

47 minutes 15 seconds and 2.47 miles today on the treadmill. I hit two miles in 37:15, a new accomplishment for me. Unfortunately, I think my new hand me down shoes are going to give me blisters. I'll have to stretch them. Polly and Scarlett will be starting a walking program tomorrow, I think.

Mom bought a digital camera and printer dock today at walmart. It's works pretty well. I took pictures of Fritz, Steffi, Shade (the cat) and Dad. Mom took pictures of the instruction book :)