Saturday, August 26, 2006


Well, I went to Akron for four days to watch the golf tournament. Mom and Dad dogsat for me while I was gone. The dogs were in heaven apparently with all the attention. Mom and Dad were also able to get some work done around here. Mom went through a bunch of stuff they haven't moved yet. And dad mowed and trimmed the weeds along the driveway and started work on a stock trailer he has parked up here. If you want to read my trip diary, it's being posted over on the Even Par Round blog.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Glad it's the Weekend

I'm glad it's the weekend. This has been a long week at work. It was ok until yesterday. Some idiots think I have control over my work assignments so they decided to email me and harass me about a change in the assignments. My regional boss has control over everything so I'm giving her a chance to tell the idiots to leave me alone.

I've emptied up some boxes and put my stuff in storage containers. I like that better than the boxes, and I've found books I forgot I had.

I've finished a rough draft of a book I've written. I need to add more stuff to it and edit it some, but I managed to tell a complete story from beginning to end. I have a feeling that I won't want to polish it now that I've written the ending.

I watched a cool show on CMT last week. It was a duets show with Randy Travis and Josh Turner. It was very, very good. So good, I tried to get online to order a Randy Travis Greatest Hits cd, but the computer was having trouble connecting to the internet. You should check out the show - it's worth it to hear Josh Turner sing Diggin' Up Bones and Randy Travis sing Long Black Train.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Phoebe story

I was on the treadmill today and I heard Phoebe howling. She howled and howled. So, I left the treadmill running and snuck into the living room. I saw Phoebe standing on the floor and howling at Steffi who was sleeping on the couch. Apparently Phoebe wanted Steffi to play with her. For such a little dog, Phoebe can be pretty loud.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Since the Last Post

Not much is going on. I bought some clothes at walmart. I've been working out some and watching what I eat again. I weighed myself Monday and was 129. I'd like to get down to at least 125. My lowest was 120. Found out at work that I was in the running for a supervisor's job before someone else was picked to take it temporarily. I didn't even know about it. I certainly want no part of management. The higher ups suggested me all on their own. I did get picked for a special project. yay for me (that was sarcasm, in case you missed it).

Phoebe's learned a bad habit from fritz and has put her own twist on it. Fritz will jump and bark at me when I walk to the door to let him out. Well Phoebe thinks he's trying to stop me so she jumps in to help. She grabs my feet and barks, bites and claws. Plus, sometimes she will jump up to my rear and nip me on the butt.

Last CD bought - Hall and Oates Greatest Hits at Walmart for 7.50.

I've been having this urge to watch HGTV lately instead of the golf channel. Granted, the last two weeks on the Golf channel they have had three nights with Tiger and three nights with Phil and I have no interest in either one. I even watched Who Wants to be a Superhero on the Sci Fi channel one night.

Friday, August 04, 2006


I bought a really cute lamp at Family Dollar for $5.00 today. It's purple. And I got some really large plates on clearance at Walmart. At the Christmas dinner I had here at my house with my parents last year, Dad said that my plates were too small - he couldn't get all the food on them. So, now he's got big plates for the next time I have a big dinner here. Don't know when that will be.

The garden is struggling along. I got some really big squash out of it yesterday. Had to water the garden since we've been having near 100 degree temperatures this week.

The WV chapter of the Miss USA pageant people (the pageant donald trump is involved with) sent my mom an application today in the mail. That was hilarious. I told her she should apply anyway just to show them that they need to pay closer attention to who's on their mailing list.