Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Sad Sunday

My dog Fritz passed away this morning. He had been treated for a heart murmur and was taking Lasyx for fluid. Yesterday was a difficult day for him. He kept coughing (albeit mildly) and panting. But as I went to bed last night, Fritz was just panting and I thought he would be okay as usual. When I got up this morning at 5am, his coughing was very different sounding and I noticed right away that he was very bloated. I was going to call the emergency number for the vet and take Fritz in but before I could do that, he passed away.

Fritz was approximately 10 years old and I had him for 7 years. He was one of the best dogs anyone could have had, once he got over biting dad and tearing up the carpet in my parents' bedroom. He loved attention, company, and Mom and Dad, and he was always so excited to see them when they would come up for a visit.
We're all going to miss Fritz.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gardening by the Foot

Today I filled up two of my topsy turvy things. I have one more to go but no potting soil to put in it. So that one will have to wait. I also dug a couple of holes in my vegetable garden space for watermelon seeds. And I got some food for my roses and watered them tonight. I weeded some of that flower garden too.

I went out in the sun today and walked for over an hour total. Didn't get much of a tan even though the sun was out the whole time. But I'm working on it. I have tomorrow too.

Fritz is having trouble with the heat and his fluid problems. He coughs more and pants a lot. If he would drink more, it might help but as you know, he doesn't drink in the house.

I have a couple of fans going for him so he can be more comfortable.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tired Today

I stayed up late last night watching House Hunters so I was really tired today. And I had a headache. I also ate way too much. So, I've felt pretty much miserable most of the day.

Fritz has been coughing a bunch even with his pills. He got one last night around 9pm, when he first started coughing again, and he's been coughing just a bit ever since. Tonight he had his pill and his cough was like he'd never had a pill. So, I gave him extra.

My mini roses I planted look really nice out there in the flowerbed. And it finally rained today so they got a drink. I think I'm going to have to cover them one night this week. The temp might get down to around 34 degrees. I'm going to check out the price of mulch and I might go back to the store to see if they still have some roses in good condition. I think I can put a few more in the flowerbed.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Sunny Day

Today was a really great day. Bright sun, warm. I went out and walked to get a sun tan. I bought three mini-rose plants and planted them in the flowerbed. I washed the car this evening after the sun went down. I got back from the store around 8:20 or so and by 9am I was taking a nap. Before I knew it, it was noon. Who knew I was that tired? I did. I stayed up late watching House Hunters last night.

Fritz got sick Thursday. He ate parts of a dead animal that the cat wouldn't eat. Within a half an hour he was throwing up. I had given him his water pill before he threw up and after he threw up he was coughing really bad. So after about 45 minutes of his coughing, I gave him another water pill. I gave him his pills on Friday but I got worried that maybe I had overdosed him since he wasn't eating much and was just laying around with no energy. So, I didn't give him his pill this morning. And he hasn't coughed at all. He also ate this morning and this evening and had boundless energy, running all over the yard most of the day. I haven't given him his pill tonight either. I don't know what's going on with him, but I'm keeping my eye on him. Today, he was about to go through it all again. The cat had caught a mole and was eating it with Fritz waiting for his turn. I scooped up the left-overs and got rid of them before Fritz could get to them.

The phone company people weren't very impressive. They drove under the tree to leave me a note that said a phone line had been cut and was fixed now. Then they drove under the tree to leave. Apparently they had no issue with a tree resting on their phone line.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Phone Company Woes

Yesterday I lost phone service. I got kicked off the internet and had no dial tone on the phone. So, I called mom on my cell phone and asked her to call the phone company and complain for me. She did and the phone company acted like nothing was wrong. Finally they said they found some stress on the line when they ran a check (that would be the big tree leaning across my driveway and resting on the phone line) and they would send someone to work on it on Thursday. Yes, your eyes did not deceive you - Thursday. Four days away. With no phone and no internet. I wasn't too happy about that. Anyway, Dad came up to fiddle with the outside boxes that the phone company has here at the house, and on his way here, he passed a backhoe digging in the ground and two phone company trucks next to the backhoe. We suspected that these idiots might have interrupted my phone service. And coincidentally, once it got dark, I just happened to pick up my phone to check for a dial tone and got one. I'd say those guys were messing with the lines and disrupted my service and decided to wrap up their work for the day when it was getting dark and hooked everything back up before they went home. So, obviously I have service now because I'm on the web. But we aren't calling the phone company back. They need to come out and check on that line with the tree on it. We've had really strong winds and storms for the past several months and nothing has brought that tree down. Maybe the phone company can. Of course they will leave it where it falls and block my driveway. But I'll be at work when they come up on Thursday so I won't be trapped at the house.

As for my 4 day weekend, I've gotten everything on my things to do list done plus extra. And yesterday was a very good day, other than the phone company thing, because Angel Cabrera won the Masters Golf tournament. Yay! I like Cabrera. He's so much fun to watch.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Day Off!!

Yay! I went shopping today and then came home and did pretty much nothing that was on my list of things to do. Dad came up and changed the oil in my car and changed the tires on my Lumina. I have a whole list of things to do with my 4 day weekend. I hope I get much of them done.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Really Great Day

Today was a really good day - sunny and in the 70s. I went out and did some yardwork and then walked for about a half an hour.

I baked some biscuits for Mom and Dad to celebrate their anniversay/dad's birthday. They got them today and already ate some for lunch.

Yesterday, I stopped at a chocolate festival when I was out but didn't buy anything. I wasn't hungry enough to buy expensive chocolate.

I've got a four day weekend coming up at the end of the week. Yay!!

I got to see the Gordon Ramsey/Top Gear show this weekend. I taped it last Monday night but didn't get a chance to watch it until they replayed it yesterday.

Fritz has gotten about 15 ticks or more this past week. All of the dogs will be getting baths this weekend and Fritz will get drops. Winnie bites when I try to give her drops so she will just have to have baths more often.

I bought a cd this weekend. It's a Rick Springfield greatest hits cd. It's pretty good.